Tuesday, September 30

riding daisy

About a week ago Andrew got our horse Daisy out for a little riding session with the kids. So fun. Daisy is an old girl, a "bombproof" horse Andrew says. (She's so old and docile that things don't bother her or make her nervous/jumpy. A perfect thing for little kid riders!) So, Daisy was saddled and the kids all took turns riding around the yard. I went out with my camera:
A moment frozen. I didn't direct them at all, I just followed them around. I was so blessed to find this gem on my camera. It was raining to the north, which made for a dramatic sky, don't you think? I hardly ever order pictures, (I know, bad!) but this one is currently in transit to my house. Can't wait!

Friday, September 19


Look at these beauties!
We've grown pumpkins before, but never any this pretty! I love these green pumpkins. Such a different look than the traditional orange ones. I bet we will be picking up some "regular" ones too, because I don't think I will be able to cut into these!

Wednesday, September 10

flowers for me

Even though September is here, and fall is knocking on the door, our garden continues to crank out the flowers. We have 2 boxes full of flowers, and it has been so great to have them. I love that the kids can pick them to their little hearts content. They love to make little bouquets and bring them to me. I, of course, love them.
The garden in general has been so great this year. Every year I think we learn a little more and can plan better for the next year. Expert, I am not, but I am learning. This year we planted the prettiest green pumpkins. You know, the beautiful mint colored ones that you see all over Pinterest. They turned out so good! (Pictures later!) Also, our sweet potatoes have officially arrived. I am quickly learning about sweet potatoes. I thought that you could just pull up one and eat it. Like that day. No, no. Turns out you have to "cure" them in a variety of temperatures for about six weeks first. Who knew? I guess it makes sense that sweet potatoes are always on the menu for Thanksgiving. That's when they're finally ready! We even made a little salsa this year. So fun. I love to go back into our back room and look at all my pretty jars of all lined up. How satisfying to grow something, and not only eat it, but save it for winter. I feel a little like Laura Ingalls and I totally love it!

I hope your September is off to a great start!