Saturday, July 23

does it feel a little humid, or is it just me?

Ah...July in Indiana. The air is a little bit dense. Oh my goodness. Humidity is not my friend. It is a hard to breathe, and it makes your hair do crazy things. (Curly haired girls, you know what I mean!) When Andrew and I chose November for our wedding, people asked us why that month. Umm...low humidity equals better hair! It is not very humid in November! I was able to wear my (then very long) hair down that day....

I digress. This isn't about hair, it's about July in Indiana. The kids and I were out the other morning working in the garden, and we hooked up the sprinkler--for them, not the plants--and they created a little mud pit. They were in kid heaven. I took some pictures, and you can even see the haze in them:

Nope, that's not a filter or Photoshop is just that humid. My lens was a tad fogged over! Supposedly the temperature is going to bet better this week, so maybe we'll get a little relief.

Friday, July 22

friday find

I have found that it is best to have my camera out and handy all the time. On the kitchen counter, on the desk, outside. Very rarely will you find my camera in the bag. The one area where I need to improve is taking the camera with me when we run errands, etc. It is hard to lug around my big camera when I am also lugging children and all their stuff. I'm working on it.

Anyway, when I have the camera out where we are I get the best stuff:

It is these impromptu, dirty face pictures that I will look back on and say: "Remember that? Remember them? Remember when?"

I love you dirty face little babies.

Tuesday, July 19

look what I found

I love auctions. They are fun. They are an adrenaline rush. No, really! I don't know if they are for most people, but for me they are. You stand next to the item that you love, and you pretend that you don't love it. Act cool. You scan the crowd. Does anyone else love your item? You bid casually as if you don't care what happens. This is all going on while your heart is hammering. It is like game.

Also, I have the added task of trying to work and pay attention while I am loving/pretending not to love something and bidding. This creates a little problem because I get flustered and sometimes mess up my job! I clerk auctions with Andrew, which means that I have to write down every single item that sells during the auction, how much it went for, and who bought it. It is a little challenging at times. Andrew makes it pretty easy for me because his auction chant is pretty predictable (to me) and I can usually tell when he's wrapping up a particular item. This helps if I am day dreaming or something like that. Which I hardly ever do. I am an excellent auction employee.

Side note: would any of you like to see more auction type work/photos/etc? I think they are so interesting, and I could let you in on the excitement of my side job.

Now, last weekend I spotted a beautiful Pyrex bowl that would match some of my refrigerator dishes. I didn't see it on my quick walk-through before the auction, so I was a little unprepared when I saw it after the auction started. So, as we approach it, I try to act cool. Andrew was selling choice which means that everyone is bidding on items on a table, but you don't know what people are bidding on. Like I said, it is like a game. Well, I lucked out and brought home my new Pyrex beauty for $5!

Woo to the hoo. Usually these pretties bring around $20. That's the only downside to auctions. I am a little bit of a tightwad, so I only buy the really cheap stuff. Therefore I usually leave a little disappointed. This past Saturday it worked out. Fun times. My new bowl is making my kitchen counter so happy!

callie and avery

Last week I took some pictures of my niece Callie along with her adorable cousin Avery who was visiting from Florida. Cuteness galore. Callie is six months old, and Avery is three months. Once they are around a year old they will essentially be the same age. I bet they will have lots of fun together!

Thank you Tammy, Laci and Heather for having me capture all of you in this fun time in your lives! Here are a few of my favorites:

I love this one. It's almost like Callie is saying: "Avery, you have something on your face!"

Baby feet.

Heather has the prettiest expression in this picture. I love it.

We wore pore little Avery out. She just wanted to take a little nap! Look at that red hair. Lately I am so drawn to red hair--I think it is so beautiful!

Thanks again girls!

Monday, July 18


I love experimenting with my camera. There are so many resources online for how to improve your photography skills! Lately I have been trying to use backlighting. Backlighting is anytime when the light source (usually the sun of course) is behind your subject. It is kind of like a photography eclipse! This type of lighting becomes especially pretty in the evening. If you can catch it just right, it will create a little halo of light around your subject.

You don't have to be outside to use it, though. The other day I had Max stand in front of our window. Usually I try to get the sunlight to fall across someone in window light, but I wanted to try some backlighting:

With Max's back to the window all the light curves around and frames his face in a totally different way. The results are a little interesting. Thank you Max for being such a good sport. I am grateful for your willingness to be my photo guinea pig. (I guess he has no choice, poor guy!)

Friday, July 15

friday find

I recently found out that one of my art students raises chickens. So, every other week when he comes for his lesson he brings me a carton of beautiful eggs:

Brown ones, white ones and green ones. The green ones are my personal favorite. Chase told me that the green ones are best for baking, and the brown ones are best for just eating. I feel like I hit the jackpot that I found an egg supplier who loves to talk chickens. You see, I would love to have chickens someday. (Somewhere Andrew is reading this and is rolling his eyes...) I think I will have to get a few consecutive successful gardens under my belt before I can convince him that chickens are a good idea.

Until then Chase can keep me supplied. I love that I am buying eggs from happy chickens that get to run around and eat grass. I feel good about that, and I feel good about supporting Chase in his business. Who knew that he was an amazing artist and a budding chicken farmer! He recently finished a painting, and we decided that next he wants to paint a picture of his rooster. So excited!

