Thursday, January 31

so her

My Cora loves to play in the kitchen sink. She starts by saying that she needs to wash her hands. Then she needs a spoon, maybe a bowl. A pan. More soap. I've photographed and blogged her doing this before, but for some reason this one is my favorite to date:
ISO 400, 1/200, f2.5
To get the overhead shot I told Cora that I was "going to do something very bad". I stood on the counter. Bad Mommy. This, of course, she loved. Do as I say children, not as I do. Please don't stand on the counters!

On a somewhat related note: I made it one month! Taking/editing/posting a photo every day. I have loved it. Before I would usually take a picture everyday, but they would sit on the computer and I would get confused about what days the photos were taken, and at the end of the month I would try and sort them all out and get them edited. This is working much better. I want to thank you for stopping by and looking at the little pictures of our life. These everyday little detail pictures are what I am most passionate about. Hopefully I will be able to look back and see what an everyday morning looked like.

I do have a couple goals for February:
1. I am not in a single picture. That is a bad Mommy! I want to get behind the camera more next month. Even if I am in one photo it will be an improvement!
2. I need to get Andrew in the pictures too. More pictures of Daddy!
3. Continue to take my camera out more. Sometimes it is a huge pain to take my big camera places, but it is so worth it.

Thanks again for stopping by to look at my photos!

Tuesday, January 29

chocolate cake break

If Max and I are lucky enough, the girls will take their naps at the same time. When this happens Max and I tend to eat treats. It is so fun to have a little guy to share treats with. Today's nap time treat: chocolate cake!
ISO 800, 1/125, f1.8

The cake itself isn't anything fancy. Just a Dark Chocolate something-or-other from Duncan Hines. The frosting is the good part. I'm not a huge frosting person. I like it, but not if it is too sugary, too sweet, etc. This frosting is pretty much perfect. Go make a cake and put it on the top. Find a cute little boy to eat it with.

Your day will be happy.

Monday, January 28

new play-doh

ISO 800, 1/125, f1.8

Our Play-Doh was all dried out, so when we were at Target today we replenished our stash. Don't you love brand new Play-Doh? Cora was so excited. I took several pictures today, and the one above was not really the best one, but it was the one I wanted for today. Sometimes a feeling of a picture trumps the technical aspects, don't you think? Today I wanted to remember Cora and her new Play-Doh, and even though this picture could be tons better, I loved it the most.

Sunday, January 27

a favorite

A favorite quilt on our couch. Made by Andrew's grandma. So soft, so cozy. I love the mismatch quality of it. It matches nothing, so therefore it matches everything:
ISO 800, SHUTTER 1/40, f2.8
I love quilts so much, don't you? If I had all the time in the world, I would love to make more!

Saturday, January 26

photo safari

My friend Sarah and I decided to go out on a little photo safari today. So glad. The weather was beautiful and it was fun to go out with the intention of taking pictures. I have my heart set on getting some good cow pictures soon. (I don't know why, but I love pictures and paintings of cows!) We stopped by some cows today, but they were not very interested in having their picture taken. Next time! We did get some good draft horse photos at my in-law's:
ISO 200, SHUTTER 1/8000, f2.5

Such beauties, these horses! I want to do a photo safari more often! I am extremely passionate about capturing my everyday, but also want to seek out more photo opportunities too!

Friday, January 25

Thursday, January 24

under the weather

Last week my girlies both had a little bout of fever. I thought we were in the clear. Cora girl is feeling a little sick again. Bummer. It is so sad when the kids are sick!
ISO 800, SHUTTER 1/80, f2.5

Speaking of sad, look at my couch. I have a love/hate relationship with my couch. I bought it when I was a single girl living in Indianapolis. I loved it. I still love it, it is super comfy. However, now that I have a husband and three sticky fingered children it makes me not love it so much. It is always a hot mess. Every single little spill, dribble, crayon and marker line shows up. It has a slipcover, so I thought it would be a breeze to take off and wash. Not so much. Have you ever wrestled a couch slipcover? Alas. What to do. Maybe just avoid couch pictures. That I can do. Smile.

