Thursday, February 24

i get this look a lot

Cora has this little look:

It is a wrinkled little nose look that seems to say: "Something stinks!" or "What are you talking about?"

Regardless as to what it really means, I get this look from her often.

This isn't the perfect photo at all, (hello head cropped off!) but it does capture an expression that I will always treasure. The light in our toy/office area is always really good in the afternoon, so I got this picture when Cora was playing in there the other day. I had my back against the desk, and she was standing at the big chair, a distance of about 4 feet away.

That explains to you the "in your face" aspect of this whole thing. Smiles.

Tuesday, February 22

what we're reading

I guess a better title for this post would be "What Max is Reading"! We've started reading chapter books. So fun! We had a couple classic little chapter books on our shelf, and he has always loved going through all the pages looking for the pictures. About a month ago we actually read our first one:

The Mouse and the Motorcycle. I love Beverly Cleary. I so enjoyed the Ramona books as a little girl. Remember when she pulled the little girl's hair on the playground because she loved her curls? So funny. Was it Ribsy that was so sad? I can't remember. I just know that there was one about a dog that wandered around looking for home, and I remember it made me feel so lonely for him!

We enjoyed this book, but I think maybe it was a little too descriptive for our first one. We read it all nonetheless!

Next we read My Father's Dragon. I had never heard of this book, and we actually got it as part of a baby shower gift. (One of the best shower gifts we received was a whole collection of books that would "grow" with Max. Picture books, chapter books. So great!) I loved this book! It was so cute and clever. Plus is was an old one: originally published in 1948 I believe.

At the library we checked out the first Magic Tree House book: Dinosaurs Before Dark. My mom (who up until last year was a kindergarten teacher) reccomended this series for young children. She knew what she was talking about! (Not that I doubted you, Mom!) A very fun read. Max loved it because of the dinosaurs, of course.

We are currently reading Flat Stanley. It is also very cute. Lots of pictures, and the chapters are short. In one of the first chapters Stanley gets folded up and mailed somewhere. We may make our own Stanley and mail him to someone soon...

I just love books. Love love love. So glad that Max enjoys them too! Any suggestions for what we should read next?

Wednesday, February 9

something about this one

I finally got around to uploading (is it called uploading or downloading when you put pictures on your computer from your camera?) pictures today. When I was going through them, a particular one of Cora in the bathtub caught me. It seemed to yell at me: "Please take the time to turn me to black and white! Do it in Photoshop so it will be extra pretty!"

So I did:

You see, most of the time my "everyday" or "photo of the day" pictures just get simple little edits in iPhoto. Every once in a while I see one that I will take the time to edit in Photoshop.

What is it about a particular photograph that grabs your attention? What makes it special and worth a little extra attention? For me it is just a feeling. When this photo of Cora popped up in the computer it almost made me ache I loved it so much. Her little shoulders, her hair, all of it.

Plus, it looks so serene and peaceful.

Bath time at our house is neither serene or peaceful. What you don't see in this photo is Max behind Cora in the tub about to pour water over her head.

It is no wonder why she is a feisty little thing.

Thursday, February 3

a project: cupcake flags

What do you do when you are iced in? As in the world around you is a skating rink? Bake something! Max and I are always baking or cooking something. Luckily I had all the items we needed on hand to whip up a batch of Valentine cupcakes. (I always use Duncan Hines Classic White cake mix. It is so good!) While they were in the oven I was thinking about all the cute little kits available now for cupcake toppers. Target even has some now. They are basically little toothpicks with neat 2-D designs and pictures on them.)

Well now, I thought Max and I could make some of our own! So we did. It was so fun and super easy. In case you are also iced in, and need a little Valentine project I thought I would include some step-by-step instructions and photos. Now, this is not rocket science, of course, they are glorified toothpicks. You could probably figure it out on your own. I know you could!

However, if you are the type that likes instructions, here's how Max and I made our little cupcake flags:

1. In Word (or other word processing software) make a little list of words for your flags. Be mine, xoxo, love you, is what we used. I aligned them to the right so when we cut them they will work perfect for the flags. Change the font color to whichever one makes you happy.

2. Print! You could use cardstock if you wanted, I just used some OLD resume paper I found in the drawer. (Don't you love a project when you use things you find around the house?)

3. Cut! We used a little paper cutter I have to get them nice and straight, but you could use scissors and it would work just fine. I found that if you made the little strip 6 inches long it made the perfect size flag.

4. Fold and glue! Fold each little strip of paper/cardstock in half. Using a gluestick, coat the inside of the strip. Rub the end of your toothpick on the gluestick. What to do with the extra paper strips? Tape them to your face and pretend you are a tiger.

5. Stick and re-fold! Once you have your paper and toothpick all gluey, put the toothpick inside the paper and seal it all up.

6. Cute! I snipped the end of the paper with scissors to make it look more "flag like". You wouldn't have to if it doesn't float your boat.

Now, it helps if you have a cupcake aficionado in your house for quality control. Ever since her birthday in December, Cora goes crazy if she sees a cupcake. Has! To! Have! One! Right! Now!

She approves.

Max's little cupcake is so precious. Upside down and all.

Happy Friday to everyone...go make some cupcakes!

Wednesday, February 2

january looked like this:

I am proud of myself that not only did I make it into a photo for this month, but Andrew did too! Look at the whole family made it in one together! I think I should try to get both of us in at least one photo each month. It is hard to get pictures of us together.

Lots of pictures of sleeping little ones this month. I love those, I can't help myself. I especially love the one of Cora in her bed. Her blankie, her sheets: I love that I got a picture of little things that you think you won't forget, but probably will. That picture is so "her".

Knock on wood--the "frozen tundra" continues to surround our little house on the hill, but thankfully the power is still on. I'm still holding my breath a little bit...

I do feel like our house might be made of popsicle sticks. The wind sure does rip right through our house! Drafty! Just part of the joys of an old farmhouse. Plus, I think the wind was up to 50 some miles an hour last night! Our house didn't stand a chance!

Well, I'd better go. Cabin fever has officially set in on the children: They are fighting over the pretend kitchen food. And crying and clawing, and wrestling. I'd better break it up...

Stay warm!

Tuesday, February 1

currently covered in ice

Greetings from the frozen tundra! It isn't that bad, but I do believe that a solid sheet of ice is now covering everything outside. I am hoping and praying that the "next punch" of ice will not cause our power to go out. Please please please. Time will tell. In the meantime I have every appliance hard at work just in case: getting all the laundry/dishes finished up.

I think that it is in February that spring seems like an impossibility. How will it ever be warm again? Will the kids and I ever get to go outside without hats/coats/boots? Yes, we will. Soon!

Until then I have a bundled up baby to get you feeling all warm and snuggly:

I did a little photo shoot with my niece yesterday. (The second one. Newborns are a bit particular and last week little Callie was so not in the mood for Aunt Abby and her camera. It was my fault. Her mommy and I sat around talking and cuddling with her when we should have been busy with the pictures. By the time we were ready she was definitely not.) No worries. Take two went much better yesterday.

I'll probably post more of these as I edit them. They are too precious to keep to myself!

Happy ice day everyone--think warm thoughts!