project 365

At the beginning of 2013 I set out on a project. Project 365. What is Project 365? Getting out my camera and taking a photo of something everyday. The kids, the house, what we're doing, etc. I think I first heard of this idea from Becky Higgins and her blog. I have attempted it for a few years now, and have never successfully completed it.

Why take a photo every day? Lots of reasons! My kids are growing and changing like crazy and I want to catch it. I love photography, and want to get better. A photo a day pushes me to be creative. I want my children to be able to see what our lives really looked like. Our everyday lives. Our "playing at home, doing the everyday mundane things" lives. Not just vacations, not just birthdays. To see with new eyes. To complete something.

My plan is to take my photo everyday, and then tweak it a little in Photoshop. (I usually don't edit the photos very much. I mostly enhance the colors a little bit, or change some to black and white. I then add the date in the bottom corner, and add a watermark.) My reason for posting them here on my blog is to make myself accountable. In years past I have taken a photo everyday for a better part of the year only to let them "pile up" (Can digital things pile up? I think yes.) in my camera or my computer. At the end of each month I tried to sort all the photos out. I always got frustrated trying to match the days with the photos, so eventually, every year, I gave up. At the beginning of this year I was pretty good at posting almost every day. That has gotten a little harder, so you'll more likely to see my daily photos a few (or twelve!) at a time. At the end of the year I would love to take all my daily photos and have them made into a book. I will probably use Blurb, because I have made several books there and have liked them. The idea of holding the year in my hand sounds so wonderful. An accomplishment for sure.

I hope you enjoy my Project 365 photos. I hope that you are inspired to take more photos, and catch more of your own year.

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