Thursday, February 27

a favorite spot

I'm switching gears a little bit today, and wanted to share a little favorite spot in my home. I don't know about you, but I tend to focus on all the things that need to be done/worked on/fixed up in my house. We live in an old house, so this list is never-ending. We have done a lot of things, and really changed the majority of the house in the short time we have lived here, but I always tend to think about that list of undone things. I always love looking at decorating blogs, and really love finding inspiring and pretty home photos on Pinterest. This is good, but most of the time it doesn't lead to any type of action. Mostly I just wonder how these blog people finish these projects. Do they lock their kids up? Do they have kids? Do they have more "get it done" genes than me? Probably all of those things. (Well, hopefully not the lock the kids up part.)

Anyway, on one of my Pinterest sessions I came across this lovely photo:

I've tracked down the original source of this photo to a blog called 320 Sycamore. Pretty, right? I had a very empty wall in our small downstairs bathroom and I thought this might be perfect. So, with a little help I actually did it! (I always need help. I so admire you ladies who know how to do power tools and just go for it. I am neither savvy or decisive enough for any of this do-it-yourself madness.) My mom helped me get some shelves at Lowes. They were stained, and I really had my heart set on white, so she and my stepdad painted them. Like I said, I had help. Here's my version of that lovely Pinterest bathroom:

Once the shelves were up it was time for the fun part: putting all the stuff on them. One afternoon I literally walked around the house and found stuff to put on the shelves. I love it when you just search for stuff in your own house and don't actually buy stuff! I originally thought that the shelves would add a lot of much needed storage, but in reality they mostly look pretty. I do store toilet paper in that pretty basket on the lower left, and Q-tips in a little jar along with cotton rounds in the little glass dish. (I received a gift in that basket a long time ago, and got the little dish on clearance from Target a while back. The old books came from auctions.)

Don't you love this little Brownie camera? I think I would like to start collecting them. I have two. The first one belonged to my grandma. Ed, Andrew's auctioneering partner, gave this second one to me after an auction. I think he bought a bag and this happened to be in the bottom of the bag. Lucky me! The picture of the dome is actually a postcard I bought in college when I visited Italy. There is a second postcard full of beautiful Italian script on the bottom shelf. I framed that one along with a Polaroid that Max took of our apple trees. The cute little clock came from Hobby Lobby.

This adorable photo is a card given to me by my friend Lindsay. I love love love this card, and am so happy I finally have a spot for it.

That green frame came from Hobby Lobby, as did the empty one with it. I literally found it under my bed. I was thinking that I would put something in that frame, but I really sort of like it empty. That turquoise bowl was also an auction purchase. I keep our clippers and tweezers and other like items in there. Oh--see that pretty turquoise drawer thing? (Scroll back up to the top to see the whole thing…) Andrew and I got that on our anniversary trip to Brown County last November. We found it at an antique mall. It had a plain little black knob on it, which Andrew "replaced" with that pretty clear one. By replaced, I mean he accidentally detached the front of the drawer from the rest of that little box and so now the whole thing is non-working. How's that sentence structure? Terrible? I thought so. The drawer doesn't work, but it still looks cute. I was thinking that eventually it would be the perfect place to hold band-aids.

I absolutely love this little spot in my house. I like that it didn't cost much money, and that several little things I had around the house now have a little spot. I'm happy when I go in this room because I love these shelves. There are such good memories attached to lots of these things: postcards from a dream trip to Italy, a photo by my boy, antiques from fun trips and great people. Ideally the rest of my house would be decorated in such a meaningful and collected way.

Right now the rest of my house is decorated with Cocoa Krispies and Legos. I'm mostly kidding.

Tuesday, February 25


A few weeks ago, a young mom in our community lost her battle with breast cancer. Brandy was our "country neighbor". Country neighbor meaning that her family lived about six miles away, but I still considered them neighbors. Is that weird? Probably a country thing. Anyway, her death was devastating to many. Brandy was twenty eight. Twenty eight. She left behind a husband and two little children, children the same ages as mine. Shortly following her death her husband shared lots of photos on Facebook of her. Regular, beautiful, every day photos. Snuggling in bed with the kids. Playing outside. Roasting marshmallows. I realized that if something were to happen to me, someone would really have to dig to find pictures of me. They would have to dig partly because I have lots of photos, but they would also have to dig because proportionately there are not very many photos of me.

I think somewhere along the way I became one of those people who don't like photos of themselves. Maybe because my hair is usually dirty and I don't have on makeup? Ha! That is probably a contributing factor. Now I am on a mission of sorts to correct this. So, yesterday me and my girl took some selfies. Granted, these have my big camera in the way of my face, but it is fitting because this camera kind of like an extension of my right arm. My kids will always remember me with it. It is a good start.

These are for you, Brandy:

Wednesday, February 19

a new rule

So Max has a teepee in his room. A big, for real teepee. It is big enough that our entire family, all five of us, can fit inside at the same time. It is not comfortable, but doable. There is not much circulation in the tee pee, so Max (with the help of his father, I'm sure) came up with this very important new rule:

"No tooting in the teepee." Love it. I love Max's kindergarten handwriting too.

So, if you ever find yourself lovingly surrounded with your entire family in a teepee, you know what not to do!

Thursday, February 13


Hello there! Hello February! Oh, I guess February has been here for a while. Oops. I am behind the times.

Anyway, I am here, mostly at my house, being a hermit. It suits me, really. Every once in a while I have to venture out go get groceries, pick Max up at school or something like that. It is funny: the second week of January we were snowed in and I was a little stir crazy. The kids were too. Now that we are sort of used to all the snow we have settled in to life up here on the hill and it is really sort of wonderful. The sun has been shining bright almost every day and I look out and wonder what the rest of the world is doing…

I kid. I get out more than I let on, but not too much. I have too many fun projects at home to keep my busy:

Lately I am a little bit obsessed with sewing little diamonds together into stars. I think eventually I will make them into a pillow. I started making these stars when Andrew and I went to Brown County for a few days. It was the perfect little project to sit and stitch by the fireplace. Ahhh. It is also fun to work on at home because it is such a portable little sewing project. I can work on it at the kitchen table, while the kids and I watch TV, while they are in the bath tub, etc. So fun. I love hand sewing. (Even though I kind of feel like a granny when I do it.)

Maybe I will show you more soon!