Friday, December 21

nine months

I can't believe it, but our little Ada is 9 months old! She is army crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, flashing her two tooth smile all the time. Gosh, I love this girl.

Another round of teddy bear pictures will soon be finished. I have big plans for my collection of teddy bear pictures. When Ada is a year old, I will have 36 teddy bear pictures total. I am thinking of a big composite print showcasing all of them together, and I'm thinking that it should hang in the toy room. So excited.

Excited, but not. Not ready for Ada girl to be a year yet!!

Monday, December 10

Every Christmas we go as a family and pick out and cut down a live tree. It has become one of my most favorite traditions. This year we went on Saturday, December 1st. How fun to start of December with a little tree cutting! It was crazy warm. We were all packed up and halfway to the tree farm when I realized I left my camera at home. Mom fail. I was really bummed. Thankfully my phone does an awesome job with photos. The day was saved. We couldn't have cut down the tree without pictures!

After taking about twenty pictures this was the best one. Cora was not super cooperative, and Ada girl was more interested in the grass than in me. Max tried his hardest to pull it all together:

I hope as the kids get older they will look forward to this tradition like Andrew and I do!

Sunday, November 25


The Christmas season is officially here! Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving we make a drive to Ohio to celebrate Christmas early with Andrew's mom's family. (Hello out there Carroll family!) There is always lots of food, a gift auction for charity, and Santa always makes an appearance. Max was super pumped about Santa. Cora didn't get it quite as much, but she sat on his lap and went along with the whole thing a lot better than I thought she would!

As you can see Ada could hardly contain her excitement:
I think I'm going to order copies of these for a table I have by our couch. Currently the frames on that table are still filled with Halloween pictures. I am a tad behind...

Monday, November 19


Do you ever find yourself behind? As each day passes you get further and further behind and you are not sure how to get caught back up. Let's say you like to write on a little blog and you skip a few days and before you know it two plus weeks have passed with nary a word. Hello, that is me! I don't know about you, but November is cruising through at an alarming rate!

I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I am still here! Hello! I also wanted to share this little photo I took a few weeks ago. (Who knows, it could have been longer than two weeks ago. I am in a time warp or something.) I love taking photos of people, especially my children. Pictures of their little faces and hands and feet are so precious to me.

But what about their stuff? So much of our lives and our energy is wrapped up in the stuff. Buying stuff, organizing stuff, getting rid of stuff, buying more stuff, etc. Certain things can remind you of who they belong to, and tie you to that person. We recently had an estate sale featuring all the things belonging to my grandparents. How strange to see the stuff of their life all lined up on tables for sale. How in the world could those things belong to anyone else?

This picture, even though it may just be bows and a brush to some, is Cora. Someday when she is older I hope this picture takes me back to this time. This time where she almost three and wears little bows in her hair. Even though it isn't a picture of her, it is her. A portrait of my girl:
If I'm not back here before Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a wonderful one. I promise I will try to find my way here a little more often!

Wednesday, October 31

clements family

I go to a weekly Moms' book club, where I met Jennifer. Super nice, super pretty. Plus Jennifer works at Target. I love Target, therefore I love her. Logical, right? Anyway, I got the chance to meet Jennifer's family a couple weeks ago when I did a session for her. Her boys are so handsome!
I love the colors here! Fall!
I love this picture. I mostly love it because of the way Eric (Jennifer's husband) is looking at her. I wonder what he is saying...probably asking her where she found this crazy person to take pictures. "Why are we out by our shed when the rest of our yard is so nice?" Sorry...I can't resist a shed with weeds all around!
Handsome boy number one: this little man cracked me up. He invited me to stay for dinner. If I didn't already have my own talkative five-year-old at home I might have taken him home with me. Love that red hair!
Handsome boy number two: This guy introduced me to all his ducks. That's right. Ducks. This family has a neat pond complete with their own water fowl. Fun!
Thank you so much Jennifer and crew! I am so honored whenever anyone asks me to capture time together as a family. I hope you love your pictures!

Oh--Happy Halloween everyone! We are taking our little knight, princess & frog trick-or-treating tonight. Hopefully I get some good pictures!

Tuesday, October 30


As I was posting about Jami and Landon waiting for their baby girl, little did I know that she was literally on her way as I typed. I was lucky enough to snuggle with this sweet girl when she was all of nine days old. She felt light as a feather. I love a baby wrapped in white. I try other colors, but the white is always my favorite.

As I was editing these sweet baby photos I was listening to Pandora. Do you know that Tim McGraw song My Little Girl? Oh man. The song played and I cried. I was a bit of a mess. My own little girls were all tucked in for their naps and I couldn't stop thinking about how baby girls (and boys) grow up so fast.

