Monday, June 23

ladies night

The boys went to a horse pull last night, so it was just me and the girlies. Our night involved swimsuits, sand, the hose...

A good night. I know that it has been nothing but "crickets" here for a couple weeks…we always have a lot going on! (Sometimes it is just nights like you just saw, but lately it has been lots of other things. I have fun things to share--like the wedding we hosted here at our home! That was the big event I hinted at a while back!)

Thank you so much for everyone who stops by to see what we've been up to! Hope your Monday is great!

Wednesday, June 4

the eyes have it

Just a little experimental photo of my wide-eyed Ada girl. Dirty face and all.

Monday, June 2

a long time favorite

I love it when the flowers start blooming. The peonies bloomed last week, so I promptly gathered some up for my table:
I like the white ones, but I think I may need to add some pink ones to our yard sometime. I love having flowers for the house. I find that I tend to keep my kitchen table cleared off if I have a pretty jar of flowers sitting on it. A little luxury. The peonies are a long time favorite, and I am lucky that I have some right in our yard. Another favorite flower is the dahlia. This year I ordered a few tubers to give those a try. We'll see how they come along. I planted them a little while ago and I think I have one starting to come through the ground. (I am totally impatient and started to dig and poke around where I planted them to see if they are growing. I bet this is not listed in the book of good dahlia tips.)

Hope your Monday is great!