Tuesday, December 27

a very good christmas

We had a really good Christmas. I hope that all of you did too. There were dinosaurs and Cabbage Patch dolls, Legos and books. Max and Cora were showered with love and new toys. Happy kids were they:
That was my best Christmas morning picture. Ho hum. Better luck next year Mommy!

All the decorations are all packed away, because in a couple short weeks the major demolition and remodeling of our house will begin! So excited. (And a little nervous.) The living room/stairway is about to look a lot different!

January is always one of my most favorite times of the year--and I am especially looking forward to all the new things this year. New year, remodeled home, new baby...

Lots of work ahead!

Tuesday, December 20

happy birthday cora

Last week we celebrated Cora's second birthday. Whenever I would ask her if she was going to have a birthday she would say: "Party! Cake!" It was fun to see her excited.

On the morning of her little party we made a cake. It is a little difficult to bake things with the kids, but they love it. Sometimes I long for time to do a project by myself, but when I see the pictures later of the kids working on the projects with me it is worth all the extra time it takes. Cora used to ignore any activity in the kitchen, but now she wants to "help". Here she is stirring her cake:
I'm sure Max is giving her some sort of lesson on cake making.
As soon as we lit the candles she was ready to blow them out. Sing fast everyone! So cute.
Happy birthday baby.

Tuesday, December 13

tree time

We got our tree! Last Friday we bundled the kids up and headed to the tree farm. Max told me that morning that cutting down the tree was one of his favorite traditions. Me too buddy. I didn't think I would love it as much as I do.

Max loved the trees that were the same size as him. Someday it would be fun to bring one of these little "baby" trees home!
Here's our tree! There were so many pretty ones, it didn't take long to find a good one. (Note how the kids are dressed--it was cold! Another reason why it didn't take too long. Cora is looking a little bit wide. Gotta love the snow pants.)
Everybody under the tree!
The annual photo. Wouldn't it be fun to frame each year's photo and get them all out at Christmas time? That is probably a project I will never get around to, but it would be so neat!
This photo would be a lot better if there was a tree in the little cart thing. Darn. Oh well, still love it!

Thursday, December 8

hello drywall

This is now the sight that greets you as you walk up our stairway:
So wonderful to see all that drywall up! I took lots of pictures today, but they all looked similar because my lens isn't wide enough to get pictures of entire rooms. Every picture ends up looking like a white wall with a window--doesn't tell you too much. It is so exciting to see exactly how each room will look! I really need to start thinking about colors for all these white walls...

I apologize for the lack of blogging, but the craziness that is December has taken over! We've had auctions and church programs, photo work, shopping, etc. The only thing that I honestly haven't done much of yet is decorating. Max informed me that ALL the kids in his church class have their Christmas trees...we are way behind! Hopefully, weather permitting, we will head out tomorrow as a family to find and cut down this year's tree!

Thursday, December 1

advent calendar

I love advent calendars. There are so many different and creative ways to do them! Max is old enough now to understand the idea of counting down to something, so I knew I wanted to have my act together and make a little advent calendar for him and Cora. So, in typical Abby fashion, I started this calendar last night at 9:00.
It honestly didn't take too long. I was going to photograph the whole process for you, but it was dark, and pictures with just the flash are not pretty. Plus, it was pretty simple, so I thought I could just explain it!

1. I have a big roll of plain, regular weight brown craft paper. (Thanks Carissa...I think you gave this paper roll to me. I use it for all kinds of stuff!) I cut 50 rectangles that measured 5x7 inches.

2. Next I used some acrylic paint and number stamps to mark the days on the little rectangles.

3. I made little sandwiches out of one piece of plain paper and one that had a number on it. I used the sewing machine to stitch around the sides and bottom of each one to make a little pocket. Cute!!

Andrew helped me hang it up when we were done. We actually just put two nails in the wall and strung a ribbon between the two. (Our living room walls are coming down in January, so this was the easiest thing to do!) I had a package of miniature clothespins that we used to clip the little pockets to the ribbon.

We had to hang it high enough to keep the kids out of it. I did give them a little speech this morning about being good and not peeking into the pockets. We'll see how they do!