Tuesday, November 29

pure joy

If someone asked me to find a picture for the word "joy" I don't think I could find a better one than this:
He was so happy enjoying the first big fat snowflakes of the season. I was so happy watching him.


We had a Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering for Andrew's mom's side of the family (hello Carroll family!) in Ohio on Saturday. Santa always makes an appearance. I can't remember if I have blogged about him before, but he is a good Santa!

Anyway, I was anxious to see how Cora would react. Max gets it: he knows Santa brings presents, so he was into it. Well, right before Santa's arrival, the kids broke a Christmas pinata. (Funny, I know.) If you know Cora you know that she LOVES candy. LOVES it. She really didn't care too much about Santa. She had a bag full of candy. You should have seen her. She was relishing the fact that everyone else was watching Santa and she could eat candy as fast as possible before being discovered:
We did get her up on Santa's lap, but only if she could take her candy bag with her. This photo makes it look like she and Santa are in deep discussion about her gift. Nope. She just dropped her Tootsie Roll in his lap and was looking for it. Sorry Santa.
Max, as I said, was fine. He has quite the list for Santa this year.
Love these Santa pictures!

Tuesday, November 22

coming right along

Our upstairs remodel project is coming right along! It is so exciting! I wanted to share a few pictures today. It is hard to really get a good shot that shows a lot of the space, but I did what I could. All the rooms are framed in, there is insulation and a furnace, as well as electricity! How about Max looks like a big kid in this first picture--crazy!

Things will really start to take shape as the drywall starts going up. I need to seriously start thinking about colors for all the rooms. Big decisions!

Thursday, November 17

a little cold

I don't think I'm ready for the cold yet. So not ready! I don't think it matters whether we are ready or not, winter will be here before we know it.

I don't think that children feel the cold like adults. Cora and Max could run around forever in the cold, noses running, fingers freezing, and they don't care! My art studio tends to be a little on the freezing side. I am usually huddled around a little space heater while my art students happily paint/draw in short sleeves. (Funny: the bathroom at the studio is especially cold. I don't think the heat is ducted in there at all. This makes the toilet seat extremely cold! I always warn people before they go in there that it might be a little shocking!)

I think I might just have to treat myself to a new pair of mittens and a hat to ease myself into these cooler temperatures. It can't hurt. Cora loves to wear her new winter gear:
Here's to hats!

And gloves.

And scarves.

And layers and layers of clothes...

PS: This one is for you, Ann!

Friday, November 11

oh my gosh, it's friday!

I feel like I say this a lot, but time is really going fast! I had all intentions of blogging earlier in the week--honestly, I did!--then I blink my eyes and it is already Friday! Not much for today, but I did want to check in and let you know that we are all still here!

Around here things are great: the house renovation is moving right along as the electrical and heating/cooling stuff is getting done. So exciting. If time doesn't move too fast for me, I will post some photos next week!

Just for fun, here is Cora in my first attempt at pigtails:
I hope everyone had a great week!

Friday, November 4

lofthouse cookies - take one

Raise your hand if you like Lofthouse cookies! You know, the little cake-like ones with all the icing and sprinkles. I love them. Andrew loves them. Of course the kids love them. I recently found a couple cookie recipes that claimed to be similar to Lofthouse. Game on, let's bake!

Click here for the first recipe that Max and I tried. (Max is my assistant on all things cooking. You should see him crack an egg...he is really good!)
The verdict: When I first made them I was hopeful. The cookies came out really light and cake-like. They were super easy to make because you just rolled the dough into balls and flattened them slightly on the cookie sheet before they went in the oven. At first I thought the icing was totally wrong. It was a little more grainy than I wanted. Plus, I think we had ours a little too runny. I was feeling a little bummed. The funny thing is about these cookies is that they age really well! A couple days later they tasted better than when they were super fresh. So, although they weren't exactly what I was looking for, they were still really good.

I think we will try the other recipe I found, and see how it is. I'm sure my assistant will be excited.

Wednesday, November 2

off on off on...

Cora has recently discovered that she can reach the light switch in her room from her crib. I love listening to her on the monitor before I go get her in the morning--and it is so funny to hear the flip of the little switch. Then I go in and ask: "Cora, did you turn on your light?" "No", she'll say. Smiles. She turns it off, and on, and off and on...
Yesterday after her nap I opened up all the curtains and captured her in the act. I've been a little lazy with my big camera around home lately...sometimes it seems like a lot of work to run get it. Years from now I will probably forget when she learned to turn her bedroom light on and off.

This will be the picture that will help me remember.