Thursday, November 14

the rest of October

Rest as in remaining, not laying down type rest. Ha!

So, in the middle of October Cora decided to cut her hair. Just when I was getting good at French braids. Good thing for her, short hair suits her personality. After the initial cut, we went in to the beauty shop for a new look. Thanks a million, Carissa.

In our backyard we have a maple tree that always (now, when I say always, I mean the for years we have lived here) turns bright yellow. This year it was more orange. I thought a tree would always turn the same color. Something to research.

Sunset at home.

In October, I was so busy with professional photo work that my own personal pictures suffered a bit. I think I missed taking more daily pictures in October than any of the other months combined! So sad. So, instead of throwing up my hands and considering 2013 to be another year where my photo-a-day efforts fell short, I decided to simply fill in photos from other days. Cheating? Yes. Are there any official rules to this project. No. Project saved!

Carissa and her girls came over for a photo session one Sunday. Her girls were not too much into getting their photos taken because they knew my kids were right inside the house ready to play. Also ready to watch Tom and Jerry.

Hot chocolate days.

An orchard visit.

We had a pumpkin painting party. Poor Max. He is often the only boy, and you can see in this photo how he feels lots of times being around lots of younger girls!

New shoes.

Another forgotten day. Pumpkins to the rescue.

My college friend Lindsay is expecting her first child very soon, and I went to her shower last month. So exciting and fun. She is surrounded by a super talented group of friends. One of these friends made the cutest milk bottle favors for everyone that attended the shower. Adorable and awesome. Mine is happily perched on my kitchen window sill.

Church shoes.

Before one of my photo sessions last month Max "helped" me test my light, etc. Love him.

Baby toes.

Her first ponytail. It didn't last long!

On Halloween I didn't get a single photo of my kids in their costumes. We did put our costumes back on a few days later, but I missed the actual day. We were having some weird weather that day and my body felt like I was in fight or flight stage all day long. I wish I was kidding. Sigh.

Thank you for checking out all my pictures again! I am feeling better about November's photos...hopefully I don't miss quite as many!

Tuesday, November 5

time elapses...

Time elapses and suddenly October is over. This past month was busy. Crazy busy! When that happens my little blog always gets pushed to the back burner. This juggling act of life and time management never seems to get any easier!

I can see the end of my 365 project coming closer. My organization and my zeal have waned slightly, but I am determined to finish and have (almost) every day of 2013 photographed. When it is all said and done, each day will have a photo. Probably 95% of those photos will have been taken on the "right" day, but some will be wiggled around a little bit. I am wondering if I will do another 365 project next year. I am undecided at this point!

Max is away at school all day, so it is getting harder to capture moments of him. He notices. It makes me feel happy that he still wants to be in my pictures.


One day the kids wanted to have an indoor tea party. A fancy one with a table cloth and real dishes. It takes an effort on my part to embrace these things they do. I have to try really hard to let them just make a mess, and on this particular day spill water all over my quilt. It is hard, but worth it.

Ok. Photographer fail. On the 5th of October Andrew and I went to a fancy auction gala. Black tie gala. New dress gala. What you will see next is the best thing I got. In the near dark. With my phone. Next time.

Cute girl, crooked picture! (Or is it just the camera angle?)

More apples with friends!

Cora's leaf boquet:

The kids are really into Peppa Pig right now. It is the cutest little cartoon ever. All of the characters have British accents!

I really think she might be my artist,

and a little mommy at heart.

Cousins. If we had asked them to pose like this, it never would have happened. Photos like this feel like gifts to me!

I totally forgot to take a photo for the 13th of October, so I just went through and pulled one from another day. Ada in the garden, throwing dirt.

Then, we cook.

Thanks for stopping by...I am determined to keep stirring this blog on the back burner!