Thursday, November 20


Every year about this time (really right around Halloween) things get crazy busy. Crazy. I don't think I'm alone--most other moms I talk to express the same thing. Crazy overflowing busy calendars. I personally need some margin time. I love and crave time that is free of commitments. I think that is why I love January so much. In general time is a little slower and less full then. Instead of longing for that time, I want to really enjoy all the busyness of now. Yes, there is lots to do. I would be a liar if I said I wasn't feeling a crunch. I'm feeling it! Instead of wishing for January, I'm going to celebrate now. Isn't that what all this busy stuff is? A celebration? Of God? Of family? Yep.

So, here's to attitude adjustments and full calendars. And here's a couple pictures of my girl just hanging out with her crazy hair. Just because I love them.
Happy Thursday!