Wednesday, July 13


I love pictures that look quiet and soft. My personality tends to be on the quiet side, so I think that is why so many of my pictures look that way too.

I just love this picture of Cora. I love the quietness of it. The empty space. So often I love pictures for the empty or negative space as much for the subject!

Tuesday, July 12

jami & landon

I want to share a few more pictures from Jami and Landon's June wedding! Landon is my youngest and "littlest" cousin. It was a little strange seeing him get married. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was toddling around? Seems like it!

Jami had stargazer lillies for her bouquet. So pretty.

Ellie the flower girl loves Jami so much, and Jami loves her just as much right back.

Hello there gorgeous bride! Jami has the most beautiful red hair. Beautiful.

Neat car! I couldn't help myself: I thought this old car photo needed the antique treatment.

Congrats Jami and Landon!

Monday, July 11

photo booth love

As I mentioned on Friday, I set up a little "photo booth" during Farmland's Good Ole Days. What is Good Ole Days? It is a festival that celebrates the days gone by: antiques, yummy food, horse carriage rides, demonstrations, etc. I thought it would be fun to take "antique" pictures people who stopped by my studio. I had a few takers. I would love to do it again next year. Now I will have clear examples of the outcome! Max and I had too much fun:

Don't you love the antique look? I do. Plus, the mustaches on a stick were too cute. If you stopped by to see my on Saturday: Thank you! Soon you will find your own antique pictures in the mail!

Thursday, July 7

friday find

Oh Georgia kitty. This is a very special edition of "Friday Find". You see, last week (I think it was Thursday) Georgia disappeared. Very strange. Of all our cats, Georgia is the most "social". He follows you everywhere, always wants to be on your lap, etc. So, I was concerned that he was gone.

After a another day I was more concerned. By the weekend I had given up. We looked in every building that he could have gotten locked in. No luck. I figured that had either taken off, or been mauled by a wild animal of some sort. So sad.

Fast forward to Monday, the 4th of July. Andrew went over to his parent's house to pick up something. When he got there he was greeted by none other than our Georgia. When Andrew's dad was over the other night (the night of the disappearance) he had a cargo trailer attached to his truck. Georgia being the very snoopy and social creature that he is, climbed in the trailer to investigate. Georgia got a one-way ticket to a farm far far away. Just kidding. It's probably just about 4 or 5 miles away.

Big Max (Andrew's dad) didn't think anything about an extra cat at their house. Georgia just blended in with their barn cats. Oh I was so happy when Andrew called and said that Georgia had been found and was on his way home. Lucky cat.

(Note "ugly kitty" in the background of this picture. Doesn't she look extra creepy?)

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a happy weekend! If you're in town be sure to stop in on Farmland's Good Ole Days Festival! I'll be at my studio from 9-5 taking pictures in my little old-fashioned photo booth set up. It will be fun!

Wednesday, July 6

kids photography workshop

Two weeks ago (Wow, two weeks? Time is moving really fast lately...) I hosted a kids photography workshop at my studio. I had four wonderful girls attend my workshop, and we all had a great time.

We met four days in a row for a couple hours each day. We talked about composition, what camera settings to use for better pictures, etc. The girls soaked in every bit of it, and at the end of the week came up with some amazing photos. Photography is such an amazing and complex thing. It was exciting for me to teach it and empower these young women to use it. Their excitement was contagious!

We also experimented with a photo transfer technique (so fun) and used our photos for the start of a drawing project. A good photograph can open the doors to all sorts of art! **I may share the steps for the transfer technique here later. Such a fun project!**

Thank you photo workshop girls! Keep taking pictures!

Monday, July 4

garden oasis (& a little drama)

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. We did. We went visiting friends, went to the movies, worked in the garden, played in the sandbox, shot a few fireworks, and laid on a blanket in the yard. It was relaxed and wonderful.

I've been wanting to share pictures of our backyard garden for a while. This weekend I think we finally got it "photo ready". Now, there is still a lot I want to do. I think and hope that every year this little garden oasis will get better and better. I love it so much already! (I also wanted to say that this is a group project: my mom and step-dad Jerry have helped out tons. Thank you. Love you.)

This is what you see when you step out our back door:

The kids have their sandbox right under the maple tree. It used to be out in the open, but I convinced Andrew that the poor children needed a shady spot to play under. Mission accomplished. (Thanks for moving their sandbox!)

This is my new garden sculpture. Love it! My BSU friend Lindsay (Lora's sister from Lora and Brandon...) made it. I went to see her the other day and told her that I wanted to commission her to make me one. (Lindsay recently moved, and she had a garden sculpture I loved at her old house. Sister Lora has one too.) Lindsay gave me hers. She is that kind of friend. I love it, Lindsay. Thank you!

The garden bench is my favorite spot. Cora girl likes it too.

Speaking of Cora, she loves the hose. Give her a bucket or a baby pool and a hose and she is a happy girl.

Don't you dare turn off the water, though. Cue the drama:

If you know Cora, you know the amazingly high decibel scream that goes along with these pictures. Bless her little heart.

So the garden oasis is not immune to screaming and crying, but it is pretty wonderful. Gardening is such hard work, and takes a lot of time and attention, but it is worth it. I certainly couldn't do it without help from my mom and Jerry! I am loving the raised beds so much. Less weeds, easier on the back, prettier, etc. You know when you have an idea and your head and the real thing turns out better? That's how I feel about the garden this year. I love it.