Wednesday, July 24


"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." --Aaron Rose (film director)

Monday, July 22

a cora morning

More and more I feel that I need to tell stories with my photos. Can I tell by looking at a photo what my kids' favorite things were? What were their quirks? What did they love to do?

Last Friday I just saw Cora doing what she does, and I so badly wanted to capture her. At three and a half.

She has to wear socks. Pretty much all the time.

She also always wants to wear pants. Last summer it was skirts, this summer it is pants. This kills me because it is hot outside, but still she wants pants. Even under her nightgowns.

Cora loves her Lalaloopsy things. I can't blame her--they are super cute.

She loves to chop things. Whenever I cook anything that needs chopping, I can always count on her pulling a chair beside me and wanting to chop with me. This particular morning it was strawberries. I usually give her the little extra scrap parts and she makes a "soup" out of them.

What are the things about your children or your life that you want to remember? What story can you tell today?

Friday, July 19

tip toes

Ada is just barely tall enough to peek out the window:

And almost tall enough to get into the snack cabinet:

*Gotta love those little boots!*

If you were wondering which three photos were my favorite from the last post, here they are!

1. The close up of Ada in her crib. That one was a no brainer.

2. The flowers in the garden. This photo is a favorite because the light was just beautiful, and because it felt like a HUGE accomplishment to have something so pretty come straight out of the camera. I know you other photo enthusiasts are with me on that. It is one thing to get a good photo, but quite another to take one, look at it, and feel that you captured what you wanted without any tweaks.

3. Max on the little horse. (No one else picked this one, so maybe it isn't as good as I think! Ha!) I honestly think I love this one because I am a currently a little obsessed with back lighting. Also, I love how the backlighting catches those little dust motes in the air. It makes things seem a little magical. Or, in reality, it makes me realize that my house is dusty. Hmmm... Either way, I like it!

Happy Friday to you!

Wednesday, July 17

go ahead and get some coffee...

I have pictures for you! Get cozy with your coffee mug and enjoy. (I think there are a couple of photos in this little batch that *may* be in the running for My Favorite Photo of the Year So Far. A very high honor. Wink. See if you can guess which ones they are...

Did I mention that we are growing a sunflower house? A Pinterest idea, of course. You basically plant sunflowers in a square or rectangle shape, then as they grow tall it makes a little house. (Forgive me if I have already told you about this. I can't remember a darn thing.) Anyway, it is getting tall:

Sweet corn time is upon us! I am a sweet corn snob. When we were in high school my brother and I sold sweet corn at my grandparents' farm every summer. It was the best sweet corn ever. We made the best memories ever. Andrew bought this from an Amish friend, and I was able to choke it down. Just kidding, it was pretty good. Not Incredible, but good. (I know you are with me, Cale.)

Another forgotten picture day! Of all days I forgot to take a picture, we were at a family reunion. I totally snatched this one from a family member via Facebook. Whew.

Laundry. All the time with the laundry.

This is sort of a funny little picture. I don't know if you can see the little cucumber/flower man we made on the sidewalk. Cora loved it. Ada wanted to destroy it. It is a sister stand-off.

A little phone photo for you! (I seriously think my phone takes pretty decent pictures!) We had an auction at an old grain elevator in Greenfield the other night. I love old places like this!

Our friend Sarah gave our kiddos the next best thing to a real pony--a pretend pony that you can ride in the living room! Seriously, it is very cool. It even makes galloping noises and plays songs. Sometimes in the middle of the night all by itself! (Must remember to turn that guy off tonight!)

A shot of our little flower patch in the garden. They are crazy big! (Believe it or not, this photo is straight out of the camera--thank you very much. I kid you not. The light was that pretty!)

Ok. I mentioned in my last post that I was headed off last weekend on a photography workshop with the super amazing DeAnna McCasland. It was so great. She is so great. More than ever I am a believer in the beauty of everyday pictures. Not perfect pictures, but the ones that are so imperfectly real. I will stop talking now and just say that it was so great. I will climb back up on my soapbox about everyday pictures soon, I'm sure! This is a photo of DeAnna with a family we were all photographing:

The next day we photographed the family of our host photographer, Jessica Klaus. Cuties. This was my dream photo session: The family cuddled in bed, then they all made pancakes, then they played in the sprinkler. Awesome. Fun. This picture I took of them is so not technically perfect, but I love it so much:

They morning after I arrived home from the workshop I took my camera up to Ada's room when she woke up. So happy I did:

And today. Today we broke our sprinkler, so we made a makeshift one out of a garden wand thing and a little rusty lawn cart. Just a little bit hillbilly, no? The kids loved it. (Little do they know that their mother purchased a slip and slide for them at Walmart tonight. If a garden hose propped up on a yard cart makes them so happy, I can't wait to see how they love the slip and slide!)

Now...what is your guess on my My Favorite Photo of the Year So Far? There are three! It has been a good photo run the past couple weeks!

Friday, July 12

a balloon & what's up with me

Hello again! I have a little digital pile of daily photos on my computer to edit and post, but I can hear the nap time clock ticking quickly. (Aka: the girls are both asleep, Max is occupied at the moment, and it won't last much longer!) So, I will just share this little cutie that I photographed about a week ago:
Cute, no? Balloons make everything happy. I have photographed little Kelsey at every stage of her little baby life. Newborn, three months, 6 months, 9 months, and now her one year mark. Heavens, it went fast.

Tomorrow I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and attending a workshop with the amazingly talented photographer Deanna McCasland. If you are a fan of beautiful light, (who isn't a fan of beautiful light?) check out her work. I signed up on a pure whim after seeing on Facebook that she was doing a workshop fairly close to me. I am so excited to meet her and the other photographers and learn all kinds of stuff!

Enjoy your weekend blog land!

Saturday, July 6

what we've been up to

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! (I can't believe that July is here!)

I have this giant pinboard in my office. Giant. I absolutely love it. It is like Pinterest, but for real. When my mom helped me re-do the kids' old room into my office this was one of the things I really wanted. Right now it is a sort of hodge podge of kid stuff and magazine tear sheets, but maybe someday I'll pin up all my little Instagram prints...
Can you tell what's going on in this picture?
Me either...ha! This was a day where I left my picture taking to the end of the day, so I had to take what I could get! (I do actually remember what the kids were doing. Somehow Max had convinced Cora and Ada to lay--very still!--on the blanket and he pulled them around the house. Here they are all just taking a little break.)

Little toes.
Auction find.
Fun with friends.
An afternoon at the movies.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!