Friday, April 29


*A happy Friday indeed: the radar is clear and the sun is out!

*I had a good night's rest last night, and Max woke me up at 7:30. Together we watched a little bit of the wedding hoopla. Kate looked beautiful, don't you think?

*Today I'm going to take my niece's three-month pictures...I bet I'll have some cute ones to share next week!

*Tomorrow is my last run with my Mini Marathon training group. The Mini is next weekend. Yikes!

*Hope you have a good weekend! Enjoy the break from the rain!

Thursday, April 28

me + max

I took this picture today: Max and I decided to make some impromptu sugar cookies, and convinced him to take a picture with me. Impromptu cookie baking is the best in my opinion. It is fitting that I got a picture of me and my boy because this morning we had a little date. Andrew's mom wanted to play with Cora this morning, so Max and I went to get him a (much needed!) haircut, then we went to Target and Burger King. I tried and tried to convince him that Panera would be more fun--they have squirt yogurt!--but he wanted Burger King. You win, buddy.

What you can't see in this photo is that Cora is behind the camera ready to push all the buttons. Panic!

I'm excited that I am in a photo again so I could link up with Emily over at the Anderson Crew blog. Fun fun.

Random question: is anyone getting up early tomorrow morning to watch the wedding of the century? I might, because I haven't been sleeping much lately anyway due to Storm 'O Rama 2011. I feel like my blood pressure has been high for two weeks now. In all seriousness, I do have a big problem with "storm fear". I wonder if there is a phobia for storms. Probably. I'll have to Google it.

My heart goes out to all the families in the south who have been hit hard with tornadoes. I can't watch any more storm footage or really even think about it anymore because I might faint, and then who would bake cookies with Max?

This morning I woke up and the sunlight was streaming through our windows and I was so thankful. I guess you have to have the storms to appreciate a regular, sunny day. I know, I am very philosophical today!

Tuesday, April 26

worn out

Yesterday the kids and I went to the library, then had to run to Hobby Lobby and the grocery. They both fell asleep on the way home. I thought about circling our house in a holding pattern until they woke up, then I remembered that gas is $4 a gallon. So, we came on home, and I very quietly unloaded all the groceries. Then I took my book out to the car and read until Cora woke up.

Max was still so tired--once we were inside I tucked him in on the couch. I love it when he sleeps on the couch:

What is amazing about it is the fact that he can sleep through all kinds of noise. The TV was on, Cora was playing, I was making noise in the kitchen, etc. Poor guy was just worn out.

Monday, April 25

a little chick

We had a good Easter yesterday. Easter baskets for the kids at home, then church, then a big lunch at Andrew's parents' house.

Mamaw Kay (Andrew's mom) gave Cora a little Easter chick. It winds up and hops around. She loved it:

Then she tried to eat it:

Cora gagged a little from the fuzz afterward. She is something else.

Friday, April 22

Thursday, April 21

georgia kitty

I think I've shown pictures of our cat Georgia before. Pretty kitty.

For months we thought Georgia was a girl, but later found out that "she" was in fact a "he".

I still call him a her. He a she. So confusing.

Oh well, whatever it is, it is still a pretty cat!

I love how cats lay on the sidewalk when it is warm out. (Note: this photo was taken before all the monsoons this week. Another note: I am tired of rain.)

Enjoy the sunshine today!

Tuesday, April 19

dear treadmill

Dear Treadmill*,

I understand if you are angry with me. This week I haven't been spending much time with you. Please know that it is nothing that you have done. Your little belt still moves around just fine, and your numbers light up perfectly.

I think it must be me. I must have spring fever. Now that the frozen tundra has finally melted, the lure of the great outdoors has gotten stronger and stronger. There are birds out there! And trees and grass and all kinds of lovely things to look at!

I hope you know that you were my first running love, and that the time we have spent together has been great. I feel like I can consume more cupcakes/ice cream/and McDonald's french fries all because of you! Maybe we should just take a little break? Not a break up, but a break. If I leave for a while, I hope you will let me come back. It will snow again, and I still need you in my life.

Much love,

* I wish I could say that I was running outside more. Sadly, the good ole treadmill is still my most convenient workout option. Most days I do my little run (I still think it is odd to say that I run. I jog at best!) at night, after the kids are in bed. Boy it is hard to work out at night. I could get up early to run in the morning, but I don't think that Andrew would appreciate the lovely sound of the treadmill as he is trying to sleep. (He is a pretty heavy sleeper, so he might not even notice...)

