Tuesday, May 29

month two teddy bear pictures

Two months! I can tell this year is going to fly by. The teddy bear tradition continues:

I love it when babies discover their hands:
Pretty girl.
As soon as I laid eyes on my little Ada I thought she looked like Max. I took this picture of her during our little teddy bear session and my thoughts were confirmed!
So Max and Cora always want to help with the teddy bear pictures. It is very hard to keep them out of the way! At the end I always let them up on the bed so they can be in a few. I was trying to take an artistic type shot with their feet in focus, and the rest blurred a little. I laughed when I saw this next picture on my computer. Poor little Ada. Her face is saying "Please Lord help me!"

Thursday, May 24

birthday boy

Hello blog world! I blinked my eyes this week and suddenly it's Thursday! Crazy. We haven't even been all that busy, but for some reason this week flew by faster than usual!

So, last week my baby turned five. My baby. Oh man. As I was going through Max's birthday pictures I couldn't believe how old he looked. He is such a great boy: so smart and tender and loving and cuddly. Funny and sweet and an awesome little artist (if I do say so myself). He loves dinosaurs. Loves them. I think every guest at the birthday party got him some sort of dinosaur something as part of his gift. He likes to watch Tom & Jerry and Max & Ruby. He loves working in the garden and driving his Gator. Max loves to help. If you are doing something, be it cooking or cleaning or anything really, he wants to help. Max talks a lot. A lot. I think he gets it from his dad. Max is a kid of big ideas. He's always planning something: a project, a craft, a game.

Most of all he is just mine. It is so hard to put into words how you feel about your children. You love them for all the things they do and are, but mostly just because they are yours.

OK. Enough emotional talk. Let's get to the cake. My sister-in-law Laci made Max an awesome dinosaur cake. I showed her a picture of a simple layer cake with some sort of candy around the bottom and plastic dinos on the top. Instead she made Max a full on dinosaur shaped cake. He was pumped.

Seeing that little "5" candle just gets me! It can't be true!
Laci also made us these awesome dinosaur egg cupcakes:
Yes, those are Cadbury chocolate eggs on the top. I think those are probably one of my most favorite chocolate candies. After Easter Target had them on sale (70% off!) and I stocked up. They of course are already gone. Darn. Imagine my delight when I saw them on Max's cupcakes!

Love this picture of the birthday boy. He was so happy. We had a great day.
Love you Max.

Wednesday, May 16

bath time

Oh my goodness. One of the best things about the new bathroom upstairs is the light. There are two west facing windows in this little bathroom, and that means that when the kids are in the tub they are not only bathed in water, but are also bathed by beautiful golden evening light. I know that sounds totally cheesy, but it is true. Once this room was all framed in, one of the first things I mentioned to Andrew was that the light in this room was going to be perfect for pictures. These are the bath time photos I've been dreaming about:

I had other pictures from this particular evening when Cora was all smiles, but this one is more her. If you know my Cora, you get it. Serious and saucy this one. Love you girl.

a favorite

I love peonies. I know I have said it before, but every time they bloom again in May I feel like I need to profess my love for them again. They are so pretty and smell so sweet. Ruffles and ruffles of petals. Peonies seem to be kind of a "throw back" old fashioned type flower. Andrew doesn't like them. Not a huge surprise. It seems that Andrew and I sit on the opposite sides of the fence on many issues of beauty. Like peonies and white cabinets. At the old house we had peonies in the front yard but I never knew it because he mowed over them. Not cool Andrew. Not cool.

Here's a picture of the first bloom picked for me by Max. Lovely.
Happy Wednesday. Hope you have peonies where you are!

Monday, May 14

good day for an auction

I think I have mentioned a time or two that we are in the auction business. Almost every Saturday (especially during the warmer months) is centered around an auction. Every auction is different, and each has its own story. Estate sales, downsizing sales. Crazy sales and calm sales. I've been to auctions in the blazing heat, pouring down rain, and toe numbing cold.

Saturday just happened to be a beautiful day for an auction. 70 degrees and sunny, anyone? And a tent! How festive:

My Andrew is in the middle in the red hat. See him? He was selling guns at the time, which explains for the mostly male population of this photo.
This was the first sale where my Max "worked". We usually have two young boys who run clerk sheets. (As each item is auctioned off, it is written down on a clerk sheet. Once this sheet fills up, it is run back to the cashier so then people can check out and pay for their purchases. We are actually in the process of converting to a computerized system for clerking and cashiering, so we'll have to think of another job for our sheet runners! I usually clerk the auctions, but I am on maternity leave at the moment. Smile. This is how I managed to get so many photos--usually I am too busy!) Anyway, Vince and Drew who run our sheets "trained" Max on the art of sheet running on Saturday.

When I took this picture I thought that Max was not having a good time. I now realize that he was embarrassed that I was taking his picture in front of his friends. Sorry buddy. I am that annoying mom that always has her camera. Some day you'll thank me! Promise!
Big Max, or Andrew's dad. At each auction he always manages to find a yard stick to use as a prop or pointing device. Comes in handy!

Auctions are so interesting. I probably wouldn't have gotten into them had I not married an auctioneer, but once you start going they are so addictive! It was good to go on Saturday "just for fun", and not just to work. I read a really good description of an auction in this book: The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food and Love by Kristin Kimball.

Shopping is a simple transaction--do I want this thing at this given price?--but an auction is relative: Do I want this thing more than the man standing next to me wants it? How much more? It's a party, a casino, a circus, or a concert, and the auctioneer is its host, its ringmaster, its conductor.

Here's my favorite ringmaster. How fitting that this week he was in a striped tent...
You want to go to an auction now, don't you? We have a bunch coming up! Click here to check our upcoming sales. You don't have to buy anything, lots of people come just to check it out and eat a hot dog. No kidding!

Friday, May 11

meet shrek

Shortly after Ada arrived, we added another new member to our family: a mini horse named Shrek. He a buckskin that stands at a towering 26 inches. Shrek was purchased at a charity auction benefitting the Muncie Children's Museum. He is cute. He is tiny. He is two, and thus has a bit of an attitude.

I love this picture. I didn't leave enough head room for Andrew, though. Don't do what I do: step back a little or zoom out so that the people in your picture have a little room above their heads! Oh well, still a keeper nonetheless:
Our "mini" horse count is now up to three: Shrek, Opie, and Daisy. I love the mini horses. They are like little mascots. Shrek is the smallest, followed by Opie. Daisy is actually half pony and half draft horse, so she isn't all that small. We also have one regular sized horse named Cody. It seems like he is around to babysit the others.
Shrek is currently out to pasture with the other horses. The odd thing is that he has escaped the fence and is now grazing the perimeter. I was worried that he would run off, but Andrew said that he won't leave the other horses. Too funny. Yesterday Andrew had to chase him around, trying to get him back in the fence. There is a fun sight: Andrew chasing a mini horse as it is nickering away. Andrew said he and this new little guy would probably butt heads. Now I see what he means! Welcome to the family, Shrek.