Friday, September 4

september 2 and 3

September is looking pretty through my camera so far. Not too much rhyme or reason to what I'm choosing to photograph, just the happenings around here lately.

The tomatoes are all still going strong in the garden, as well as my little basil plant on the front porch. Tomato + basil forever. Eating some combination of this everyday!
So we have four cats. The cat with the most intense personality is Ava for sure. She hates Coconut the dog with intensity. She chases birds with intensity. She begs for food with intensity:
So fun to have a (small) personal photography project again. I forget how I need to challenge myself here and there to force a little growth and experimentation. Good stuff.

Tuesday, September 1

thirty days has September

This morning I had a thought. September! I love September. What if...

What if I took a picture everyday for a month. Not a year, but a month. Thirty days. Why not try? So, hot off the press, here's September first:

Thirty days! That seems a whole lot more achievable than 365. Three cheers for small goals.

As always, thanks for stopping by!