*Isn't running funny? While I am running I actually kind of hate it. Can't wait for it to be over. Then, when I am not running, I think about running. Wanting to run, and reading about other people running. So strange!

*My friend Holly and I are banking on a good long run outside this weekend, as she is wanting to break up with her treadmill too.

Sunday, April 17

in the cabinet

Sometimes Max and Cora fight. Ok, a lot of times they fight. But every once in a while they play together so sweetly.

They other night they took out ALL of the pots and pans from the cabinet:

Then they climbed into the newly empty space. Fun times Max and Cora.

I love the look in Max's eyes in this photo: you can tell he is smiling really big behind that little flashlight!

hey ladies!

As the weather warms, the auction business picks up. Before Andrew I had never attended a single auction, now I go to lots: estate sales, farm machinery sales, going out of business sales...

You never know what you will see at the auctions, and you never know who will buy it. Always surprises.

On Saturday we had an auction for a local florist who was going out of business. There was the usual florist type stuff that you would expect: boxes of artificial flowers, ribbons, vases.

Then there were these two lovely ladies:

They cracked me up. They seemed to be having a serious conversation about something. I am glad that one of our auction workers thought to drape them with sheets. Poor things were nude to start out with. How embarassing for them!

I was happy that when it was their turn to be sold, that the buyer took both of them. It would have been a shame to see them split up!

Thursday, April 14

fractured tibia

It' been a little crazy this week!

Long story short: Cora girl fell down on Sunday and as a result has a spiral fracture in her tibia (lower leg bone). I know! Poor baby! It was the weirdest thing: I was holding her on my lap, sitting on a kitchen bar stool and when she wanted down I leaned over and put her little feet down on the ground. She didn't have her footing and she kind of twisted and fell down. Ever since then she hasn't walked or put any weight on her right leg.

So, three wild and crazy doctor's appointments later, (plus an especially wild x-ray session) the doctors discovered the fracture. My step dad Jerry has always called Cora "Wildcat", and she definately earned the nickname throughout this process. She is one determined little thing. She is terrified of doctors, doctor's offices, anyone who tries to talk to her at the doctor's office, and she really put up a good fight and let everyone know that she was not happy.

Her little cast will be on for three weeks. Not too bad. Max thinks that it is super cool that his sister has a cast.

Oh goodness. I just love her. If it is possible, the little pink cast makes her cuter in my eyes. Milk it for all its worth Wildcat!

Tuesday, April 12

waiting for peonies

Every year I get so excited for flowers...especially peonies. I think they are so pretty. Look closely at this picture and you can see the ant in the middle:

Andrew hired a guy to come and mow our yard tomorrow...and the first thing I said was: "Make sure and tell Evan not to mow down my peonies!"

It would be a tragedy for sure.

Monday, April 11

it only appears like I have too much time on my hands

Have you ever wanted to do something creative, but don't have a chunk of time to really think about it or get it started? I feel like that a lot. It is a little hard to really dig into anything when taking care of young children. Lately I have been trying to not fight the reality of this, but embrace it and try and incorporate little bits of creativity here and there.

So, a few weeks ago I put the kids' books in rainbow order. I know. I should have cleaned the bathroom, or sorted through a pile of something. Plus, I figured the books would probably stay this way for about 8 minutes:

Even though it wasn't really that productive, and it was something that didn't really need done, it was fun. It made our messy/crazy toy room a little happier.

And wouldn't you know...the books are still in that same order! I am amazed. (Cora can't reach them yet, obviously. Little Miss Destruction would have that taken care of it if she could reach!)

I guess the moral of the story would be to take a little time to do something that makes you smile. Do something that isn't productive. Make something that is "everyday" more special, more beautiful. I found this quote online a while back (I apologize that I don't know the author), and I think it is a really good one for me to think about and remember:

"If you seek some special life outside of daily activities, that is like brushing aside waves to look for water."

Waiting for that big chunk of creative time (that will probably never come) is a waste of my time. Instead I have to try and incorporate little creative things into my life with my kids. It is hard. I do get frustrated. But, gosh. They are so great. Why in the world should I push my little "waves" away?

Trying harder not to.

Thursday, April 7

march photos

Yay March pictures! I missed taking one photo this month, on the 31st, so I snuck in a generic type photo of spring foliage for that day. I hate it when I miss a day! Plus, that day I went to Indy to smooch on my sweet niece, and so the fact that I forgot both my cameras at home, then was too lazy to take a picture when I got back irks me a little.