Beautiful baby from the outside in...treasure her Jami and Landon!

Thursday, October 25


I love two images together. In art terms this is called a diptych. Funny word, I know. Sometimes a picture is made stronger by another image. If you love diptychs you need to check out this book. Amazing and wonderful. One of my favorite pretty books that I love to flip through now and then.

For whatever reason, when I was thinking of the photos I took in the last few days, I wanted these to go together. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 23

my dad & my ada

I love photography so much. I love it for captured moments, that so quickly blaze past you if you don't stop and take a picture of them. My dad and my Ada girl. I think that she might get her pretty blue eyes from her Papaw:
Please pay no attention to my dirty window and just look at my dad's hands holding my baby. I am sort of in love with this picture at the moment.

Wednesday, October 17

forever my baby

Just a picture of my girl. She is really starting to come into her own: eating baby food, army crawling, and being extremely cute in general. I wonder if I will forever think of her as my baby. Probably.

Sorry girl. You shall always be "baby girl" to me.

Sunday, October 14


It all happened so fast.

Last Thursday Cristina (little Miss Kelsey's mom) called. The main point of the conversation went something like this:

Cristina: "Hey! I'm on my way to pick up a couple puppies. They will make perfect farm dogs, and there are two left. I heard you were looking for a dog!"
Me: Andrew is looking for a dog, not me!

True story. Andrew has been wanting a puppy. The farm needs a dog he says. I am perfectly happy with my cats. They lay on the porch and I look at them. They occasionally catch mice, which I love. Low maintenance all the way. When I thought about a dog I thought about another baby to take care of. A baby that would tear up my landscaping and make messes. My life is a little chaotic and messy with just the kids. No, I did not want a puppy.

Shortly after my conversation with Cristina Andrew bombarded my cell phone with pictures of the puppies. I told him to stop, but he did not. (I blame you, Cristina, for supplying him the slew of puppy pictures!) I called Andrew and told him that under no circumstances did I want any of these adorable puppies. My feet were firmly planted.

Then, I got to thinking: we live on a nice farm with lots of room for a dog to run. We are back a long lane, off the road. Max wanted a puppy. Andrew really wanted a puppy. The least I could do would be to entertain the idea. So, at dinner we had a family meeting about possibly getting a puppy. We all talked, and as soon as my mouth formed the word "okay", the wheels were in motion. Andrew was on the phone, getting more information on the puppies Cristina told us about. There were two left, one could be ours. Free. Tonight. Max, Cora (who is not totally a huge dog fan), and Andrew threw on their coats and were out the door to bring home our dog.

So, that is how we now have a puppy. Coconut is her name. If you are prone to puppy fever or have an aversion to extremely cute things please look away.

I'm serious. Turn your eyes away from the computer now.

I warned you! We are told she is part Lab and part Akita. Whatever she is she is adorable. White, with the lightest tan markings. Me, the biggest "I don't want a dog!" person is in love with this little thing. Um, how could you not be?

Thursday, October 11

found on my phone

I am terrible about transferring pictures from my phone to the computer. Terrible. This afternoon I finally got around to doing it. After deleting about 800 pictures of Cora's forehead (she loves to take pictures with my phone, and they are usually all of her forehead or her finger) I found one I had forgotten about:
Taken in August. The quality is not as good as a picture taken with my "big girl camera", but I really don't think it matters. Pictures like this are such a treasure, don't you think?

Monday, October 8

waiting for baby

My cousin Landon and his beautiful wife Jami are currently waiting and waiting and waiting for their little baby girl to arrive. I remember being pregnant with Max and feeling like he would never get here. Then, with Ada, I was praying for her to stay in as long as possible. Funny how your perspective changes with each baby. (That, and we were remodeling our ENTIRE house and we needed every precious day to get things finished up before her arrival!) We had a beautiful evening for our photo session. Nice and crisp, beautiful sun and sunset. Fall, I love you!

Why are baby shoes so wonderful?
Why are red barns also wonderful? And look at Jami's hair. Natural redhead. I told her that I was praying for her little girl to have red hair like hers!
One of my most favorite pictures ever! You are beautiful Jami!
I bet it was funny to see us all out tromping in the bean field to get these pictures. It was such a beautiful sunset in the open field!
I can't wait to meet this new baby in our family! Hang in there Jami...she'll be here before you know it!

Thursday, October 4

six months

Here she is, in all her six month glory. This is when the teddy bear pictures start to get fun.
Do you ever look at your kids and wish you could freeze them at an age and keep them there for just a little bit longer? I want to freeze this.
Hard to believe I have 6 months of teddy bear pictures already!

Wednesday, October 3

kelsey girl

Baby Kelsey is back on the blog! She is three months old now, and cute as ever.

