Friday, May 31

favorites and photo tips

These two. Both in deep concentration. The sidewalk is one of my most favorite places once the weather warms.

There are several things I love about the photo above:
1. Ada and that bonnet. I can't believe she leaves it on.
2. Sidewalk chalk. One of my favorite things about summer a sidewalk covered in chalk.
3. Cora is reapplying her sunscreen. It is good to be diligent about skincare. She is something else.
4. The wagon. We got this wagon for Max's first Christmas. What is it about a red wagon that is so wonderful? (I should say "reddish". That poor wagon needs a fresh coat of paint!)

*Photo tip*
The one thing I don't like about the photo above is that the wagon is in really sharp focus, and Ada is a little soft. Do you see that? (Look at Ada's bonnet.) It is not a huge deal at all, I still love the picture. Make sure when you focus in your camera that you are "selecting" the thing most important in the frame. (My camera has several red boxes that select what area is in focus. The photo would be a little bit better if the sharp focus was on Ada.

Another favorite:

We (by "we" I mean the fine folks at Wasson's Nursery) moved our peonies last fall. I was worried that they would die, but they didn't. So glad. I think that I need some pink ones too. I just have to convince Andrew. Can you believe that it is possible that a person does not like peonies? It is un-Hoosier like! I think the peony is the state flower! Good thing he likes tenderloins. That should make things balance out on the "Not Being a True Hoosier Scale". Smiles.

*Photo tip*
Before I took the picture of my peonies I gave them a little squirt of water from a spray bottle. It makes little water droplets! It just adds a tiny bit more interest and texture. Super easy--try it!

Hope you have a great Friday!

Wednesday, May 29

a few of our everydays

I think it is so challenging to take photos of everyday things, and keep them fresh. I think that is why about this time of year I have abandoned the "photo a day" project in the past. Most days I am around home, with my kids. It seems as if nothing is changing, but when I take time to look back through photos I've taken just months ago it seems like everything has changed.

I need to keep telling myself that this is my way of freezing my kids and all their smallness. Catching them with my camera.

Thanks so much for stopping by and looking once again!

**Now, those sweet little newborn feet are obviously not one of my children, but little Logan from yesterday. I totally forgot to take a photo that day for my own personal purposes, but had lots of photos from his session. That is the closest I've come to missing a photo all year! Saved by a beautiful newborn!**

Monday, May 27

baby cakes

I interrupt my stream of everyday photos to show you a few from a newborn session I did last Thursday. I love photographing babies, especially newborns. So sweet. So new. This little man's name is Logan, and his mama Erin is a friend of mine from an awesome moms' group/book club. When Erin asked me to photograph her new baby I was so excited. How blessed I am to have a chance to snuggle with new babies and capture them when they are only days old. Here's a few of the highlights:

I think I have a shot similar to this one from every newborn session I have ever done. I don't think I do it intentionally, but it always seems to happen. Beautiful baby wrapped in white, against my white blanket (that I got as a wedding gift!). I absolutely love Logan's hair! The smell of newborn hair is probably the best smell in the whole entire world. {Sigh.}

He's pretty perfect, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 21

a few days

Almost every Saturday I work with Andrew at an auction. You never know what you will find at an auction...that is part of the fun. The past few auctions in a row I have photographed some "auction babies". Basically creepy old dolls. I like them. Not to buy and keep, but just to take photos of. I may have to start a photo series of all auction babies!

The birthday celebrations are over for now. My Max is 6. I am feeling strange having a "baby" who is six!

After any kind of occasion where Max receive gifts, you can bet that for a few days my kitchen table will be covered with Lego projects. After Christmas, after birthdays. I really love it, and hope that he loves Legos for a while!

My heart feels heavy thinking about Oklahoma today. I honestly haven't watched that much footage of it because I am really really afraid of storms. Footage of big storms sends me into a bit of panic. Lately I have really started to hand this fear over to God. My kids know how to check the radar on my phone, and whenever the sky is a little dark Max asks if we have to go to the basement. Max especially can sense his mama's fear. I want to teach them to be cautious when it comes to storms, not afraid. I see them becoming afraid, and it is not what I want for them. After seeing the total destruction from yesterday a big (okay, huge) part of me is afraid. A smaller part refuses.

Mother Nature cannot be trusted, but my God can.

I know that to some that doesn't make any sense seeing how people lost their lives yesterday. It is my truth, no matter how crazy it seems.

{My favorite Oklahoma girl addressed the storm here. On a much lighter note: please read her blog. It is wonderful and delightful. Beautiful photos and cute kiddos galore. Oh, and she has chickens! I talk about Ashley like I know her in real life. Weird? Probably!}

Friday, May 17

oh coconut

Dear Coconut (our lovely dog),

Please do not chew our phone line anymore. I like the Internet, and am sad when I can't use it. Please chew on things that don't interfere with my daily life. (Even though I don't use my pretty porch rockers daily that doesn't mean you can chew those. Or the kids' toys. Or shoes. Or really anything else.) Thanks for understanding.