Wednesday, January 23

afternoon cup and details

Almost every afternoon I have a cup of coffee. I always make enough in the morning so that I have the option of reheating a second cup later in the day. I usually have this second cup while the girls are napping (or at least up in their beds). Always with real sugar and hazelnut creamer:
I read somewhere that in the afternoon you should do something that you do in the morning to sort of re-set your day. A second morning. This idea has helped me a lot. When you are at home with your kids all day, the afternoon sort of starts to drag and energy levels start to take a serious dive. My little afternoon cup sort of starts things over for me and the caffine boost sure doesn't hurt!

I wanted to share a few details about the photo I took yesterday of Max. This is for you Lindsay! (And anyone else who is interested!)

Camera settings:
ISO 1600, SHUTTER 1/8, f4.5

Like I mentioned, the room was completely dark except for the light from the computer screen and a tiny bit of light from the window behind Max. The light from the window didn't really light much at all, it was just visible. All the other lights in the room were off. I bumped my ISO up to 1600 to capture this picture. I tried to hold my camera without a tripod, but after a few tries I knew it wouldn't happen without it. So glad my tripod was in our office room instead of under the back seat in my van where it has been "stored" for months. This photo definitely woulndn't have happened if I had to go outside in the cold to get it!

I have been thinking about posting more specific information about my camera settings and other photo tips here on the blog. Would anyone be interested in anything like that? I would love to share!

Tuesday, January 22

an achievement

This picture is an achievement for me for two reasons:
1. I don't know if you have scrolled through my daily pictures and noticed that the girls get WAY more photo features than my Max. They do. Lots more. Ada especially. I think it is because Ada is the most accessible to me: she is with me all the time, and she doesn't protest or make weird faces for the camera. Cora usually likes having her photo taken, but lately if I try to encourage her to do a certain thing she protests. Darn. Max is the hardest. It is hard to catch him doing something natural. So, this photo of him doing something he always does (without making a weird face) is good.
2. We left around noon today and I forgot my camera. Sometimes in the shuffling of three kids to the car the camera doesn't make it. Especially on a frigid 14 degree day like today. (Boy it was cold! Coats and gloves and hats--oh my!) When we got home it was after five, and Ada needed to eat. Crazy how these kids need to eat all the time! There goes the sun. Used to I would give up and not take a picture today, or take one with my flash and hate it. I took this as a challenge. I dug out my tripod and used only the light from the computer screen for this picture. Ahh! A whole new world has opened up. A simple change made all the difference. I knew I had that tripod for some reason!

Friday, January 18

preschool pickup line

Cora's Hello Kitty notebook and a (now lost) red marker saved the day in the preschool pickup line. Boredom and whining were held of a little longer. Thank goodness.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 17


Dear Ada,
Because you are my youngest child, my baby, I have decided that you shall wear footie jammies until further notice. Maybe we can discuss the issue when you are five. I hope you don't mind.
Love you like crazy,

Tuesday, January 15

the library and lindsay

Today we went to the library. As promised my camera made the trip too. I was excited to try and capture a little slice of our life away from home. There were a couple other people in the library today and I changed my mind about taking pictures. I worried about what they thought of me. "What is that crazy mom doing taking pictures in the library?"

Then, I got Ada girl out of her carseat. (Poor thing has never been out of that seat in the library before. It is much easier to keep her contained!) Anyway, I took her out and she stood up at the little kids table. I then decided that I didn't care what the other library visitors thought--I was going to capture something I wanted to remember:
I need to remember that people really don't care what you are doing as much as you think. Plus, even if they cared or thought I was weird why should I care? I do. Trying not to. Glad I got the shot I wanted at our little library.

In other unrelated news:

My twin sister is featured on Pottery Barn's blog today! You didn't know I have a twin sister? I don't really. Here's the story:

Once upon a time I went to Ball State University and studied Art Education. There I met some wonderful people, one of them being Lindsay. We took lots of classes together, and spent countless hours in the art building together. We would huddle and talk for hours (on the sidewalk, in the hallways, during class) about how stressed we were and how hard college life was. (Side note: college life is not hard or stressful compared to real life. I should have enjoyed it more. If you are in college right now please relax a little. Do it for me. Side note finished.) People thought we looked like sisters, so we went with it. We even traveled to Italy together--such a wonderful life changing experience. Since our BSU days Lindsay has been one of my very best friends, and I love her dearly.

