Thursday, February 28


Some days you just need to bake some cookies, don't you agree?

ISO 400, 1/100, f3.5

We always make the original Nestle Toll House recipe. I have seen other recipes claiming to be the perfect chocolate chip cookie, but I think this one is pretty perfect.

Of course I had help. Of course it was fun.

I try to keep this blog on the bright side of things, but is anyone else craving spring? Winter, you can kindly move on. Please and thank you. Spring, we'll be eating cookies while we wait for you!

Tuesday, February 26

these two (again)

Max and Cora (and the backs of their little heads) are getting more play on the blog today! It is funny how my photos seem to go in spurts:

Today my Mom (my partner in crime) came over to help me finally paint my office room. In this picture the kids are watching her paint from the ottoman in the hallway. Poor things, they wanted to paint so bad.

I am sitting in the newly painted office now, smelling the fresh paint and feeling so excited to get it all finished. It is one of those spaces in our home that has been on the back burner. It is a room I spend a lot of time in, so it will be so wonderful to get it all prettied up.

Don't worry--I took some before pictures so I can show it all to you soon!

Monday, February 25

at her "desk"

We have a table next to our couch where I display some of our favorite family photographs and a boatload of kid crap. Sigh. My vision for this table and the reality are not meeting together. That is beside the point. The cute thing about this little corner of our home is how Cora uses it:

ISO 400, 1/100, f.2.5

She shoves stuff out of her way and sets up a little desk for herself. She perches her little booty on the edge of the stairway and works away at her little desk. Usually Cora makes drawings or pretends to sell stuff to you from her "store".

Super cute.

Sunday, February 24

Friday, February 22


ISO 1600, 1/125, f1.8

Max had written something on his hand and was showing his sister. They actually stayed cuddled together for a few minutes. I am still in a state of shock.

Love it when they love each other!

Thursday, February 21

just beautiful

Lately it is the everyday type of pictures that tug at my heartstrings. Not glamorous, not staged. Simple. Normal. Not stressful.

Just beautiful:

My little brother and his sweet baby girl. Nothing sweeter, really.

{Thank you for letting my mini van full of chaos invade your house for a little while today. Love and miss you all!}

Wednesday, February 20

chocolates say I love you

Andrew brought chocolates home for me yesterday. Just because. It's one thing to get chocolates on Valentine's Day, but it is another thing to get them on a random Tuesday. I heard it said once that "flowers say I'm sorry, and chocolates say I love you." If that is the case Andrew really loves me. It just so happened that they are the most beautiful chocolates ever:

ISO 800, 1/200, f2.5

Ghyslain chocolates. Beautiful. Like little works of art. I am allowing myself one chocolate a day to try and make them last as long as possible.

No, I am not sharing them with the children. Kids are more well suited to chocolate of the Hershey variety.

Tuesday, February 19

teddy bear picture day

It's that time again! Teddy bear picture #11 for this sweet girl. Next month she will be a year old. Tear and sniff.

Max and Cora love teddy bear picture day too, and always want to help. They love being in the pictures at the end, after I'm sure I've got at least one good one of Ada by herself. Just before I took this picture I yelled at them because they were fighting over a graham cracker or something. Always fighting those two. I yelled something super mature along the lines of: "If you are going to fight get out of this room because Ada and I are trying to have fun!" Just keeping it real for you blog readers.

I am super excited because this afternoon I started digging out all the teddy bear pictures. I am going through them and editing them, cropping them and getting them all ready for a fun photo collage for the playroom. It is going to be so neat! (At least in my head it is super neat--hope it turns out how I envision it!)

in the cabinet

It seems like now all the activity and action in the house happens in the kitchen. The kids love to take all my pots and pans out of the cabinet and climb in. A hideout. Ada joined in yesterday:

Sunday, February 17

girl time

Today we went to Cora's BFF's birthday party. Needless to say, she enjoyed herself. Happy Birthday Charlee!

Friday, February 15

playing a little catch up

I am here! Did you miss me? Maybe a little? No worries, although I missed my daily blog post for the past couple days, I did take my pictures. Whew. Let's play catch up, shall we?

Andrew is, and always has been, a huge IU basketball fan. If you are reading this and you live in Indiana you know that basketball is part of our state's culture. It is kind of the thing around here. There are certain things that would help a person observe this state culture. Seeing an IU game in Assembly Hall would be one of those things. So, in the fall I overheard Andrew tell someone that he would love to catch an IU game this year. Perfect, I thought. I will surprise Andrew with tickets for Christmas. I did a little research, consulted my experts (thanks Cale!), and ordered tickets. We took in our game at Assembly Hall on Wednesday. It was so fun. Go ahead and add it to your Indiana bucket list. The funny thing about the tickets is that Andrew actually discovered them before Christmas and it was not so much of a surprise. It turned out ok though because he got me some tickets for Christmas too. More about that later!

