Wednesday, August 17

the "picture of the day" just got a little easier

So I got a different phone. My new phone takes such fun pictures! I used to try and always have my little point-and-shoot camera with me in my purse, but when I got it out the battery was usually dead. Not very handy. New phone with fun picture taking abilities = handy.

Yesterday Max and I went on a little outing to the local library and then for ice cream. I love the library. We really haven't been all summer, and so I was happy to go yesterday. Cora was at my mom's taking her nap. She still loves to go to the library and pull books off the shelf as fast as she can. So, you can imagine that it was nice that Max and I could go alone this one time and actually look at the books.

Then we met up with Andrew for some ice cream. Max wanted to get "fancy" chocolate ice cream. Fancy as in not plain chocolate, but chocolate with stuff in it. It was a hit.

I know I haven't posted my photo of the day collections for a while, but I am still taking them. I don't have trouble taking a photo every day, but I do have trouble getting them all organized. Usually at the end of the month I sit at the computer with my calendar trying to remember which picture goes with which day. Doing it this way is kind of like a brain exercise. Keeps me sharp. That's what I tell myself. I should really just get with it and sort and organize my pictures every couple days. That's a concept I have yet to embrace.

Side note: Max picked out a dinosaur origami book at the library. Currently my "good mom" status with him hinges on my ability to make a brontosaurus out of paper. Oh heavens. I can barely make a paper crane. Looks like I will have to practice a little!

Friday, August 12

friday find

I just wanted to pop in really quickly today to share a great little blog I found:

Lila was Here

It is so simple and great. Go look and see.

I found it via Pinterest. Ah Pinterest. I "find" all kinds of wonderful things there. Hope you have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 7

still here...promise!

Umm. Hello there! Yes, I am still here. I would like to report that my absence here from the blog was due to a wonderful vacation, but it was only due to the dog days of summer snatching my motivation. Extreme temperatures (cold or hot) tend to zap me. True. I hate to complain much about the heat, but man, it is really hot. In the dead of winter I will wish for a 90 degree day, but for now I'm over it!

Ok. Complaining over. One good thing about the heat is that my sunflowers in the garden seem to like it. They are all standing at attention out there in the sun. I love sunflowers. My grandpa told me that when you see sunflowers in people's gardens they must have a little hillbilly blood in them. Funny. I must have some hillbillies in the bloodlines, because I do like them!

I put a little one in a blue jar the other day:

I think the back side of the flower is just as beautiful as the front. Lovely.

Hope the heat isn't zapping you! Stay cool people!