Ok. Fall is without a doubt my most favorite season. This particular evening was just perfect: sunshine, crisp air, and a little harvest action going on. Note the nice soft dust cloud. A neighbor farmer was running beans a field over and made come nice atmospheric dust. (If you don't speak country, running beans refers to the act of harvesting soybeans. You "run" beans, and "shell" corn. Now you are educated.) Mike, Kelsey's dad is a Beck's dealer, so the bean dust is appropriate.
I reward you Cristina and Mike for your color choice. The purple photographed beautifully.
Oh girl. Cute.
Thanks again Cristina and Mike for choosing me to photograph your precious girl and your family. I love seeing you two with her--she lucked out in the parents department!

Sunday, September 30

we have reached a new level

Cora's dress obsession continues. Dresses everyday. Now, last Sunday she did wear jeans to church. For whatever reason, she wanted jeans. Other than that it has been all dresses.

The other day my mom came across my old dance tutus from when I was a little girl. She brought them over for my dress loving Cora. Oh man. My girl is in dress up heaven. I had to work really hard to convince her that she couldn't sleep in the tutus because 1. she would get to cold, and 2. they are scratchy.
Last night I told her I wanted to take her picture in one of the tutus. Lucky for me Cora usually likes having her picture taken. Unlucky for me she wanted to run and dance in her "new" tutu and didn't have much time for me and my camera:
Love it. Love her.

Friday, September 21

a new quilt

My little Ada girl is a lover of tags. Tags on her blankies, tags on her bibs, tags on everything. Now there is a whole line of "taggie" products for babies. Greatest idea ever. Good thinking on that one. When my mom saw how much Ada loves tags she whipped her up a new quilt:
My mom is the most amazing seamstress. Look Mom! She loves it!
Hello little hands. Gosh, I love her.
I should have taken a picture that showed the whole quilt. It is adorable: large pinwheels with pretty ribbons looped in for nice silky little tags. Thanks a million for making Ada this quilt, Mom. Now Ada is rolling everywhere, so it is a bit hard trying to keep her on the blanket. When she is on it she loves it!

Monday, September 17

travis & theresa

Hello there! I have been working away on my computer lately, editing this beautiful wedding. Travis and Theresa were married on September 1st--Labor Day weekend. The same weekend that remnants of hurricane Isaac threatened with monsoon type conditions. I was nervous about the weather. Luckily the rain held off for most of the day, and we ended up with photo friendly overcast skies. The humidity was another story, and I felt like I was melting all day. You'll have that! Better than a monsoon!

I know Theresa through her older sister, Mary. Mary and I roomed together for a year at Ball State. I think at the time Theresa was twelve. When Mary first inquired about me photographing her sister's wedding I said: "Your sister can't get married! She's twelve!" Theresa grew up, and thus was allowed to get married. Smile!

I kind of went crazy adding pictures to this post. I loved so many of the photos from this wedding...

If there are any brides-to-be out there please steal this color scheme for your own wedding. Navy + deep red + a dash of turquoise. It was beautiful. I told Theresa that this color combo looked like September. Not summer, not fall, but September. Loved it.

Nope. Theresa is not twelve. So pretty. (Side note: I feel old.)
Earlier the rings were in this little box. Right before the trip down the aisle they were replaced with Smarties. Perfect!
How gorgeous are these flowers?? I absolutely loved them. I had berries in my own wedding bouquet, so any time I see berries in an arrangement I tend to love it!
Downtown Fort Recovery, Ohio. Oh my goodness. Theresa and Travis, you two were such a wonderful couple to work with! This picture might be my favorite...
There were so many details at the wedding and reception that Theresa put so much though into. There were Ball jars on the tables (Good job. Ball jars make everything pretty!) at the reception filled with flowers that Theresa's family grew in their gardens. So awesome! They were all so pretty, and to know that they were grown for this day was so neat. Stunning, right?
I had so many favorites from this wedding, but this one might top all of them. First dance. So happy. Don't you think that this photo just looks happy and in love?
Theresa and Travis: I can't thank you enough for choosing me to be your photographer for your wedding. It was an amazing day, and you two were so great to work with. Congratulations!

Thursday, September 13

five months

Five months old! Time is going by so fast with this little one. She is technically almost six months old now, but I am just now getting around to blogging these five month pictures. Gosh I love this tradition.

Baby blue eyes! I wonder if Ada's eyes will stay blue, or if they will change like Max and Cora's both did. Max had the bluest eyes when he was a baby, but now they have changed into a gray/hazel type color. Ada is kind of like my "Mini Max", so I just wonder if she will follow suit. I have said it before and I will say it again: baby cheeks and drool are so cute!
Hope these teddy bear pictures make you as happy as they make me!