Tuesday, April 14

let it go

So, I've decided to let my little daily photos go. Again. For what seems like the tenth time. I've also decided that the idea of a 5 minute session fits me so much better, so that's what I'll do. Here and there I'll take some time and take some pictures of the kiddos. Not every day, but some days. I so love the idea of taking a photo a day, but about day 3 this year I didn't like the picture I took. Because I only took one, I didn't have others to pick from. So, even though I tried to keep going this year, I've felt a little blah about it since then.

Onward and upward! Sunday we were all outside and I took about 5 minutes and shot some pictures of my girl and her sunglasses. And the kitties. (Take note of the fat black cat in the photos--as of yesterday she is a proud momma of four kittens. Exciting! (I feel like I should pamper her and make her a casserole or something.)

So, has anyone else let a goal for 2015 slide already, or is it just me? I have a feeling I'm not alone in this business of "goal sliding" and I think that's ok. If you try to do something five years in a row you would think that you would gently let that thing go and realize that it is not for you. You would think! I'm slow like that.

Let it go, let it go...

Friday, April 10

on journaling

For the past few years I have purchased a Moleskine daily planner with the hopes of filling it with not only calendar stuff, but with drawings, paintings, photos, writings, etc. (That beautiful stack in the photo above is my inspiration. I can only imagine all the details held inside those journals. Beautiful! (Click here to check out the blog where these journals originated.) So inspiring. Well, of all the years I have kept a Moleskine planner, I have never used it as fully or beautifully as I have hoped. Maybe here or there I would draw something. Here or there I would make notes, write down something inspiring. Never anything very consistent.

Lately, I feel a pull do more drawing and painting, and my planner is the perfect spot for that. I have been reading a little big about art journaling, and on one thing I read the artist simply suggested that you take your journal everywhere. How simple it that? You can't draw in something that is left at home! I know this is so simple, but it was really an aha moment for me. So, now I am making sure to carry my planner/journal everywhere. It helps! Go figure.

Here are a couple pages from last week. Nothing really outstanding, but fun nonetheless. Just a little sketch/paining of my coffee cup, schedule stuff for the kiddos, notes about the weather (I love how the Moleskine planners have a space for weather notes and temperature every day!), prayer requests from my book club. (Which have been blurred out.)

I love working in this little book, and am excited to do more. The pages of this particular planner hold up to more than I thought they would. I have used all kinds of stuff on them and they have taken it all really well! (Pencil, pen, marker, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic.) I have let the kids draw on a few pages, which I know I will look back on and absolutely love to see the marks of their hands next to my own. I've glued in ticket stubs, and taken notes during church. It is slowly becoming something that I hoped it would: a little time capsule of sorts. One that you can flip through, and look at and hold in your hands. It is so fun.

I hope you find these little pages inspiring. Maybe I will share more in the future? I always love peeking into other people's journals/planners/sketchbooks. I find them so interesting! Happy Friday, hope your weekend is great.

Tuesday, April 7

the book of march

I'm back with a little book report! I always love talking books, so what better place to do this than my blog? I only finished one book in March. I know! I was reading a few at a time last month, but this one is the only one I finished. (At the end of April I'll have more!)

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. This is the third book I've read of hers, and I enjoyed it like the others. This book had been on my list for quite a while, and a friend and fellow book lover suggested I bump it to the top of the list. Advice taken! When I first read Kate Morton I so enjoyed her writing style. Her books are a bit of a commitment. They're long, and take a little thinking. Also, I have found her books to be a little on the dark side: not bad dark, just a little dark and mysterious. Picture yourself reading under the covers on a rainy day kind of dark, not scary and creepy dark. Good stuff in my opinion.

The Secret Keeper is set in WWII and modern day simultaneously. (Here's where you need to think to keep everything straight.) It follows the life of Dorothy, and her secret wartime past that eventually leads to a tragic event later in her life. I think because this was my third Kate Morton book I was able to (almost) guess at the twist that the book was leading up to at the end. Add it to your list if you are looking for something historical and mysterious!