Friday, September 27

spoiled by sun

So, I think my daily photos will definitely take on a more melancholy feel once these beautiful sun drenched evenings dwindle down. This last week has been full of sunlit evenings! Love. I love shooting in the sun. (Photography side note: used to I was pretty terrified of shooting in full sun. If I was going to take photos I wanted clouds. Lots of clouds. I have practiced and now love the bright light and all it brings! Photography in general is overwhelming. There is so much out there to learn, and so many people who do it so well. It is easy to get frustrated, but when I stop and notice these baby steps I am making and learning I feel really happy!)

Indiana Jones made a visit during bath time on Monday. I love this boy in hats!

Another bath time photo. I am really loving this photo for its simplicity. I almost made it black and white, but wanted to keep the pink jammies.

I shall never tire of taking photos of my children in the sandbox, so I hope you never tire of looking at them. (Please avert your eyes from those dying sunflowers in the back. Thanks.)

Ok. So last night was another sun filled beautiful evening. Warm and still. A perfect night to try and coordinate the kids in outfits of some sort and make some early attempts at the Christmas card photos. Mission impossible. There's always tomorrow. Until then here's a photo of Ada, eating an apple in some beautiful light:

I hope you have a light filled weekend!

Monday, September 23

good afternoon

Happy Monday afternoon to you! I am loving September and all the beautiful days it has brought so far. Pretty blue skies and cooler temperatures. So wonderful!

We tend to play outside after we pick Max up from school. In crazy outfits while our dog eats apples. You know, just a normal day:

The other morning we blew bubbles:

Miss Cora loves to play by herself. When there isn't anyone to bother her, she loves to set up little things for her and her baby doll to do together. I think they were making jewelry here.

On Saturday I photographed another wedding with my friend Sarah! We are on a roll! I am always so drawn to the kids in the wedding party. Loving her chippy nails. So much like my Cora.

Ada makes this face all the time. I think it is her concentration face. Funny!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Wednesday, September 18

still going

Here we are, in September, and I am still taking pictures every day. Well, almost every day...

Last Monday we went to a little apple canning party. We made applesauce and apple pie filling. Did I forget my camera? Yep. Was I bummed out? Yep. So, I took a picture (just yesterday) of the fruits of our labor. I thought it was a good idea.
So glad I got this picture of Ada's curls. Love them.
My little muse was at it again. This girl loves the camera.
She also loves my shoes. (Please don't call the authorities about all those bruises! My goodness. I was going to Photoshop them out, but they are so Cora--frills and bruises, glitter and dirt. So her!)
Happy birthday to me! My sister in law makes cakes. Beautiful, sinful, wonderful cakes. My brother texted me to stop by and see him at his office...he had something to give me. Laci made me this beauty. Covered in Reese cups, drizzled in chocolate. She knows me well. (Thanks so much Laci--there is only one piece left! I think I may have gained five pounds!)
On Saturday I shot another wedding with my partner in photo crime, Sarah. The weather was gorgeous. When I uploaded my pictures some of them looked fake because the sky looked too blue. Is that even possible? A sky too blue. Nope. Congrats Levi and Stephanie!
This weekend our horse Daisy got to be all saddled up and ridden. The other horses were going crazy, whinnying and carrying on. I think they were jealous.
Jammie days = good days.
I'm not going to lie. This next photo was one of these: "Oops! Totally dark out and I forgot to take a picture!" You'll have that!
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 11

Remember when I used to try and post a few, or even just one daily photo at a time? You don't? I don't either! This is always the hardest part of the photo-a-day project for me. Not taking the pictures, but keeping them organized and doing it as I go along. I will continue to work on that. On that note, here is a "few" photos for you to enjoy!

A Playdoh "birthday cake" for her doll:
We checked out an awesome science experiment book from the library. This was a super easy experiment that was fun: fill a large jar will cold water. Tie a string around a much smaller bottle so it can easily be lowered into the large jar. Fill that small bottle with hot (really hot!) water and food coloring. When it is lowered into the cold water it will "erupt" out and make a little water volcano!
I had so much fun shooting a wedding with my friend Sarah on the 31st. It was a great wedding, with a great couple. Lauren and Stephen, it was such a beautiful day, and I was honored that you chose us to photograph it for you. I pray that God continues to bless you and your marriage! I have lots more wedding photos to share, but I thought this one was a fun little teaser!
A little Candy Land with Max.
Visits with my Dad.
Is it too early for pumpkin decor? Seeing how we are in the 90's again today it might be. Bring on the pumpkins! And soup! And flannel! (Can you tell that fall is my favorite?) I'm trying to wait!
This girl. I think she has given up her nap. It had to happen sometime. The other day she fell asleep on the couch. I love it when they do that!
Clean little toes...
And fingers.
Ok. At our last auction I scored big time with the purchase of this quilt. Big time. A grandmother's flower garden, hand pieced and hand quilted. No stains, very little damage. My heart is still beating fast over this one. (I love it at auctions how you have to remain cool and calm and pretend that you don't want something while inside you are jumping up and down. All part of the fun!)
Another shot out by the orchard. Loving it.
Enjoy this hot weather today...looks like fall is coming this weekend. Hooray!

Monday, September 9


Oh, hi! I am currently buried under a pile of pictures! Not a real pile, but a digital one. My daily pictures, wedding pictures (hi Lauren!), and more wedding pictures to come. I've got a lot of work to do!

So, what do I do when I have a lot of work to do? I always find myself working on something else. It is how I operate. Last night while dinner was finishing up we wandered outside to play for a few minutes. The girls were in their church dresses and rubber boots. Max was in his boots too, and I had this vision of their little rubber booted feet all lined up in the beautiful evening light.

It was not meant to be, as my Cora would not comply. There's always one not feeling me and my great photo ideas. Sigh. Oh well, sometimes if I just let them be I get better stuff anyway:

So, the big question: color or black and white? Lately I have been editing more and more of my own personal photos black and white. But sometimes the evening light needs color. I might just have it printed both ways.

(I'm pretending like I actually print pictures and they are not all trapped on my computer.)

I will be back soon with the dailies and some wedding pretties. Hope your Monday is good!