Thursday, March 19


This little lady is three today.
Three! Three feels especially big. Happy birthday sweet girl.

Tuesday, March 17


Hello there little bits of green! Spring looks to be making an appearance and it is so exciting.

Thursday, March 12

best sugar cookies ever

A couple weeks ago we made the best sugar cookies. Yes, the best. I was just thinking about them, so I wanted to share the recipe! I really love sugar cookies but when you have to make the dough, chill the dough, cut them out, bake, make the icing... You get the idea. I poop out and end up eating lots of dough instead of finishing them. You don't have to chill this dough, and you don't have to roll them with a rolling pin or cut them out. Oh happy day.
This girl loves to make bake, so she was more than happy to help me with this cookie project. (As well as run the mixer.)
I just realized that I don't have a photo of the finished cookies. Whoops. We probably ate them too fast. (There's no probably about it. We did eat them too fast.) The most curious thing about this recipe is that it suggests that you should make your cookies, then store them in the refrigerator. Instead of icing them all at once the recipe says to just ice them as you want to eat them. That's what we did, and I will say that there was something really good about having these cookies cold!

Hope you try them…enjoy!

Tuesday, March 10


A couple rare things in this photo: 1. A clean toy room. Seriously, it never happens. It is a beautiful sight to behold. (Side note: before I had kids I remember looking in the Pottery Barn catalog of beautiful toy rooms where the toys were all cute and wooden and the kids sat quietly at a little table and painted (painted!) in adorable outfits. Ha! Someone needs to introduce Pottery Barn to Nerf toys and all the random things that inhabit a real toy room. 2. The second rare thing in this picture is this face from my boy:
Something about this made me remember back to his baby days. His eyes, maybe? Whatever it is I love it.

Thursday, March 5

5 minutes

One of the hardest things about a 365 project for me, is picking out a single picture for some days. Yes, there are lots of days when I snap my single photo for the day and call it good, but there are other days where there are more. More story than will fit in a single shot. I feel like if someone were looking through my daily pictures I would have to look over their shoulder and explain why I picked that particular picture, then tell the rest of the story.

So, imagine how fun it was to discover there are other photographers that felt the restraints of a photo-a-day project and have designed another project to house the little stories that need more room. Say hello to the 5 Minute Project. The premise of this project is to take 5 minutes, and shoot what you see. I love it. I know, I know. Another project? Not really. I so want to complete a 365 day project, so that is still the goal. It is just so fun to try this too from time to time. I feel like I naturally do this a lot, so it is not really a stretch. For example, here was my one photo from Monday:
Yep, it can stand alone, but there was more:
Now you see the rest: crazy hair and pajamas messy office art project. There are so many things that would be great to shoot for 5 minutes. Be sure and check out the website for lots of inspiration!

Tuesday, March 3

light + dark

Last Saturday I took a little time to sort out all my daily pictures. I missed a couple days. Giving myself grace on that. My camera is having focus issues. I am giving my camera grace on that. The main thing is that for most days I got out my camera and caught something! As I was sorting through all the somethings, I had several photos jump out at me because they were either very light, or very dark in value. I think a balance of both light and dark in the same photo (or any artwork for that matter) makes an image full and rich. Light lights with dark darks and everything in between. While that is true, there is a little something different and special about a picture that sits a little to one side of the light/dark spectrum:

Fun, no? I think so. Thanks so much for stopping by!