Friday, June 28

checking in

Hello again! (Waving!) I wanted to check in with yet another batch of photos. Project 365 is still clicking right along. (With a little hiccup here and there. More in a minute on that.)

The other night my friend Sarah came over for a little dueling photo session. What is that, you ask? Well, she wanted some updated photos of herself, I wanted some of myself. We took photos of each other taking photos. Nerd alert!

I caught this one of my girls. I sort of love it:

Ok, the hiccup: On Friday I forgot to take a picture. Just plain old forgot. Didn't take one with my phone or anything. I was so bummed. Then, I realized that a photo of me that Sarah took would fit just fine here. I'm in zero photos, so I think one of myself is good. (I need to be in front of the camera more. I know it is so important but it is so hard to do!) Plus, since I didn't technically take this photo it doesn't feel like cheating to squeeze it in. Thanks Sarah, you saved the day! Ada girl is just off the right side of this photo:

Because I totally forgot to take a photo the day before, I made sure I got one this day, in the bright early sun:

Usually I get hanging flower baskets or ferns for my porch. They look good for about a month until I get lazy about watering, then they die. Every. Single. Year. This year I opted for just a few potted plants on the porch instead. We'll see how long they last...

Another slight hiccup to my project. Another phone picture. I actually really like this one, so I'm ok with it. (Isn't it weird to see a picture you have taken with your phone blown up bigger? Everything looks so much better on my little phone screen!)

We spent the last couple days with the kids at Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio. We went last summer, and they liked it so much we decided to go again.

My one request from our little getaway was a photo of all three kids together. Sort of looking the same direction. This isn't a great photo by any means, (shot on auto with my flash!) but I'll take what I can get. Last year we got a photo of the three kids on our hotel couch, so it was only fitting to try it again.

Thursday, June 20

loving june

June is marching right along, isn't it? Funny how that happens. When we are in the midst of warm, long days I try think back to winter so I can really appreciate now more. In January summer seems almost an impossibility. Now it is here and we are enjoying it so much!

(I am enjoying everything except for the storms that summer brings. I am a radar watcher for sure.)

Up until this point I had taken every photo for my project 365 with my big camera. I still enjoy taking photos with my phone. Super handy, and the photos are pretty good: (I want to continue to make my best effort to take my daily photo with my good camera. My phone did save this day, though!)

Happy Father's Day!

Here Max is giving Cora a "gentle" push into the sprinkler. It looks far more gentle as captured on camera than it actually was. Wink.

We've been busy this week with bible school! I was asked to be the "official" bible school photographer. I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did. It was so awesome!

Hope your June and your summer is marching along nicely!

Sunday, June 16

happy father's day

To Andy, Greg, Jerry, Bob, Donnie, and Max:

Thank you for being such wonderful fathers to me, to my children. Our "father cup" runneth over.

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 11

sweet summer

Summer is so sweet so far. Our first fair, a birthday, ice cream outings, strawberries, and paint:

This is our Coconut. She is settling in to be such a sweet lazy girl. I absolutely love to look out on my porch and see her snoozing away in one of my rockers.

Now, she isn't perfect. (Please feel free to read the post about her chewing through our phone cord. Twice.) And note the chewed arms on my pretty rocker. Bad girl.

Her bad behaviors seemed to be erased by sweet images of her sleeping on the porch. I kind of like her.

Tuesday, June 4

hello june

June is here! Crazy!

On the last day of May Andrew and Max went to their first horse pull of the season up North in a big Amish barn. Our mini's didn't compete--the boys went just to take it all in. (I think Max went for the food. Especially the ice cream.)

The garden is such a beautiful place. I am so blessed to call this my home. I need to print this picture and hang it up so I can look at it all winter long!

I felt like I chased Ada all around Sunday afternoon trying to catch her doing something cute. I had almost given up when she gave me this:

If it is one thing Ada girl loves, it is being outside. The sandbox is a recent and exciting discovery.

For his birthday Max got a "ticket" to the Lego store from my mom, and he also got a gift card from my brother and his family. Today we cashed in on all of that fun. Ironic that today's photo is of Cora, but she got a little Lego set of her own today. Super cute with pink ones! (If she ends up loving Legos as much as Max I am big trouble. They will take over my house for sure!)