Wednesday, August 28

summer lingers

Even though I feel fall creeping in, summer is lingering on here. August and early September are a little like that. One foot firmly planted in summer, while the other takes a step towards fall. Ah, fall. My favorite. As each season starts to wind down I remind myself to not wish it away, but enjoy every last drop. But fall, it is always number one.

Here are a few pictures that feel like summer:

I feel like we have done so many fairs this year! I took this one and edited it on my phone.

My pretty girl. The other day I asked her if I could take her picture. She said she was a little busy. (Baby dolls do not take care of themselves!) A few minutes later she decided I could. I love photographing Cora. When she is in the right mood, it is like she can read my mind. No cheesy smiles, she gives me just what I am after. Our little apple orchard is proving not only to be an overabundant source of apples, but my new favorite photo spot. Doesn't this just look like it fell out of The Secret Garden?

Lately I have been trying to memorize scripture. Um. It's hard. I am struggling a little bit! This mind is very full of things to remember, so it is hard to squeeze more in. Of all the things I need to remember, I know more and more that these words are the most important. I will do it!

The other evening after school Max wanted to give Coconut (the dog) a bath. This dog is a farm dog, and has never had a proper bath. I think she likes to "swim" in the horse tank from time to time, but has never been scrubbed with soap. We put her in and she lasted about 30 seconds. Ada, however, found it to be delightful. Shoes and all.

More and more I am loving toys that 1) aren't plastic 2) are pretty. I love it when the kids pull out something we've had for awhile and it gets lots of play.

I hope that summer is lingering on a little while where you are!

Monday, August 26

the fulton girls

As I have mentioned before, my friend Lindsay from Ball State is one of my most very favorite people in the whole world. We met in the BSU world of art education, and became fast and true friends. We both love art (of course), and antiques, photography and decorating. Lindsay has a sister, Lora. Lora has also become one of my most very favorite people in the whole world. (Remember when I shot Lora's wedding?) It is so wonderful to have friends like these two women. Time spent with them is always great. I always leave their company feeling like a better me, simply because they encourage me and challenge me. As iron sharpens iron. Plus, Lindsay and Lora are both crazy funny. Who doesn't love that?

These beautiful sisters are both expecting baby boys soon: Lora in September, and Lindsay in December. I am so happy for them! When they asked if I would take a few maternity pictures for them I was so excited:

I can't wait to meet Lindsay and Lora's baby boys. Such lucky boys to have such wonderful mamas!

Friday, August 23

just peachy...and apple-y

Just a few photos for your Friday:

Last Saturday Max told me that he wanted to be a wildlife photographer when he grew up. So awesome. I set him up with my "old" camera and the tripod. Love.
I had a session last Sunday that involved this old truck. I love taking photos with old trucks!
It's apple time at our house! This is our fourth summer/fall at our house, and we have never had apples like we have right now. We have a ton of apples!
I actually forgot to take a photo on this day. Boo! So, because I am so excited about our apple crop I thought I would use another photo from our "orchard".

Another day where I almost forgot! A little late night (and by late I mean 9:30!) photo work:
Hope your weekend is great!

Thursday, August 15


Last weekend I did a fun maternity session for some of my most favorite people. Maternity sessions are always so fun--there is so much excitement as families get ready to welcome new babies to the world. Anyway, while at the session, I spied this potting bench. (Lora, you have the best stuff.) I am so drawn to old textures and anything this color:
We had a fun gathering at my mom's house last weekend too. My brother was there with his two sweet little girlies. Ah, cousins. (Check out Cora's face. This is her "picture face". I have to try and catch that girl when she's not ready for her close-up!)
Even though this post is mostly about beginnings, it is also about summer ending. Tear. We sent summer out with a bang at the State Fair. It was hot, but we had a great time. Our little Ada is such a trooper: she was so patient while we all rode rides and she sat in her stroller with her babies.
The big new beginning. Max started kindergarten this week. I promised I was not going to lament here about how fast time goes, and how he was just a baby. I promised myself. But, seriously, he was just a baby! Ok, quickly moving on: If you know me, you know I love Ball jars, especially the blue ones. Well, this summer the Ball people released a special commemorative set of blue jars. New blue ones, like the old blue ones! Then, to my delight, I found this cute back to school teacher gift idea. Click here for the link for that adorable tag. (I downloaded the tags, then worked on them in Photoshop to get it to say exactly what I wanted.)
On Max's official last day of summer we did what he loves best:
And, the first day. A whole new beginning for us. I'm not going to lie. I am missing him a little bit more than I thought I would!

Friday, August 9

happy friday to you

Just a few daily photos for you on this Friday afternoon! Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, August 7

joni & her boys

I am really going to make an effort to include more of my sessions here on the blog. Lately I am always on a mission to get my daily photos up that the sessions get pushed to the back! I am always so honored when people ask me to photograph their family, and I love telling their stories. I love it when families are relaxed and are not in search of a "perfect" family picture, but rather want me to capture something true. Real. This is where the truly beautiful photos are born. (This is my opinion of course!)

When Joni and I were planning a session for her and her two boys I asked her what she wanted to remember about this time with her family, and she replied: "their true love for adventure, still kissing mom, giggles, race cars, animals, and very much anything boy." I hope I captured a little bit of that for them! We did their session at Joni's parent's house, where the boys were very comfortable (and busy!) showing me all around. We played on the swing set, climbed in an old dump truck, and even played a little tug-of-war. Boys being boys at its finest:

Thank you so much Joni! I can't wait to show you more!

Monday, August 5

hello august

August is here! Usually I don't like August all that much. I think it has to do with the heat. Sorry August! This year, however, our Indiana July has been wonderful (70s instead of 90s!) and so far this August has been the same. We are only a few days in, so it could change, you know. I will like you, August, if you promise to play nice and not be too hot or humid.

We spent a little time at our county 4-H fair, and Max had not one, but two snow cones.

A card for mommy:

We introduced Ada to the wonderful art of licking the spatula. She, naturally, was in love.

Our zinnias are going crazy in the garden. The kids love to pick them for me.

Like the zinnias, our cucumbers are plentiful. I made a big batch of bread and butter pickles and they turned out really good!

Ok. So our driveway is super long. Gravel. Hilly. After nap time one day I had the bright idea to pull them down to the mailbox. They loved it. Not sure if that is going to happen any time soon...they are too heavy! Good thing there was a magazine in the box or I would have been sad and might have given up on the way back to the house. (Phone picture!)

*Sappy side note: I think this is one of those photos I will look back on later and cry. I want to remember by children like this: together, in the wagon, with me. Our days are exhausting at times (that is for sure), but wow. It is going so fast. I am so happy I have this photo of them. This little phone picture means so much to me, and it is only a week old. Moral of the story: take lots of pictures of your life, even if they aren't perfect. Sappy side note finished.*

I missed another picture. UGH. Well, I technically took photos this day, but they were at my friend's daughter's birthday party. On her camera. I took the birthday girl's photos a while back, so I just pulled this little fun photo from her session because it reminds me of her. It will do!

After I miss a photo and I am mad I usually take one really early the next day to get back on track. Sunday morning in jammies it is.

These two are either loving or fighting. I love it when I catch the loving:

Cookies are always good. The Toll House recipe, every time.

Sweet corn time is here! (Another phone picture!)

This one is from my phone too. (Thank goodness for the phone pictures!) Whenever I go to auctions I always search out the baby dolls. Not sure why, but I just like to take their photos!

I am vowing to get back on track with my regular uploading/editing/posting of the daily was so hard to go through and figure out what day was what! Thanks for looking!