Saturday, July 31

art in france - day four

Art camp is a wrap! Yesterday was our final day, and the students created their very own dot paintings in the style of Seurat.

As promised, I want to share photos of all the finished projects. I think these projects all turned out really nice!

Matisse style cut-outs:

Matisse's goldfish: (One of my most favorite projects ever!)

A Monet style painting:

Cezanne still life paintings:

A Seurat dot painting:

We had a little art show/reception last night too. All the kids came--which was wonderful. They all got their t-shirts, and helped me present their new knowledge of the French masters to their families. The studio looked so great with all the bright colors--it was a little sad when the kids took everything home!

Plus, we had cookies. Art is always better with cookies!

Thursday, July 29

art in france - day three

Art camp today was full of paint: we worked a little more on our Monet pieces, then started little Cezanne still life paintings on canvases.

Cezanne liked to paint apples, so we painted apples today too.

Tomorrow is our last day of camp, followed in the evening by the art show. I can't wait to get all the artwork up on the walls: it always makes my studio look so bright!

Wednesday, July 28

art in france - day two

This morning my Art in France students came in to see the results of watercolors they started yesterday. We sprayed and salted our watercolors for some interesting effects.


Next we started on our Monet project. I wanted to do a big painting like one of his in the MoMA, so each student painted a section of a much larger painting. I can't wait to see it all together!

Tuesday, July 27

art in france - day one

Today was all about Matisse: The king of color! My students got a good start on a mixed media Matisse inspired still life. It's a project I've done several times before, and have always loved the results. (Stay tuned for the big reveal of all the projects later in the week!)

Tomorrow we will dive into the work of Monet.

I mixed up some colors for the kids to use tomorrow before I left today. Seeing these pretty colors all lined up makes me so happy. (I'm being totally serious: I love pretty things all stacked up in a nice little arrangement.)

I knew there was a reason why I have been hoarding all those baby food containers!

Monday, July 26

oooh la la!

Hello there! Today I am getting everything ready for my next art camp: Oooh La La, Art in France. Hopefully at the end of this camp my students will be familiar with four of the major French masters: Matisse, Monet, Cezanne and Seurat. I'll show pictures of our projects later on this week!

Monday, July 19

Last weekend I met Abe Lincoln.

Actually just a (really good!) impersonator. Farmland celebrated "Good Ole Days" and Abe just happened to be there. Good Ole Days is a festival that features all things good and old: horse and wagon rides, antique vendors & demonstrations, lots of food, etc. Andrew's mom has been the chairperson for this event for the past two years, and along with her committee has done an awesome job pulling together a fun family day.

I just thought this photo of me & Abe was too fun!

Saturday, July 17

yesterday I shot in manual...

So I have this awesome camera.

I've had said awesome camera a little over three years.

Yesterday was the first day I really dug out the manual and figured out how to shoot in manual mode. I know. Ridiculous.

I really don't know why I've waited so long. I know the basics of SLR cameras, but I didn't really know how to adjust/change all the settings in my own camera.

Oh manual mode, I think we will be friends.

Wednesday, July 14

teddy bear picture day

7 months today: Little Miss Cora is certainly starting to round out nicely!

This smile is courtesy of Max, who was standing to the left. The best smiles are always for him.

Tuesday, July 13

june, I did not forget about you

I almost forgot to organize all my June photos! I am really good at taking lots of pictures, not so good about organizing all of them. My poor computer is starting to get mad about the sheer volume of photos I am asking it to hold! I hope soon I will get my act together and get everything all organized and cleaned out.


Friday, July 9

everyday beautiful

I wish I knew what Max was saying, and what little Cora was thinking. Beautiful to me.

Wednesday, July 7


We started with three tiny kittens. Super tiny. They were so little that they needed lots of care. One of the poor little ones died, and I was so very sad. I felt like such a bad cat owner! In steps my mother. With my human children I didn't have the time to devote to these new babies. My wonderful mom took over kitten care and gave them kitty formula, baby food and grew them into nice big kittens.

While mom was taking care of these babies, we acquired two more kittens. They were older and much more low maintenance, so I was able to care for them myself.

A couple days ago the original kittens came back home from Mom's, so now we have four. Four little girl kittens: Georgia, Scarlet, Sadie & Lucy. Hopefully they are good mousers! They are all VERY friendly, and pretty much start purring and running toward you as soon as you step out the door.

This is a picture of Georgia. (I try not to talk about it in front of the others, but she is the prettiest one!)

Monday, July 5

warning: extreme cuteness ahead

We had a very laid back and relaxed 4th of July: church followed by a little bit of swimming at my mom's house. Andrew had to bale straw, so he didn't get to join us for the swimming portion. (I thought about him sweating it up in the field as I was floating in the pool...)

Yesterday was the first day that we had Miss Cora in her swimsuit. Oh man. So cute!

Cora really likes grass. You can lay her on the edge of a blanket and she will play with it for about 20 minutes or so, which for her is a really long time! Don't worry, she didn't actually eat any of the grass.

This picture reminds me of a picture I have of Max in a little blue hat. There's just something about babies in hats!