Monday, October 31


Trick-or-treat! We took Max and Cora trick-or-treating last night...and they both seemed to really love it. What child would not love going door to door and collecting candy? Now for the costumes. Very early on (I think it was sometime this summer) Max decided that he wanted to be a "cowboy monster superhero". Hmmmm. I didn't know how we were going to pull that off. I really tried to talk him into being a wolf, so that then Cora could be little red riding hood. Bad idea mom. Cowboy monster superhero it is. We decided that Cora could go as a Wild Thing--from Where the Wild Things Are. My mom made this adorable costume for Max a couple years ago, and I decided that it needed to see at least one more Halloween! (Plus, if you know Cora, you know that it very fitting.)
If looks could kill:
Mom, you did a great job helping us with this costume again this year. Max loved how it turned out!
Love this.
Oh my gosh, it's me! I gave the camera to Andrew so the kids would look back and remember that I went trick-or-treating too. Those Wild Thing ears are too much.

happy halloween!

Max and I just finished our jack-o-lanterns a little bit ago. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Tonight we are taking the kids trick-or-treating for the first time--I'm sure they will be excited about all the candy!

Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Friday, October 28

miss mila

I have one last photo to share with you for "picture week"! On Wednesday, my friend Carissa's sweet baby girl turned three months old. The kids and I went to their house for a little playdate and picture taking. At first I didn't think we would get much--my kids wanted to be in Mila's pictures really bad. (We did take a couple of all the kids together.) Luckily Carissa was able to distract the older children with snacks and a little TV.

That left me to spend time with this little one:
So sweet. If I wasn't already pregnant, this girl would give me a serious case of baby fever.

Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at all my pictures this week! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 27

in the gardens

Just this past Saturday I ventured to Indy to see my beautiful niece Callie--and take some pictures of course. We went to the gardens at the IMA for our little photo shoot. It was so beautiful there! It helped that it was an awesome day as far as the weather went. Lucky!
Dear Callie,
Does that outfit come in my size? Seriously. Too cute. Jeggings, boots, sweater...I can't stand it.
I love love love this. Hugs.
I have taken a bunch a pictures of Callie--newborn, three months, six months, and now nine months. I love having the opportunity to photograph her so much. Plus, I get to hang out with some of my favorite people. Bonus.

Thanks guys--love you.

Wednesday, October 26

picture week continues

It was a dark and stormy day... Not really, but rain threatened on the day that these pictures were taken for the Cox family. I watched the radar all day, and what looked early on to be a wash out turned out to be a windy and overcast day with just a few big rain drops. (I love overcast days for photos!) Theresa said that she wanted to get family pictures taken before her boys got any older. Wish granted!

I can't tell you how much I love these pictures in the grass. I think I shall order myself a copy!
Hey Mom and Dad...looking good! I love rustic settings...the more weeds and peeling paint the better.
Cox family: I can't wait to show you the rest of your pictures!

Tuesday, October 25


I have known the Hardacre family for a long time: Rachel and I became friends in elementary school. (Was it 4th grade, Rachel? I can't remember!) It was great to be able to catch up with them and photograph their family. They don't look cold in the pictures, but trust me, it was a cold and windy day! The heat wave of early October was officially over. I hope you enjoy this little "sneak peek" Hardacre family!
I just love this.
Baby Abram was a trooper through this whole session. He had to be so cold, but he didn't seem to mind!
Love those leaves...they make the best background.
Thanks again Hardacres!

Monday, October 24

sisters and such

I think I am going to call this week on my blog "picture week". I have had some great photo sessions this month, and would like to share them with you! I had all intentions of sharing some photos last week, but both Max and Cora came down with something... Needless to say, we spent lots of cuddle time on the couch, and very little time doing anything else. Thankfully they are much better now! Two sick kids = not fun times.

Early this month I had a great session with two lovely ladies and their beautiful mamma. So fun. These were taken during the October heat wave--80 degrees and sunny!
I understand why so many families want to to have their portraits taken in the fall: color, color, color!
We took all these pictures at Hickory Hills Golf Course in Farmland. In one of the sheds on the course there is an old truck. It is such a great color--I love it! I think this is my favorite picture from this session: looks like secrets are being shared between these two sisters.
Thank you Mandy, Karly and Addy! I enjoyed spending time with you on such a warm October day!

Wednesday, October 12

he writes

The other night we had a bonfire for Andrew's auction/real estate company. We invited over all the people who are a part of the business--a way to thank everyone for all their hard work. Shameless plug: Do you need a good realtor or auctioneer? Click here!

Anyway, we had a bonfire and we hired a caterer. Thank you Andrew for doing that. Caterer = happy wife. As people were arriving, Max perched himself in the caterer's van and wrote a little menu out of what we were having:
I had to spell every word out of course: B B Q, B E A N S, P O T A T O E S...

I love his handwriting, and love seeing his little notes around the house. At times it is tedious to spell words out for him, but one day he won't need me to. Sigh. He is getting very big.

Tuesday, October 11

parenting tip

A parenting tip: If your child smears Vaseline all over her head, the best way to remove it is to mix a little baking soda in with her shampoo. Lather and repeat.