So, go check out her beautiful feature on the Pottery Barn blog, then visit her blog: The Milkweed Pods.

Love you Lindsay! Congrats!

Sunday, January 13

a lego camera

My boy loves Legos. You can find little legos in every room of our house. I think they may actually take over soon. I honestly don't mind. I am amazed at what Max can create with them. Just today he made a couple cameras. Pretty impressed.

Friday, January 11

Tuesday, January 8

ok corral

One of my goals this year with my photo-a-day project is to take my camera more places. I have TONS of photos of home (as I should since this is where I am the majority of the time) but not very many photos of things away from home. So, hopefully you will see more photos of our outings as the days unfold.

Ah, Walmart:
As you can see, it is a glamorous life I lead. Be excited blog readers.

Monday, January 7

doctor kit

I had trouble deciding which one of these I wanted to be the picture of today. It is hard sometimes! So, sometimes here on the blog I'll put two. It's my blog and I'll do what I want to!

Now I officially have seven daily pictures under my belt. I have more enthusiasm for this project than I have in the past. This is good. Hopefully it can see me through 51 more weeks, and I can officially say I went through a whole year and took a picture every day. Every day!

Sunday, January 6

ready for the playoffs

I think Ada might be one of the cutest little Colts fans I've ever seen.

Friday, January 4

Wednesday, January 2

look at me go

Two days down, 363 left to go. So far I am on a roll.

It was beautiful out this morning. It was probably beautiful to me because I was looking at it through the windows and I was still in my jammies. True. Nine degrees feels a little better on the inside looking out as opposed to actually being outside. Anyway, the way the frost and ice clung to everything was just gorgeous. I've seen it before, but I just kept looking at it today:
I really resolve this year to not just take pictures for the sake of taking them, but to really look at things. I remember hearing as an art student in college that the looking was just as important as the drawing/painting/sculpting. So very true. I often told the very same thing to my art students. Really look at things. Don't assume you know what something looks like because you've seen it before. Have I seen ice on branches before? Yes. Have I ever seen these ice covered branches. Nope.


she stands

Ada pulls up to everything now. Pulls her little self up and then stands. She also falls, several times a day. Poor baby. In the mornings and after her naps I can always find her standing in her crib, her little hands tightly gripping the rail.
Look at that face. I don't know if other mothers experience this, but I have with each of my babies. Their little faces look so familiar, as if I have always known them. Isn't that weird? Or not weird? What do you think? I feel like I've known those little blue eyes forever.

Love you girl.

Tuesday, January 1


Happy New Year! We are entering one of my most favorite months. January. Ah, I love the "newness" that is January. There are so many things that I could resolve to do, but I don't think I will be making too many resolutions. There is one thing, though, that I feel I must do. For the last several years I have embarked on a photo-a-day mission only to fall short. Every year. Last night I got a text from my friend (Hi Mary!) asking if I was going to try to do a 365 photo project this year.

Yes! I will try again! Nothing pushes you to be creative and to look at things with fresh eye than taking a photo of something everyday. I upgraded my camera in August, and still need to explore all of its capabilities. Taking a photo every day will help with that. My kids are growing like weeds and I feel a frantic need to capture it. Taking a photo everyday will help with that. Sometimes I take for granted all of the beauty that is right in front of me. Taking a photo every day will help with that. You get the idea. A photo everyday is a good thing!

So, for today. (Why yes, I already have my photo for today!) Last night and this morning I worked on a new recipe. Pioneer Woman's Orange Sweet Rolls. Goodness they were yummy and pretty. I love classic cinnamon rolls, but the little tang from the orange hit the spot today. Also, this recipe has fruit in it, fitting for trying to be a little bit more healthy than the old standby cinnamon roll. That is a total stretch, because the sugar and butter probably cancel out the small amount of orange. Oh well, can't win them all.
I was so proud of how pretty these looked that I told Andrew that I was going to take them to the county fair and win a blue ribbon. As I was taking pictures of them Max asked what I was going to do with the photos. Take them to the county fair? Yes Max, I just might do that.

Hope your day one feels as good as mine. Happy January.