Thursday, March 15

painting out

Yesterday's weather was crazy beautiful. Late afternoon found Cora outside with her paints:

Monday, March 12

max draws dinos

Max has been drawing dinosaurs lately. Lots and lots and lots of dinosaurs. I love all of them. I want to keep every single one because I think they are so great. I took pictures of about 4 or 5 that he did a couple weeks ago, and want to do something with them. Here's one:
I took the digital picture and in Photoshop erased the background and enhanced Max's lines. Cute!! Now, what to do with all these dinos that I will "digitize"? I originally thought that I might transfer them on big canvases for his new room. Then, today I got to thinking about having them turned into fabric. Wouldn't that be fun? Spoonflower is a website that can turn your digital media into fabric. I have wanted to try it since I found out about it. I think the dinosaurs would be a good thing to try!

Sunday, March 11

february pictures

I didn't think I was going to be able to sort out all my pictures this month, but I spent a little time and got it all done. I took lots of pictures with my phone this month, and I think that's ok. I love pictures from my big camera, but it is so handy to use the phone pictures too. Plus, hopefully when the kids look back at all my daily pictures years from now they will just be happy that I took them. I don't think they'll care what kind of camera I used.
I am still so happy that I am taking time to do this. I think I will also like having them all labeled when the end of the year rolls around and they're all ready for a book. Earlier it was driving me crazy that I couldn't get the text on the pictures the exact same size from one to the next. Then, today it dawned on me that if I cropped each picture to the same size in Photoshop, then I could control the size of the text better. (For example, I started cropping all the photos to a 4x6 size. Then when I select the text to be a size 12, it will be them same on every single photo.) Happy I figured that out. Again, probably no one else will care about the size of the text, but I do!

Here's one of my favorites from this month. We went out to the house the other day, and you could tell that the kids missed their little sandbox so much. Look at their heads together. So sweet. (They are actually probably head butting each other or something, but I choose to look at it as a loving moment.)

House update: the work on everything is all starting to come together. We have wood floors upstairs. Beautiful. Carpet in the kids rooms. Cozy. Now the floors in the living room have to be finished and the stairway completed before we move home. (Well, those things need to be finished and the entire house needs to be cleaned top to bottom because of the dust factor.) The end is very close!