Monday, July 30

since when

Since when does my little Cora have big girl feet?
I guess since last week. It is so weird how you see your child as a certain age, in a certain way, and then you come across a photo that makes to see them differently. More grown up.

She is more grown up. We are working on potty training around here lately. (Hence my absence last week. Sorry about that, I was on full time potty patrol!) Crazy. Becoming a little girl so fast.

Friday, July 20

five minute photo shoot

"Oh my gosh--Ada is almost four months old and I didn't really take any 'fun' pictures of her at three months!" This was my thought the other day! I am good at taking of photos of my kids doing everyday type stuff (which are some of the best pictures in my opinion) but I am horrible about doing actual photo shoots with them. I need to be better about being more intentional with this.

So, the other day Ada was in an exceptionally happy mood, so I quickly put her in a little silver tutu and a bow (the first time she's ever had a bow on her little head!) and attempted a few "three month" photos.

I think I got a few keepers in the five minutes it took:

Of course sister had to join in the fun:

Now, I just have to remember to take a little time to do Max's five year pictures and Cora's two year pictures. We'll see how I do with that!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 18

art time

After lunch the other day we had "art time". You would think with my art education background that I would make more of an effort to do art with my kids. Sadly, the mess factor (please look back a couple posts!) gets in the way.

It all started with me looking at blogs on the internet after lunch. One blog I was looking at had a little music playlist on it. A nice song came on and I turned it up. Cora happened to be painting at the kitchen table. Max came in to see what we were doing. I brought up a "art making" song playlist on my computer--one that I haven't listened to in ages because I myself have not made any art in a long time. Spontaneous art time began.

Cora lost interest pretty quickly. She finished her little painting and moved on. Max and I stuck with it a little longer. He decided that he wanted to do what artists do: set something up and draw it. A still life. I was excited. He chose a bowl and a couple squash from the garden. Together we drew and listened to music. Isn't it funny how music can make you feel more creative?

His view:
The result:

I think he might be advanced. That opinion has nothing to do with the fact that I am his mother.

Monday, July 16

brotherly (and sisterly) love

These two. They are either loving or fighting. Hardly ever an emotion in between. Lately Cora has been requesting that Max "read" her a story before her nap time. Cutest thing ever.
Max's tone with Cora is so funny. It is almost teacher-like. It is definitely big brother-like. He'll ask her to find a picture in the story, and if she gets it wrong he firmly, yet kindly, corrects her. This loving interaction is so amazing to me because probably ten minutes before this they had each other in a headlock, fighting over who knows what.
Goodness. I love them. I love them even when they are fighting with each other, but man, life is so much easier for Mama when they love each other.

Friday, July 13

the first one

Max brought this in for me the other day. Don't you just love sunflowers?

Wednesday, July 11

she makes messes

I think one of the hardest things about motherhood is the mess. The literal everyday mess. Crumbs and toys and water and clothes and more crumbs and markers and trash...

We are home a lot. Getting out with three young children is a difficult task! This means the mess is all around. All the time. I do my best. I don't want to be a "Mommy No Fun" who is constantly telling her kids not to make a mess. I do, though. "Yes, you can play with that, but don't make a mess." "OK, you can eat that, but don't make a mess." "Look! You're making a mess!" That last one is usually followed by a loud sigh as I reach for the paper towels.

By nature I am not an overly neat person. I make piles, I let a little dust collect. For some reason, however, now that my home is filled with these beautiful little people I feel like I need things to be neat. Probably because the days are chaotic, and by at least having things clean I feel like my mind is somewhat calm. That, and I hate opening up the cabinet and having a sippy cup fall on my head.

Cora, bless her heart, is my mess maker. Max does his share, but Cora is the Queen of Dirt and Grime at the moment. I hate to stifle her. One of her most favorite things to do is play in the kitchen sink. (Ironic how a child can make a mess with soap and water, isn't it?) She loves to dump the water all around and eventually it is running all over the cabinets and the floor. Oh well. Just water.

Sometimes when I am frustrated with the messes that the kids are making I try to just ststop and take a picture. I know is sounds dumb, but it is kind of like counting to ten for me. Take a deep breath. Snap a picture. Take another breath. Snap a picture. Sometimes I feel better, sometimes I don't. I felt better about Cora's mess making after taking these. Water all over the floor doesn't matter so much when I really stop and look at her.

Doesn't look quite so messy anymore. It looks like fun. (Fun that I mopped right up after she was done!)

Monday, July 2

boys' night out

On Saturday the boys had a night out. The boys being Andrew, his dad (aka "Big Max"), and my Max (aka "Little Max). The night out being a horse pull. Have I talked about horse pulls before? Draft horses are hitched to a sled that is progressively loaded with more weight each round. The team that can pull that sled the furthest is the winner.

So, my Max was so excited to get to go to the horse pull with his dad and Papaw. Big deal to a five-year-old. As they were walking out the door I pleaded with Andrew to let me take their picture. You can tell he is thrilled:
Sometimes feet pictures are the best pictures. Boots galore.
Thank you boys for pausing for a few seconds so I could snap a couple pictures. I might have actually gotten one where Little Max is looking at the camera if a certain someone (ahem--Andrew) was not in such a hurry. You know you love having your picture taken!

**Answer to Lindsay's question on the "lavender" post: I took the pictures with my Nikon 35 mm f/1.8 lens. This is the lens that I use all the time!**