Friday, May 30

ross & mackenzi

Happy Friday afternoon! As promised, I have wedding pictures to share! Two weeks ago Sarah and I photographed a beautiful and fun wedding. The groom, Ross, has been a family friend forever, has worked for my dad, and now lives in my grandparents' house. Also, back in the day he and my Max were BFFs:
Max was two in that picture! Too cute. 

So, when Ross's beautiful bride-to-be contacted me about pictures for their big day I was really excited. Their wedding day was absolutely full of DIY goodness. If they could make it, they did! Here are some of my favorites from the day:

Aren't they both "ridiculously good looking"? Name that movie...

Mackenzi has the best smile/laugh. The kind that travels all the way up to the eyes. Love it!

Congrats Ross and Mackenzi! It really was such a great day. Wishing you both the very best!

Hop on over to Sarah's blog if you want to see a few more!

Tuesday, May 27


Hello there! We've been busy over here lately: I've been working away on editing photos from a very special wedding, Max is just about to finish up kindergarten, and we are all getting our home ready to host an exciting event in just a couple weeks. In addition to all of that, we have have also been very busy running around in the yard and eating popsicles. Important stuff.

I'm hoping to share some wedding pictures with you very soon!

Friday, May 16


For the past five years I have been ordering a photo book from Blurb. I know that there are tons of photo book companies out there, but I have been so happy with my Blurb books. It feels like such an accomplishment to gather up my favorite photos from the year and put them in a book. I may not be so good at printing out photos individually, but I seem to be pretty consistent with this. (I can't believe it either!) Blurb has super easy to use software that you download for free. You just drag and drop your pictures in! Here's a little peek in to my 2013 Blurb book:

I don't take the time to add text to my books. If I tried to do that they would never get finished. I keep thinking that someday I might sit down with them and just write a few captions in with a nice pen. (On second thought that makes me a tad nervous. I would probably spell something wrong and then I'll be mad! No words it is!)

I always order the same size book, and order it with a dust jacket option. Underneath the books are a black linen material. I like this. Blurb offers upgrade options for more colors, but I always stick to the black.

I used to try to get the book all done by Christmas to give as gifts to all the grandparents. Well, that didn't happen this year. I was really bummed I didn't have time to do it. Then, as I was putting it together after the end of the year I loved that I could put in the whole year. To get them ready for Christmas I could only really do up to the end of November to meet the printing deadline. Plus, I could take more time with the book. Always a good thing for a big project.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to see more pages. I would be happy to share more! Do any of you have a favorite photo book source? Do tell!

**Blurb does not have any idea who I am. I'm not getting paid to say any of these nice things about their company. However, if the people at Blurb are reading this and would like to send me money that would be totally neat and cool with me.**

Wednesday, May 14

light wins

Hello there! I know, it has been a while. We have had some technical difficulties here on the hill. When the trailer was moved a few weeks back our phone and internet line was "moved" along with it. (I'm not pointing fingers, but Andrew cut into our line with the skid loader while doing a little landscaping.) Anyway, I'm back in the loop as far as the internet goes.

For a while I relaxed a little about taking pictures everyday. I have given up on the whole organization part of things for this year, so without that daily photo assignment pressing on me I just let it go. Then I realized that I was missing little things with my camera that I didn't want to miss. Slowly (very slowly) I have gained more photo knowledge over the years and I owe the majority of that to the little daily pictures. So, I am trying to get back to shooting more.

One of the main things that I have learned about photography is that light wins all the time. What does that even mean? A seasoned photographer reads that and is like, "Well, duh." But I am really just now getting this. I would hear other photographers talk about "beautiful light", and to be honest, I didn't really get it. I think I could look at a photo and see that it was beautiful, but not credit that with just light. Light beats everything. It beats out outfits. And background, and hair, and junk, and dirty faces. Do you have to look for it? Yes. Do you have to look past other stuff to find it? Yes. You have to train your eye to see it, and I think finally I can see it. I don't know if other people love photos of their own children with crazy hair and mismatched outfits, but I do if the light is there:

A new favorite, for sure.