Just a little picture of Valentines for my babies:

This morning the girls and I went to the grocery to pick up a few things before we picked up Max at preschool. I am proud of myself for actually getting my big camera out and getting something. Ada isn't looking at the camera because there were some cute old people just around the corner. They kindly stepped out of the way while I took my photo. They didn't seem to think it was weird at all. The color is a little strange in this, but the black and white just wouldn't do. It was missing something.

I still need to work on my "in public" photo skills. Not perfect, but a keeper for me!

Tuesday, February 12


The sun is shining through all our windows today. I love it!

Monday, February 11

always a lady

ISO 800, 1/200, f2.8
Why yes, I did just add "work on table manners" to my child rearing to-do list. I don't blame her though. It is a shame to see ice cream go to waste.

Hope your Monday is great!

Sunday, February 10

feeling the love

I absolutely love it when the kids make things for me:
ISO 800, 1/160, f3.5
I think it is so funny how Max always uses my name instead of "Mommy". He has always done that!

Thursday, February 7

more kitchen sink fun

It seems like a lot of our fun around here involves the kitchen sink:
ISO 400, 1/400, f2.8
ISO 400, 1/400, f1.8
ISO 400, 1/400, f1.8
ISO 400, 1/400, f1.8
ISO 400, 1/400, f1.8
ISO 400, 1/400, f1.8
ISO 400, 1/400, f1.8

One day I stumbled upon a picture of a baby taking a bath in the kitchen sink and I gasped. My baby (who will be one next month!!) has missed out on this experience! I honestly had never put any of my children in the sink before today. I think I may have bathed Max next to the sink when he was tiny, but never in the sink. For whatever reason, I just felt like it was something that needed to happen. So, in Ada went. The sun was streaming in the window and it was so fun. And wet. Max and Cora loved this. Cora especially--we all know how she likes to play in the sink.

Never mind the fact that the rest of the kitchen was a complete disaster to allow for this little slice of beauty. All the dishes were nicely stacked everywhere out of sight. You'll have that.

**I completely forgot to put the details for yesterday's picture in the post! Here it is in case you were wondering!**
ISO 400, 1/200, f2

Wednesday, February 6

look what we found

My mom brought over a car load of stuff from my old art studio. We found some fun things:
Why are fake mustaches so cute?

Tuesday, February 5


I love it when they just sit together. So rare and wonderful:

Monday, February 4

dishwasher love

It is so funny what babies become interested in. Miss Ada loves the dishwasher. Whenever I open it she comes trucking over as fast as she can. She pulls her little self up and stands there, patting the dishwasher. She likes the little soap door too. Open. Close. Open. Close. She was having trouble getting the little door to open after she got it latched today. Big sis to the rescue:
Until recently Ada didn't bother any of the things in the dishwasher. Now she thinks that it is super fun to pull the utensils out. Um, gross and dangerous Ada girl! Not so gross if they are clean, but still dangerous.

I hate to rain on her dishwasher parade, but the fun stops at the soap door. Sorry girl!


My first session of 2013 was spent with this little sweetheart:
Little Natalia and her mom Elsie were both so wonderful to work with. Natalia was not shy with me at all--she made my job so easy! Plus she is a little doll baby. Wouldn't you say so? Look at those eyes! It is so fun to photograph a dark-eyed baby. So beautiful.

We did Natalia's session inside the Cornerstone Center for the Arts in Muncie. It is a challenge to find an indoor location during the winter months. I love shooting outside, but I love how these turned out. My friend Carissa and I took a Piloxing class last summer/fall in the ballet room pictured in that last image. It was nice to go in there and not be sweating like crazy! Smile.

Thank you again Elsie and Natalia! Can't wait to work with you again!

Sunday, February 3


ISO 100, 1/1000, f3.2

I tried to get pictures of the kids in the snow today, but it was just too cold! No sooner than we were outside Cora begged to go back in, and Max was more interested in throwing snowballs at me than being my photo guinea pig. Darn kids! Just kidding--it was cold today. I love the way the snow looks from inside the house and always think I need to go out and try some photos. Once I get out there I don't stay long!

Saturday, February 2


Last night Max had a sleepover at my dad's house. Ada girl goes to bed pretty early, usually around seven. That left me with a couple hours of just Cora time. It was much needed, for both of us I think. We took a bath and painted toenails. Fingernails too. I even let Cora paint my toenails. She did pretty good! I had to clean up a little (OK a lot) off my toes with nail polish remover, but not a bad pedicure job for a three-year-old! Cora is so proud of her painted nails. It is so hard to squeeze in time for little things like this with her. I need to make more of an effort to do it more often!

Friday, February 1

good morning sunshine

I took my camera upstairs with me to check on Ada this morning:
ISO 800, 1/100, f3.2
My heart swells with love for this baby!

Happy Friday to you!