Tuesday, January 21


Photography can be complicated. And super technical. There are seemingly endless variables to a good photo, and a very deep pool of knowledge that go along with each of them. Sunlight. Flash. ISO. Aperature. Shutter speed. Photoshop. Underexpose here. Overexpose there. Always shoot with the sun at your back. No, wait--shoot into the sun!


Sometimes I wonder why I love something that is so complex. It is easy to feel like I am swimming very slowly in this photo pool, at the very top, while others are diving in and reaching the bottom--finding things I will probably never discover. Things I don't even know exist. I don't even know what all the buttons on my camera do!

It is so easy to get frustrated, and I often do. Then, I take something like this, and realize that it's not all that complicated after all.

Wednesday, January 15

a little bread making

Around here last week the kids and I barely got out of our jammies. (We're talking pants with elastic from Monday until Friday.) We were seriously snowed in. As you know, when snow is on the horizon, a loaf of bread may as well be a chunk of gold. Even after things were moving towards the end of the week, the pantries around us were sold out. Or maybe the bread truck didn't come. Who knows. All I know is that I told Andrew to bring home bread, and there wasn't a loaf to be had.

So, we decided to make our own bread. In our pajamas, of course.

I don't know about you, but whenever I make a recipe with yeast in it I get so excited for that first rise. The moment you pull back the towel and peek in the bowl. It worked!

This bread was seriously good. I've made homemade bread before, but this was way better than any other I have tried. I ate two big slices slathered with strawberry jelly soon after it came out of the oven. I might have put butter on it too. Whoops!

Wednesday, January 8

so far...

Well, so far this year I have taken a picture every day. Whoa! For whatever reason I am so hesitant to say I am trying again to do my 365 project. Maybe its because I've tried every year for the past 4 or 5 only to fall short? That's probably why. It would feel totally strange to not try it again, so maybe I'll just go for it.

When I was thinking about my reasons for doing a project like this, I came up with a few: it pushes me to continue to grow as a photographer, it makes me look at everything around me and try to capture it in a fresh way, and lastly it is a record. A completed, or even not completed, photo-a-day project creates a rich record for my children. This is the biggest reason why I want to try again. I want them to look back at photos of their childhood and not just see birthdays and vacations, but everyday things. What our home looked like, what they wore all the time, what they played with. Of all the photos I take, these everyday photos are my favorite.

Perfectionism is a nasty thing that holds me back on this project, and many other projects for that matter. Lots of photographers take photos every day, and let me tell you, if I spend too much time looking at their work it just makes me want to give up. How does their everyday look so much more beautiful than mine? And why does their world have so much better light? It is so hard for me, but I need to let the perfectionism thing go. I don't think my kids will notice years from now if their pictures aren't compositionally beautiful or all be perfectly lit. I hope they just look back and see that their mom loved them and wanted to show them how great their lives were.

All that being said, here's our year so far:

january 1

january 2

january 3

january 4

january 5

january 6

january 7

(Oh, if you would like to check out a really beautiful week of photos click here.)