On Saturday afternoon, I thought Cora was in her room just playing. I could hear her messing around with the baby monitor. I did a few tasks before checking on her. I forgot that I kept a basket of lotions, etc. on the dresser right next to the baby monitor. When I found her she had the jar of Vaseline open, and a good amount slathered on her head and face. I tried just washing it out with regular soap/shampoo, but that didn't work. Baking soda did the trick.

Another parenting tip: don't assume that they are ever just playing.

Friday, October 7

friday find: a very special cake

I recently found out that my sister in law Laci is an excellent baker. Excellent as in, holy cow you made that? We, along with my grandma Barb, share birthdays in September. When we got together for a little family party Laci showed up with a cake that was so beautiful. Probably the prettiest cake I've ever seen in real life.

Later that day we were talking about her cake making, and Laci asked me if I had considered doing something fun to reveal the gender of our new baby. (We found out what we were having with both Max and Cora. Andrew and I were always too excited to wait. We knew we would be too excited this time too!) Anyway, we got to talking about how now people get cakes to reveal the new baby's gender so that the entire family can share in the excitement. I didn't realize at the time that Laci was hinting that she wanted to make us a cake...

Well, the next time we talked I realized that Laci wanted to make us a fun baby cake. Well yes, that would be fun!! So, after some careful strategizing we hatched a plan. Andrew and I went to our ultrasound appointment and shielded our eyes when the technician got to the nether regions of the baby. Oh my gosh it was so hard to not peek! I don't know how people don't find out! Our very friendly technician then printed a picture announcing the baby's gender and sealed it up in an envelope. We took that envelope to my brother to give to my sister in law. It was all very secret agent.

Long story short: my wonderful sister in law made us a beautiful cake to celebrate our new baby. It was so fun and special...something I will remember forever. Now, without further ado, the results! (Note how the cake looks like a wedding cake. You're good, Laci!)

We're seeing pink!

Thursday, October 6

another pretty picture

A couple weeks ago we had an outdoor auction that had a lot of old quilts in it. Love love love quilts. Love old quilts even more. Someone draped all the quilts for sale between lines on a couple trees. Um, adorable:
A lot of the quilts were pretty worn, a couple were really nice. I came home with a really pretty faded baby quilt in pinks and blue. It was in good condition. I only spent $10. Gotta love that! It is so fun when you find something you like that fits into your budget. At auctions I don't allow myself too much spending freedom. I would come home with way too much stuff, and Andrew would probably not take my bids!

(You can't see my quilt in the picture. I think it is under another quilt. I will have to show a picture of it soon!)

Happy Thursday, enjoy the sunshine today!

Wednesday, October 5

fall is the prettiest

There is something pretty about each season, but fall always seems to be the best. On Monday there were huge blankets of clouds hanging in the air above the fields. So neat.

Tuesday, October 4

phase one almost finished

I hope you are not tired of seeing photos of our upstairs mess. In case you are, please come back later! The first phase (aka demolition) is almost complete. All the walls are now down, and Andrew has started cleaning up all the "rooms". There is still a lot of clean up to do, but the majority of the tear down is finished.

It is amazing to me how different this space looks with all the walls down. It looks better all torn up. That doesn't really make sense, but it does. Maybe because I know that progress is happening!
Hardy har! I don't remember what Max is laughing about, but he was really laughing. Love this picture.
One more of my Max. These are such memories. He probably won't remember helping Andrew tear up our upstairs, but I will always remember. When I was little my parents remodeled and added on to our house. I think I was in first grade, so that would have made me around 7 or so. I very vividly remember all the exciting activity, and all the guys working at our house all the time. My brother, who would have been around Max's age, was into the process big time. He worked with the guys all the time. Cale, you'll have to let me know if you remember that!

Sunday, October 2

hello october

October! Here's to pumpkins! I just love pumpkins, and pumpkin flavored things. These pumpkins actually came out of our garden, and I am so glad they made it to October. We harvested them in the heat of August, and I wasn't quite sure on how long they would last. They started out on the bench by the garden, then moved them to a little table on our porch. Check out that curly stem! That particular little pumpkin is the perfect shape because it never touched the ground as it grew: it dangled from its little vine hanging out over the edge of the raised bed. It is perfectly round all the way around. Oh--gardening note: pumpkins are crazy. Just try to put them in a raised garden bed. They will laugh at you as their crazy vines snake everywhere and try to grab small children.

I have lots I want to accomplish in October: getting the house ready for the remodel being the major thing on the list. Did I mention before that we are opening up the now closed up stairway? I am so excited, but know that our lives are about to get really messy. And dusty. It will all be worth it as we start to turn this old farmhouse into "our house". (Of course it is already our house, but you know what I mean. It is exciting that things we have talked about for two years are starting to happen.)

Oh: a chicken soup update. I just know that you have all been waiting at the edge of your seats. I had the perfect chicken soup this weekend at our auction. Perfect. Mary, who does all the food at our auctions made it. It is always exciting to see what food Mary will have on auction day. Well, this weekend she had chicken noodle soup. As I was clerking someone was eating it right next to me. Rude! Totally kidding. Anyway, by the time the sale was over I was sure she would be all sold out. Luck would have it that there was some soup left. Lucky day! That never happens. It was heaven in a syrofoam cup. I have been thinking about the soup since the auction. It was a classic chicken noodle variety: chicken, carrots, noodles, celery, etc. I am on a mission to find out more about this soup!

I hope October finds you well!