Sunday, November 25


The Christmas season is officially here! Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving we make a drive to Ohio to celebrate Christmas early with Andrew's mom's family. (Hello out there Carroll family!) There is always lots of food, a gift auction for charity, and Santa always makes an appearance. Max was super pumped about Santa. Cora didn't get it quite as much, but she sat on his lap and went along with the whole thing a lot better than I thought she would!

As you can see Ada could hardly contain her excitement:
I think I'm going to order copies of these for a table I have by our couch. Currently the frames on that table are still filled with Halloween pictures. I am a tad behind...

Monday, November 19


Do you ever find yourself behind? As each day passes you get further and further behind and you are not sure how to get caught back up. Let's say you like to write on a little blog and you skip a few days and before you know it two plus weeks have passed with nary a word. Hello, that is me! I don't know about you, but November is cruising through at an alarming rate!

I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I am still here! Hello! I also wanted to share this little photo I took a few weeks ago. (Who knows, it could have been longer than two weeks ago. I am in a time warp or something.) I love taking photos of people, especially my children. Pictures of their little faces and hands and feet are so precious to me.

But what about their stuff? So much of our lives and our energy is wrapped up in the stuff. Buying stuff, organizing stuff, getting rid of stuff, buying more stuff, etc. Certain things can remind you of who they belong to, and tie you to that person. We recently had an estate sale featuring all the things belonging to my grandparents. How strange to see the stuff of their life all lined up on tables for sale. How in the world could those things belong to anyone else?

This picture, even though it may just be bows and a brush to some, is Cora. Someday when she is older I hope this picture takes me back to this time. This time where she almost three and wears little bows in her hair. Even though it isn't a picture of her, it is her. A portrait of my girl:
If I'm not back here before Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a wonderful one. I promise I will try to find my way here a little more often!