Wednesday, September 21


So lately I have been very "food focused". I am always this way, but I think the focus is more so now that I am pregnant. I eat every 15 minutes. I kid. It is bad, but not quite that bad. I love hunting for recipes, and trying new things, and lately I have been on a quest to find a recipe for a perfect chicken soup. Maybe with noodles, maybe with rice. It doesn't really matter, I just want it to be a little creamy.

So, first I made this recipe for a simple chicken and past soup. Pretty good. I love soups that go in the crock pot, so this was a bonus. It had lots of carrots and celery, which was good, but they didn't cook all the way through in the crock pot. Bummer. This soup (with a few tweaks) would be great especially if you had a cold or something. It's very "brothy". That reminds me, whenever I am sick Andrew offers to make me "chicken water". That's what he calls the broth. Ha!

Moving on.

So, last night I tried another chicken in the crock pot soup recipe--this one was a little creamer, but when I followed the instructions mine turned out a little like chicken oatmeal. In other words, the flavor was great, the texture was strange. Needs some tweaks. It made my house smell very good though!

I am still looking for that perfect chicken soup. I am sure I will find it. When I do I will be sure and post where you can find the recipe and some pictures and such.

Gotta go, time for a snack.

Friday, September 16

goggles and a friday find

Just a little something for your enjoyment:
I was looking through some pictures on my computer last night and stumbled upon this little gem from my phone. She cracks me up. Keep wearing your shades and goggles, girl. They look good on you!

Now for the Friday Find. About a month ago I decided that something had to be done with my laptop. Every time I tried to work in Photoshop I got the the "color wheel of doom". Fellow Apple folks, you know what I am talking about. Slow city. Also, I was completely out of memory, and I had erased everything that I felt comfortable erasing. So, I took my computer into the Apple store in Indianapolis (which was a crazy zoo of people as usual!) and the guy at the front of the store took one look at my old laptop and said: "We cannot help you." Darn. He did tell me about some people who could...

That is how I found Elan Technologies. Oh happy day. I took my laptop in there and they fixed it all up for me, for a very reasonable price! I was not ready to upgrade my computer quite yet, but something needed to be done with this one, so I was so happy. I got a new hard drive, some other gig stuff (I honestly do not know what I am talking about, sorry!), plus a little facelift for the keyboard, etc. (My laptop was cracking around the edges and it was a known problem, so Apple fixed that for free. Awesome!) I was going to blame part of the blogging hiatus on my computer being in the shop, but it was only there for a few days. Fast! I dropped it off on a Wednesday, and they called me Thursday afternoon and told me it was done.

So, I if you are an Apple computer person, and your computer needs help check Elan Technologies out! I was so very happy with the service. My computer is happy too. (Oh--no one is paying me for this recommendation or anything. I just was really pleased so I wanted to pass the information along!)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 13


My two-man demolition team (Andrew and Max) have been hard at work upstairs. They are demo machines. Max is having the time of his life. Andrew just told him not to hit the windows while hammering. A four-year-old boy dream. Ok, here's the stairs now. Look to the left and you can see a little of the mess. These stairs scare me. I don't take Cora up anymore (because of nails and debris, obviously) because those spaces in the bannister are exactly her size. She could slip right through.

Here are the walls now:
Down to the bare studs people. Speaking of studs, here are my two favorite. They're on break.
I was up snapping pictures of the progress, and taking to the boys while they took their break and all the sudden Andrew looks past my shoulder and says "Oh my gosh" in a type of voice that you reserve for shocking things. I was expecting to turn around and see a dead animal or something. I turned and saw this:
That would be a piece of glass that was literally stuck in the wooden door. From the tornado a year ago. A few of the windows upstairs were blown out (boo), but the insurance company replaced them (yay). Don't mess with Mother Nature!
That is our progress so far! This morning our big dumpster arrived. Now we (by "we" I mean Andrew and whoever he can find to help him) can start shoveling out all the debris. Fun times.

Monday, September 5

new beginnings

Welcome September. I love September. I love fall. As much as I welcome the warming days of spring and the hope of summer, it is this time of cooling and turning that I look forward to the most. This is without a doubt my favorite time of year. I feel a little renewal of sorts going on with myself: a time of new beginnings. With good reason too...lots of change is on the horizon! Let me catch you up:

1. Okay. I have been a sad excuse for a blogger lately. I think to consider oneself a "blogger" you actually have to blog. Ahem. Well, I have a pretty good reason! We are expecting a baby! Our party of four will be a party of five in the spring. We are delighted. Even though August is a blur of nausea/exhaustion I am delighted. This wonderful first week of September finds me coming up on the beginning of trimester two, so maybe that is why I feel so much hope in this cooler air. So, hopefully I will soon begin feeling a little like my normal self and will be blogging a little more frequently. Smile.

2. We are about to begin a big project. Huge. With baby Wagner # 3 on the way, the upstairs of our house is soon going to get a major makeover. Big time. I am super excited (and a tad apprehensive) about all the changes and mess that our house will undergo. I think I explained before, we are living on the first floor of our house. There is an entire story of high-ceilinged/big roomed goodness that is sitting empty. Why empty? Well, in typical farmhouse fashion, when the children who lived in this house before left the nest, the owners of the house shut up the upstairs. Behind a door. The upstairs of this house has not been lived in in 50 years! That's a long time. So, you can imagine the amount of work that needs to happen to make it livable. Heat, cooling, electricity! Nope, there isn't even electricity up there at the moment.

I naturally wanted to share a few pictures of our upstairs "before". The lens on my camera isn't quite wide enough to get a whole room in the picture, but I got what I could. I am so excited that this place will be unrecognizable soon! Right now there are three bedrooms (with big closets) and a very large "top of the stairs room". Soon it will be three bedrooms plus a new bathroom and a library room. I know! A library room. I am beyond excited.

Here's Cora watching Andrew and Max begin a little demolition work. Notice all the cracks in those plaster walls:
This is a view from one of the bedrooms looking into the soon to be library room.
Cora has taken to wearing her sunglasses all the time. This really has nothing to do with the renovation, I just think it is cute.
I actually think the colors in this picture are pretty. This shows one of the huge closets in one of the rooms. We are able to put a bathroom upstairs because these closets were so big.
Future library room. That carpet makes me want to gag. My gag reflex is a little quick these days, but still.
Scary stairs. These will be widened and opened up to the living room below. Yay!
So there you have it. The real reason for my blogging break, and some exciting times ahead for our home and our family. I feel so blessed! I hope that September finds you well!