Thursday, April 24

fun times

It was the end of an era yesterday. I don't remember how much I have mentioned our little neighbor lady here on the blog. In a nutshell, here's the story: When we moved to this farm about five years ago we had an instant, very close neighbor. Close as in she lived in a little blue trailer in our front yard. Miss Laveda had lived up here on our hill for 70 years or so. Raised her family here. When the big farmhouse was too much for her, her family put a trailer on the property for her. They rented out the farmhouse for several years before we eventually bought it. So, in essence, our farm came with a little old lady and a little blue trailer.

Miss Laveda was the sweetest thing. She was very sharp and witty. She loved our kids and gave them chocolate. Laveda watched us often from the comfort of her tidy trailer. I would often look over and see her lace curtain drawn to the side of the window by her chair, and know she was enjoying watching the kids run and play.

Laveda passed away about a year ago. So, since then her trailer sat empty in our yard. I didn't mind it being there at all when she was here, but after she was gone I was so ready for the trailer to leave too. So, yesterday, the trailer went on its merry way, and we of course (in true Laveda fashion) sat in our chairs and watched:

My mom was even here for the excitement. It was fun to see that little house drive away. It baffles me how a house can be all packed up and taken away like that. I know its not rocket science or anything, but it is neat to watch. It is also fun that our yard seems to have doubled in size. Fun times all around. To quote my father-in-law: "I don't think we've had this much fun since the eighth grade picnic!" (That's for you Big Max. Waving!)

Monday, April 14

ruby slippers

One of my most very favorite movies growing up was the Wizard of Oz. My mom taped it when it was on TV, and I proceeded to watch it every day. Oh how I loved Dorothy and those ruby slippers. Last fall Cora watched the Wizard of Oz for the first time. I was slightly worried about the scary parts (you know, the monkeys) but she was only fascinated. There are some people who are terrified of those monkeys, and some who aren't. Luckily we fell into the not afraid category. Little Ada loves the movie too. When the tornado comes she runs around yelling: "Dorothy!". Just like Auntie Em does. It is so fun to introduce your children to things that you love, and have them love it too.

For her birthday, my mom found Cora her very own pair of Dorothy shoes. They have the bows, and even little heels. So Cora, of course, has been wearing them everywhere for the past 4 months. To church, to tap class, to play outside. My first thought was to reserve the shoes for only "special" things, but that is silly. We shall wear the glitter off them…and cover them with mud.

I love taking pictures of the kids' things. Toys, shoes, clothes, blankets. I think it preserves a little bit more of their history for them. I've noticed that they love seeing their things in pictures too. When looking through our photo books they are always very quick to point out their toys, their outfits, etc. I love this photo of Cora's shoes, and it tells me as much about her right now as a portrait of her face would. Glitter and mud, that girl.