Tuesday, August 28

joy is her middle name

I recently got back in touch with one of my Ball State art education friends via Facebook and Instagram. Leslie asked if I would take some pictures of her family, which includes a very cute and happy little six month old, Anna. Of course! I was so excited to see Leslie again and meet her family.
I thought that I remembered that Anna's middle name is "Joy". I asked Leslie when we were together for our photo shoot. Yep, Joy it is. I can't think of a better middle name for this girl! So happy!

We met at a park for these pictures. A park that is situated on a road that must have lots of Amish inhabitants. I bet we saw ten buggies go by in the hour or so that we were there! Funny! I love parks. I can't resist a merry-go-round.
Oh pretty girl. I totally melt for baby eyes, and cheeks, and even slobber. Love it all!
Leslie, Scott, and Anna Joy: Thank you so much for having me record such a fun time in the life of your family! Your baby girl is so sweet, and I loved seeing all of you!

Sunday, August 26

nice to meet you

One of my friends and her family recently adopted a boy named Sofani from Ethiopia. It is an amazing God filled story, and it has been so awesome to watch it all unfold. Last weekend the Buck family had an open house for their son--a chance for people to gather, celebrate and meet the newest member of the family. It was such a great and joyful day, and I had the pleasure of being the "official photographer". I loved it!

The oldest daughter in this family has been an art student of mine for years. When Avery first started taking lessons from me I think she was barely five, and she couldn't even cut with scissors! She's now a grown up middle school student, and I am continually impressed by her artwork and most of all, her heart. This is her painting she did during her family's adoption process:
The man of the hour. This boy has style!

An American boy now!

The entire Buck family. Beautiful, inside and out.
I was so excited to be able to document this special day for my friends. Thank you Staci and family for asking me to follow all of you around with my camera. My own children had the day off!

If you would like to learn more about Sofani and his story, please visit the Buck family blog!

Friday, August 24

feeding the horses

As soon as Andrew gets home from work, Max and Cora run out of the house and meet him at his truck. After that, the three of them head out to the barn to feed the horses. Usually Ada and I stay in the house and relish a little quiet time. Ah, quiet time, I love you so.

It was really pretty the other night, so baby girl and I headed out with the horse feeding crew. Then I realized that I have been missing so many cute (and photographable) moments! Oh man! What do I love more, quiet time or pictures? Um, pictures:
I wonder what Cora is telling Andrew. Probably something super important. The funniest thing about this picture is that little Ada is sitting in Andrew's lap, and right after I took this she got walloped in the head with that bucket Cora is holding. Beautiful moment over. I'm so sorry baby girl! She's fine. Poor thing has no choice but to be tough with her older siblings constantly "loving" on her and accidentally hitting her with things.

Happy weekend!

Monday, August 20

dresses only, please

Lately Cora wants to wear dresses. Only dresses. Everywhere. So, because it is not a battle that I care that much about, she has been wearing her dresses. Plus, it is cute:
The only downside to wearing dresses everywhere is that footwear becomes an issue. What does one wear to the park to run and play in, but still looks cute with a dress? Luckily the shoes don't matter quite as much to her, and she accepted a sensible option.
I guess there is another downside to wearing a dress to the park: your bottom sticks to the slide. Ouch, girl. Maybe next time she'll let me put shorts underneath.

I'm not holding my breath!

Tuesday, August 14


A couple weeks ago we took a little mini vacation as a family to Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio. Fun times. Much needed. I think it was the first time that we have gone on a true family vacation together. Just us.

Of course we had a great time. Max especially thought our vacation was fun: water slides, arcades, swimming pools! It is so great to see your children delight in something, and I felt to blessed to be able to take them away for a couple days. I have a lot of pictures that I took while we were gone, but I am editing them in slow motion style. That is how I do things, you see. I did want to share a rare picture of my three all together:
Goodness. I love them. Don't get me wrong: they are absolutely exhausting and some days I have to do many deep cleansing breaths to get through the crazy moments. (You know, the cleansing breaths they teach you in childbirth class. Slowly in through the nose, out through the mouth. Repeat. Repeat.) There are lots of crazy moments. Lots of deep breaths.

Lots of love, too.

Tuesday, August 7

mila girl

Last night my friend Carissa and her family came over for a little pizza party/photo session. Her daughter Mila just turned one recently, so of course we needed to take pictures! I have taken Carissa's daughters pictures almost since the day they were born. It is so great to see my best friend's babies grow up through my lens!

I just uploaded Mila's pictures and spotted this beauty:
Couldn't wait to share it. Love you Mila girl. I still don't think you should be one already!