Thursday, August 27

with her

When asked about his definition of paradise, singer Johnny Cash gave this answer: "This morning, with her, having coffee." ("Her" being wife, June.) That quote has always struck me. How beautifully simple. The overlooked little things really are so so beautiful.
Little Miss and I have settled into the routine of sitting down to a little breakfast of eggs (scrambled for her, fried for me) once the older two leave for school. A sit down, slow breakfast. With her. Its pretty wonderful.

Paradise, really.

Monday, August 24

time well spent

Meet Rex and Sue. Aren't they cute? Not only are they cute, but they are little pulling machines. Ok, machines may be a strong word for them. What's a step below a machine? I don't even know. Moving on.
This summer Papaw has helped get Rex and Sue all ready for the horse pulling circuit. Lots and lots of training hours were spent. Time well spent. Every single hour that this little pair trained was worth it for the experience for my little Max. (Oh, and these pictures are worth gold as far I'm concerned.)

At this particular pull Rex and Sue came in last. Partly due to ill fitting equipment. Max wasn't too let down because afterward we headed to the midway for a few games, a lemon shake-up and an elephant ear.

Time well spent indeed.

Saturday, August 15

the books of june

June! I know, that was forever ago. I took these photos (in June obviously) and wanted to blog a little about them because talking about books is one of my favorite things.
First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen
This book had popped up a few times in my Amazon searches/book browsing so when I saw it at the library I snatched it up. It was a fun, whimsical book filled with family secrets and traditions and mystery. Two very different sisters live in the same small town: one is a chef, the other a hair stylist. The one sister (the chef) lives in the old family house that amazingly has a tree that blooms right after the first fall frost. I liked this book in June, but I think that I would have loved it in October, with a scarf around my neck and a pumpkin latte in my hand! Once I finished reading this I realized that it was actually a sequel to a book called Garden Spells. Shoot! I am kind of a stickler about reading books in order. Even thought I think it would have made more sense to read it after the first one, it could stand alone too.

Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center.
I am a fan of Katherine Center, so I was super excited when I saw she had a new book out. This was a fun book, but I didn't really like it as much as some of her others. I'm not really sure why, it just didn't feel very authentic? (Maybe because I read Wild earlier this year and it is a book about hiking which was very raw and authentic?) The gist of this book is that a young women embarks on an extreme hiking trip after getting a divorce from her husband. She meets all kinds of people, and there is a love interest (who she never saw coming of course). Liked it, didn't love it.

Love Does by Bob Goff
I loved this book! I read this with my book club and we watched some of the videos that go along with it. (Think you can order the DVD that goes with this book on Amazon too.) Bob Goff is a big personality, and I kept thinking to myself, "Is this guy for real?" I think he is for real, and his life reads like a big crazy adventure. This is a book where each chapter can sort of stand by itself, so it reads like a devotional. I seriously laughed out loud while reading this, and also got some deep stuff out of it too. Highly recommend!

I hope to catch up and write the "books of July" list soon. What have you been reading? I would love to know!

Wednesday, August 12

out of practice

Oh hello!

It has been so long since I have checked in here! It appears that the non-scheduled days of summer are not very conducive to blogging regularly. Hopefully with the start of school (today!) I can get into a routine again. I am sad to see summer coming to an end so soon, but I am always one to welcome a little more structure to our lives. Doesn't it seem so odd to go back to school when the tomatoes are just now coming on in the garden? Tomatoes say summer, but the calendar says school. It may never seem "right" to go back to school so early!

Hope your August is off to a great start. I promise to not be so scarce!