Your Human Mom

Yes, Coconut disconnected us from the Internet once again. She really is a good girl, just likes to chew up stuff. Bless her little doggy heart. So, I have lots of photos for you to look at!

1. I'm pretty sure that Ada is the cutest thing ever. When we go to watch Max play soccer I take a blanket thinking she'd like to romp around on the ground and play. No sir. She would like to sit up in the lawn chair thank you very much.

2. More Ada. She loves to play in the little kitchen upstairs.

3. Last Saturday kicked off birthday-a-palooza. Max turned six this week, so there have been lots of celebrations. Lego all the way!

4. Look out horse pulling world. Max and Andrew started training our minis. It was pretty much the funniest thing ever. The horses have a little modified golf cart as their pulling sled. It is hillbilly deluxe for sure. I can't wait for more mini horse activity!!

5. Mother's Day cards from Max and Cora. They made them at church. I cherish anything they draw for me!

6. Lately Max has been into catching bugs. We tried to keep this one in a jar. It is now dead. I thought he would be sad about it, but now he just wants to find another specimen.

7. Max is also into Star Wars. You know, I have never seen Star Wars. Not any of them.

8. We signed Cora up to play soccer with Max this year because she kept talking about how she wanted to play. She participated in one practice. She is more happy participating in her own sideline antics.

9. Today was Max's last day of preschool! I really feel like he just started. Tonight is his graduation. I really hope I don't cry. This is his awesome teacher, Susan. What a great experience we have had!

*Sorry I didn't put all the photo specifics on each photo--I just wanted to get them all on here before I got them all mixed up!*

Thursday, May 9

technology and traditions

It amazes me how a baby can pick up a phone, and seems to instantly know how to use it. I swear Ada can even find the games she likes on it by herself now.

ISO 400, 1/20, f1.8

On another technology note, the other day I found these two playing a Lego game together. I always worry about Max picking Ada up by himself. Whenever I see it happen I always gasp and carry on about how it is dangerous. Max looks at me like I am crazy. Lately Ada goes around holding her little arms up in the air wanting everyone to hold her. It is pretty irresistible. Irresistible for Max too. I can't blame him.

ISO 400, 1/60, f2.5

Now for the traditions. I love traditions. I love traditions that we have started for my children. One of my most favorite things my in-laws started doing is that twice a year they take my babies to get new shoes. We go to Brinkman's, and the kids get properly fitted. My mom used to take my brother and I there when we were little. You got new shoes, got a balloon, walked up on these special stairs to see if your shoes fit just right. It was great. It is still great. The kids get new shoes, get balloons, and walk up on the special stairs. Tony, who is the owner, fitted me for shoes when I was little, and is now doing the same for my children. Love it. If you are local you need to check out Brinkman's! (Thank you Kay and Max for doing this for us. We are so blessed by this tradition!)

ISO 400, 1/320, f2.5

Yesterday was so great. My mom came over to work in the garden, and the kids were basically outside all day. They got completely dirty and ate about ten popscicles each. Childhood at its best. Cora has created a "marigold garden" in this particular garden box. (I'm not sure if she is saying marigold or miracle. Whichever it is she is very busy with it. Watering, digging, transplanting dandelions.)

ISO 200, 1/5000, f1.8

I am hoping that this garden tradition continues too. There is no possible way I could have a garden without my mom's help. She does all the hard work while I run in and out getting popscicles. It works well!

Sunday, May 5


I love how everything is turning so green outside! Ahhh. So beautiful and wonderful.

My sports photography needs to improve. I took my zoom lens, but I just parked myself in a lawn chair during Max's game and shot from there. I was feeling a little lazy. Next time I will try harder!

ISO 400, 1/640, f5.6

In the orchard! We have four apple trees, enough to constitute an orchard, don't you think? Well, the trees are full of beautiful blossoms. I was thinking that our trees produced fruit every other year, but I may be wrong. If we have apples I vow to do more with them come fall time. Last year I made one batch of apple sauce and then I was pooped. (It takes a lot of work to make a little batch of apple sauce!)

ISO 100, 1/2500, f1.8

Last night my cousin and his fiance came over for a little engagement photo session. Andrew wasn't home yet, so all the kids "helped" me take pictures. Thank you Levi and Stephanie for being so patient. This photo was taken after daddy made it home. The kids now like to climb the grain bins. Lord have mercy--a new danger.

ISO 200, 1/640m f1.8

Hope everything is beautiful and green where you are!

Wednesday, May 1


Last night Max had his first soccer game. He looked so darn cute and grown up in all his soccer gear. I didn't take a picture of him in action because I left my zoom lens at home. Next time. This little cutie was sitting close so I got her:

That little frown of hers looks familiar. (Whenever people see Ada they comment on how much she looks like Andrew. She does look like him, but I think the frown is all mine!)

Cora girl loves things that sparkle and shine. She loves to wear her princess dress. This picture is so Cora, even though you can't see her face.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day!