Monday, April 30


Do you ever hang on to something just for the reason that you are "saving it for something special" and then you never end up using it? You really want to use it, but you hate to waste it. I do that a lot. Right before Polaroid was on the way out (a while back Polaroid stopped making their classic instant film) I got a camera and a few packages of film. I just love Polaroids. I think you can get more film, but it is really expensive.

I had one last pack of film sitting around. I think I have had it about three years or so. I was saving it for something. What that something was, I don't know. Right after we moved back home I was trying to organize stuff in the new office room and Max found it. He was asking about how the Polaroid camera worked and seemed amazed that a picture would just pop out of a camera. He then of course wanted to take pictures. With my last pack of film.

Usually I would say no. I'm saving that! For what? Some project I will never get to? Or, letting my curious boy use it all up, just because? I think I made the best choice:

Max loved it. I loved seeing him love it. He took that whole pack of film that day--he even let Cora take one. I didn't care. I let my little budding photographer just have fun. Max took lots of photos of our little "orchard". (I was so excited about our trees--they are all pruned and were packed full of blossoms. Since then, we have had a few frosts and freezes, so I just told myself that it would not be an apple year after all.) The other night we found a little tiny apple bud on the tree. Time will tell!

Thursday, April 26

stairway before & after

Even though things on our house renovation are not finished yet, I wanted to show how pretty our stairway turned out. Seriously pretty. It was so hard for me to imagine how it would all look when it was finished, but now that it is all opened up, it is hard to imagine that it has not always been this way. No matter what we did, Andrew and I wanted our old farmhouse to still look like an old farmhouse. I think we succeeded as far as the stairs are concerned.

Remember the before? Not a stair in sight:
The after!
I wanted to show a picture from about the same vantage point as the before picture. Fun, isn't it? I love before and after house pictures so much! The color that is in our living room came from Lowes and is called Yaughtsman. I wanted a color that wasn't beige (I have painted things beige for far too long!) and felt light and airy. Love this color. So happy with how it turned out!

For kicks let's play a game of eye spy with the after photo:

Anyone see an Easter egg?

How about our future downstairs bathroom?

Ceiling fan cords?


Don't you love it when you take a picture, think it is pretty good, then spot all kinds of distracting stuff in it? Man. I would have Photoshopped some of that stuff out, but there is only so much time, you know.

I will show more before and after pictures as things get finished up. Our rooms still look a little bare without all the trim and other finishing touches like artwork and photographs.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Wednesday, April 25

teddy bear picture day

Having a new baby means that I get to pull out our teddy bear and do a new series of teddy bear pictures! I love that I started this tradition with Max, and love that I actually remembered to do it for his entire first year. It is amazing that I kept it up with Cora too. I hope that the kids appreciate this fun little thing I did with them when they were babies. Without further ado, here is Miss Ada's first month of teddy bear photos:
"Who is this cute bear? I like him."
"This is not as fun as I thought. Over it!"
"Oops I fell over!"
"Maybe if I just lay like this and hide behind the bear they will leave me alone."
I always say that I want to do something fun with all the teddy bear pictures someday. I had all of Max and Cora's printed, waiting for inspiration to strike. I am glad I didn't do anything yet (yay for procrastination!) because soon I will have a set of three to work with!

Tuesday, April 24

her announcements

Hello there! Is anyone there? I understand if you all gave up on me ever posting again! Caring for three small children has proven to be time consuming to say the least. I am hoping as the days and weeks go on that I can start to find some small windows in my day to do a little more blogging. I still feel like I am in survival mode at the moment! (Nurse, change, laundry, repeat...)

I wanted to share Ada's birth announcement with you. I love designing photo cards. It is one of my most favorite things lately. Shortly after returning home from the hospital, Ada and I had a little photo session in her room. I just clipped a quilt up to her bed and we went to work. She was so sweet and sleepy when I took these. Here's the front of her card:
And the back. Why are baby toes so wonderful? Love.
Ada looks so different now--babies do change so fast. I am trying to soak up all her newness and smallness now before it is over. Oh my gosh, I have to stop talking like that or I am going to cry!

Unrelated note:
On a past post I had an question in the comments about our "cabinet guy", Brandon. Click here to go to his website. Again, his work is amazing. Very soon (Andrew, if you are reading this we need to go on a picking-out-tile date!) work is going to begin on our downstairs bathroom. Did I mention that we don't have a downstairs bathroom anymore? It is not handy in the middle of the night! Anyway, we love our upstairs vanity so much that Brandon is going to make us one for downstairs. We told him that we wanted a similar style to the one upstairs, but didn't necessarily want them to match. I can't wait to see what he comes up with!

Tuesday, April 3

home & her

I bet you gathered from my absence from the blog that big things have been happening. Actually one thing was sort of small:
She's here! Our little Ada joined us on the very night that we were moving back into our house after being gone for 11 weeks. She was excited, I guess. I would have liked to have had a couple days to get settled back in, but this makes for a better story, doesn't it? Shortly after we got the kids tucked into bed in their new rooms I knew that our little girl was on her way. Sweet Ada was in our arms just a few hours later!

Now we are all adjusting to our "new" house, and our new addition. Both are wonderful. I am a lucky momma.