Friday, June 29

baby kelsey

On Tuesday I got the chance to cuddle with a little girl who was all of eight days old. Kelsey was so sweet. She seemed so tiny compared to my Ada! I came home after this session and almost had a panic attack because my baby seemed so old. (OK, not really, but I was a little sad!)
I think it is safe to say that Cristina and Mike are smitten with their new little lady. Love these.
Towards the end of the session we made Kelsey pretend that she was Moses in a little wooden bowl (I think that technically Moses was in a basket, but I think this would float too...) ready to be shipped away. Note how relaxed Kelsey looks. At this point she had resigned herself to the fact that we were removing all her clothes and making her lay on uncomfortable objects:
Cristina and Mike: I can't thank you enough for choosing me to photograph your precious little girl. She is so sweet. Treasure her!

P.S.: I told Andrew about your kitchen table. We'll be over to pick it up next week. Thanks so much! (Just kidding--sort of...)

Wednesday, June 27


I brought home a few flower arrangements from my grandpa's funeral. One of the arrangements was full of the most beautiful lavender roses. I had never seen flowers this color before! The roses were in a spray type thing--you know, where the flowers are all different lengths and they're stuck in the floral foam stuff. I didn't really have room for that huge thing, so I dismantled it and put the roses in a couple jars. (I LOVE flowers in jars. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing flowers in jars!)

Flowers die fast, so I wanted to take some photos of these roses so I could remember them. I took them upstairs to Ada's room for the photo shoot. Her room is painted a grayed lavender color called Silver Service. It came from Lowes. These roses look like they were ordered to match her room! So pretty!

So, now I am on a mission to get some artwork up on my walls, and I want to order a large print of one of these three photos for Ada's room. I am leaning towards ordering a large watercolor print from Jack's Camera Shop in Muncie, and put it in a white frame with a white mat. (Side note: photos printed on watercolor are so pretty! Try it sometime!)

Now, which one should I pick?

Number one:

Number two:

Number 3:

I think I know which one I want to use, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. I hope that Ada likes it. Very girly, don't you think?

Monday, June 25

three month teddy bear pictures

Baby girl is three months old. I told Ada to stop getting so big. It is rude to get big too fast! She didn't listen. She hid behind the teddy bear.

During this particular teddy bear photo shoot, Ada would slide down as soon as I would sit her up. Sit her up, slide down. Sit her up, slide down. I did manage to capture this one though:

Ada girl is growing up and rounding out! Check out that belly!

Wednesday, June 20

the battle begins

OK. Here we go. The yearly battle of me against the elements has begun. My once perky ferns are now dry. My cilantro and basil are flowering. And the weeds are threatening. (More than threatening. They are setting up camp.)

I am a little busy in the house (child feeding/dishes/laundry) and so the outside naturally takes a back seat. That and I still have a lot of learning to do when it comes to plants such. Who knew that cilantro doesn't do well in the heat? I didn't. I also didn't know that you had to harvest herbs regularly. I thought you could just let them grow and pick them when you wanted them. What do you mean I can't just let the basil and cilantro go crazy until the tomatoes come on? Duh. Thank goodness for the internet. This morning's Google searches included: how to revive a dry fern and help my cilantro is tall and has flowers.

Because a post is not complete without a picture, here is my porch with the perky ferns:

Ah. An oasis of happy plants. I'm not giving up yet!

Monday, June 18

summertime cora

Cora is a little rammy. You know, rough and not so careful. She is currently covered in bruises, scrapes, and cuts. Both of her big toenails have been worn down because she rides this (too small) little car thing down our sidewalk and drags her feet behind her. She is a mess.

Look at these legs. (Don't worry--the red is melted popsicle, not blood!)

My new favorite of my girl:

Let's hope that she calms down a little and down and doesn't get too many injuries this summer. I will stock up on Band-Aids just in case.

Thursday, June 14


Last week my Grandpa Donnie passed away. I've sat down a few times and tried to write words that were as great as he was. Everything I typed fell short of what an amazing person he was, and couldn't possibly describe how I felt about him.

So, instead I found a picture that I hope shows my grandpa how I saw him. Gentle, loving and full of light. This photo causes a lump to form in my throat. My grandpa, my Max:

I love you Grandpa.

Tuesday, June 5

the photo bug

A new favorite photo:

I've been looking through my pictures to figure out what I want to order for the house. (Finish work in the house is starting to get put up--mainly trim and doors. Oh how nice to have interior doors again!) Anyway, now I'm starting to think about ordering a bunch of pictures to put up. Decisions decisions. I might want to order a huge canvas for somewhere, a big flower print for Cora's room, new 10x10" prints for my old window... The list goes on and on. It is a little overwhelming to go through all the pictures and decide what I want to do. I have collected a lot of pictures in a few short years!

I hope that my Grandma Adelene can see from heaven all the photos I have taken. I think she would be proud. I've never seen anyone take more photos than her. Thanks Grandma for always taking pictures--of everything! When I was younger I would wonder "why in the world is Grandma taking a photo of that?". She photographed any change that took place in their home or in the barnyard. She took pictures of her flowers. And of Grandpa. Pictures of her children, and of course her grandchildren. She took pictures of her friends, and her friends' houses. Why so many pictures, Grandma? Now I know.

I take pictures of my flowers. I take pictures of changes to my home. I have taken thousands of photos of my children. I also photograph food that I make. Just last summer I took a picture of my friend's new house and I felt so much like Grandma. I've taken my camera to auctions because I know someday I will want those pictures! I can't explain the need to document everything, but I learned from the best.

Thanks Grandma. Oh--and I'm sorry that we always griped when you wanted us to pose for a group picture. I promise that if you wanted to arrange a group photo today we would all cooperate!