Tuesday, December 31


Ah. Almost time for a new year. Time for January, one of my favorite times of the year. I wonder about why I love January so much, but I think it is pretty simple. I love space. Open space. Empty square upon empty square on my calendar. I'm not a person who loves busy. Busy sort of makes me feel crazy. I like a little margin in my life. Room to wiggle and think. I think this love of space translates to my photos as well, but I never really made the connection until today:

I don't really have many big changes I want to make this next year, not any that I have committed into writing or anything. I think that everything I am yearning for can be summed up with finding a little space. It is so hard to do. Starting this last fall my life felt so full, good, but really full. I got carried away by the momentum of life in so many things that I didn't get a chance to think about what I was doing, or why I was doing it. Insert me feeling crazy here. Not bad exactly, just crazy.

So, here's to space. And being intentional in finding it. Happy 2014 everyone!

**Oh! Am I going to try again with my 365 photo project? I honestly don't know yet. I lost track of this year around November, and can't really count it finished. Sad, I know! November! So, maybe I will keep trying to take pictures again everyday just in case I want to do it? Who knows!**

Wednesday, December 18


Just popping in for a quick hello. (Waves.)

If you visit here often, you know how much I love my blue jars. For Christmas I added some lights and greenery. Ah. Makes me so happy:

Hope December is treating you well…Christmas is almost here!

Sunday, December 8

a little december

Hello December. What happened to November? If you are here, I commend your faith in me. Faith that eventually, if you checked back enough times, I would post something new. Today is the day!

Here's a little December for you:

Since when did I have a boy that looks so old? My goodness. All grown up.

So, what happened to all the November photos, you ask? Well, they are on my computer, waiting to be sorted and edited. This project was so much easier at the beginning of the year when I was more diligent about sorting and editing a couple days at a time. November was probably the worst month for me and my daily pictures. I think I missed maybe three or four days. Bummer. I think I will still assign the missing days photos just so I can make it through the year. I hate to give up so close to the end!