Thursday, October 1


Hello there October! October ushers in what I like to call the "cozy season": coffee, scarves, pumpkins, apples, fires... All good things. I really really love it. Nature is cozying up before sleep, before going dormant.

I too feel like I have entered a dormant type season in my own life. Shutting things down for a while, before picking them back up again. I think it is necessary for me to have a little bit of a dormant time before having a time of work or production. Like a garden, or a tree. Things are still happening, of course, but they are not always seen. I think I jump into things all the time without considering them too much. I need a little time of consideration before jumping into my next project/direction. I am, and always have been a tad bit scatterbrained as far as direction goes. (For example, if you will visit my last post you will see that I jumped into the idea of a photo-a-day project for the month of September. I made it all of five days I think. See, I'm ridiculous.)
I would so love to be producing a lot of work, being super creative and artistic, but realistically it is not happening right now. For the first time ever, I am totally OK with that. I feel like there are things growing (I have so many ideas for things), but I need a dormant season to bring them out.

So, all that being said, I will try and pop in here once in a while, but not every day or even every week. This little blog of mine is officially in hibernation. (You have probably figured all that out by now!)

Thank you always for reading, I love that you stop by.

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