Wednesday, February 29

almost home

Hello there! I wanted to give a little report on the house progress! (It has been harder for me than I thought it would be to keep the progress updated here on the blog. I think it is because the project grew to be so big that I was a little overwhelmed with trying to document everything. That coupled with being eight plus months pregnant is the kicker. An eight-month pregnant brain is a little bit scattered...)

Anyway, things are happening--exciting "end" things like floors and paint. Really, the only things that are between us and being back home are floors and a stairway banister. Oh, and some electrical stuff too. I know! I love to think about where I will put everything and re-arrange everything in my "new" house.

Ok. Here's a picture of our new vanity upstairs. It is so beautiful--I love it. I showed our custom cabinet guy (who is excellent, by the way) two pictures from Pottery Barn that I liked and he put them together. Amazing. It is not quite all together yet--there are two more drawers that need to go in, etc. Isn't it so pretty? Eventually I want to get some pretty baskets to go on the bottom shelf to hold towels, etc.

This color on the walls is what I chose for the upstairs bathroom, kids' playroom, down the stairs, in the living room, and eventually the kitchen. It was such a huge area that all ran together that I decided to use the same color everywhere. No pressure, but it had to be a color that I really liked. This is called "yaghtsman" and I think it is in the Allen Roth paint area at Lowes. It is beautiful: an airy gray that is a little on the blue side. It changes color throughout the day. Sometimes it looks really gray, other times it looks more blue. So happy with it.
This is just a stack of wood flooring all ready and waiting to go down in the playroom/library area. Yay!
So, things are happening! As long as baby girl holds on until closer to our due date to arrive we will hopefully be back in the house first. We'll see!

Have a happy Leap Day and enjoy this crazy warm weather!

Wednesday, February 22

every once in a while

I once heard this little tidbit: If you have one child, you are a parent. If you have two, you are a referee. The total truth. I was not prepared for all the little fights that my children have. Fights over toys, over random non-toy objects, (they had one particularly rough go around over my Swiffer duster...), fights over who sits where, who eats what. I could go on and on. It is really exhausting.

Then, occasionally, Max and Cora will play together or be so sweet to one another that it is heart melting. I guess it would not be so wonderful if they played together nicely all the time. Maybe I wouldn't notice how beautiful they are together. The other day they were taking turns playing games on the computer, and it turned into one of those wonderful "together moments":

I'm sure five minutes after I took these pictures they were fighting over a paper towel roll or something, but that fades compared to them being together!

Wednesday, February 15

baby girl's quilt

This post could be titled "baby girl's quilt" or "my way of nesting". Because we are not actually living in our nest, it is hard for an expectant mom to get things in order for her new baby. The nesting urge is strong, so instead of washing sleepers and lining up diapers, I poured my energy into this quilt.

I love hand quilting these little gifts for my babies: I did Max's, and Cora's. Little stitches by hand are a way to calm and soothe the nerves. Busy hands for me are good. I love how this quilt turned out: it is different color wise than what I usually do. I hope that baby girl will appreciate my color choices and not wonder why hers doesn't exactly "match" like the ones I made her siblings.

For the first time I put a print on the back of the quilt instead of the usual plain white. I love it!
Baby's room is painted the prettiest shade of has a beautiful calming look to it. Looking forward to putting everything all together for her!

Monday, February 13

january in pictures

Yay! I did it: January's photos are all organized, edited, and labeled. If I can keep it up, it will be super easy at the end of the year to drop all these daily photos into a photo book. (That is the key--if I can keep it up!)

Some of the little labels (the date of each photo + a title) got cut off because the mosaic maker I use in crops all the images in a square. The originals are saved in the standard 4x6 orientation.
House news: I think things are finally starting to go back together...after we decided to go ahead and rip up and have our living room floor re-leveled, Andrew decided to do the same thing to the playroom floor upstairs. More demo. Originally we were going to try and salvage the hardwood floor that was up there, but it was going to take a lot of work, and I don't think we would have been happy with the end product. So, we're still at my mom's waiting for the day when we can move home.

It will be so sweet to go home. I can't wait. Let's just hope and pray that our new baby girl decides to make her arrival around the 40 week mark. I think it will take every day until then to get things ready!