Friday, December 21

nine months

I can't believe it, but our little Ada is 9 months old! She is army crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, flashing her two tooth smile all the time. Gosh, I love this girl.

Another round of teddy bear pictures will soon be finished. I have big plans for my collection of teddy bear pictures. When Ada is a year old, I will have 36 teddy bear pictures total. I am thinking of a big composite print showcasing all of them together, and I'm thinking that it should hang in the toy room. So excited.

Excited, but not. Not ready for Ada girl to be a year yet!!

Monday, December 10

Every Christmas we go as a family and pick out and cut down a live tree. It has become one of my most favorite traditions. This year we went on Saturday, December 1st. How fun to start of December with a little tree cutting! It was crazy warm. We were all packed up and halfway to the tree farm when I realized I left my camera at home. Mom fail. I was really bummed. Thankfully my phone does an awesome job with photos. The day was saved. We couldn't have cut down the tree without pictures!

After taking about twenty pictures this was the best one. Cora was not super cooperative, and Ada girl was more interested in the grass than in me. Max tried his hardest to pull it all together:

I hope as the kids get older they will look forward to this tradition like Andrew and I do!