Ah, well. Still loving this.

Happy Friday!

tractor pullin'

That's right. Tractor pullin'. Please note the lack of "g" on the end of pulling. Serious country stuff.

Last night Andrew was the announcer of the kiddie tractor pull at the county fairgrounds. It was a part of this year (and every year's, I believe) ag days. So fun. Basically, they have a little pedal tractor with a little sled on the back. As the child pedals it along the track, they add weight.

Max competed in the 3 & 4 year old category:

He did pretty good. After his turn, he wanted to go again. Well, each child only got one turn. We almost had a meltdown. Luckily we were able to distract him with a trip to McDonald's.

Crisis averted.

On another note: how's this for counterproductive? Eat McDonald's, then run on the treadmill. I should write a book: How to Work Out Really Hard, But Not See Any Results! It would be a bestseller for sure. On a running blog I was on yesterday I saw a woman that had a shirt that said: "Will Run for Ice Cream." I totally agree.

I feel like I should go make granola now.

Wednesday, April 6


So, I have started dipping my toes into the water of "taking pictures for other people". I have always loved photography, and after having my own children I have developed an even deeper love. I get such a jolt when I get a "good" photo of my kids, or of anything really. It is so satisfying. That being said, taking pictures of your own children and other people's children are two different things: there is a little more pressure when the children are not your own! Little feelings of doubt start creeping into my thoughts and I get really nervous.

Even though I tend to doubt myself (it is one of my favorite things to do), I have decided that something that makes me feel so happy deserves to have a little more attention. Plus, photographs are so important!

In steps James. Or crawls, I guess I should say. Smile. He is the son of Josh and Katy,Andrew's friends from the University of Evansville. (Or, I think I can call them my friends too.) I always love being with Josh and Katy, they are just so warm and funny. Last weekend they brought James over for his nine month photo session. I wanted to share a few of my favorites:

Now, James will forever be considered a supermodel in my book. It is almost if he is posing for the camera! Doll baby!

I love profiles. So sweet. You can tell by his expression that he is smiling at his mommy.

I think that chubby baby legs are some of the most wonderful things on the planet!

Thank you James for being the most photogenic little thing. I had the best time taking photos of you!

Sunday, April 3

art for breakfast

Lately I have been feeling like a stick-in-the-mud kind of mom. It may not look like it if you just read about my mommy adventures here on the blog, but there are many times (many many times) that these words come out of my mouth:

"I can't right now."
"Maybe later, Max."
"I'm busy."
"I have to load the dishwasher/do laundry/clean something/unload the dishwasher." (Side note: I feel like I am forever loading and unloading the dishwasher!)
"In a minute."

I think that I have to make more of an effort to have a little fun with my children. I need to look for chances to bless them, rather than automatically thinking about how things will make a mess, or how it will be more work for me.

Max, Cora and I have the luxury of lazy mornings. Most days we don't have to get up and hurry off anywhere. Oh I love it, and I want to try and capture this time and create more fun in our mornings. I remember seeing on this blog where the mom would get out a bunch of art supplies and "set" the table with them after her children were in bed. In the morning the kids would wake up to a little art fun all ready to go.

A fun and simple idea. I have a degree in art education for goodness sakes. Why don't we make more art around here? The supplies I set out were not anything new or fancy, just the fact that they were all ready first thing in the morning was the novelty part.

When Max got up last Friday I told him that as a surprise I got out all the paints so they would be ready and he could make some paintings while he ate his breakfast.

"I get to do it right now?"

Yes, right now!

Cora was more interested in the eating part, but she did cheer Max on in his color choice and composition.

I love how Max writes his name!

This was so simple, and so fun. All I had to do was take 5 minutes and get the table all set the night before. I really think that I'll do this again, maybe trying a specific project next time. Another good time would be to set the table with a project while the kids take their naps. (Or, I should say while Cora naps and Max lays down for 10 minute increments. I am worried that naps my be over for him.) Anyway, late afternoon/early evening is always the hardest and longest hours of the day, so having a little activity to do would be good!

Friday, April 1

a springy picture

Just wanted to share a springy looking picture with you on this first day of April. April! Please bring warmer weather April!

It is so great to see green things growing up in all the brown everywhere. Every year it seems amazing to me.