Friday, April 30

one more lilac picture

Just one more lilac picture. I couldn't help myself. Plus, they are in Ball jars. I've recently decided that I love Ball jars. I also love flowers...

Speaking of flowers, I think today Max and I are going to start some sunflowers indoors to plant in the garden later. He has been begging to plant something (anything!) ever since the Easter Bunny put seeds in his Easter basket. What was the Easter Bunny thinking? He must have known that it would not be time to plant seeds for a while, and it would be torture for Max to wait.

Also, the Easter Bunny brought Moon Sand. Moon Sand is VERY messy and not as easy to mold as it looks on TV.

Come on Easter Bunny. Get with it.

Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, April 29

hello there

This blogging stuff is hard! I tell myself that I want to post more frequently, and then I blink my eyes and a whole week has gone by. Whoa. So, for today I have a list of what we've been up to. Oh how I love lists.

1. "Recreational painting"
I'm in the middle of a 6 week watercolor class at Gordy Fine Art & Framing in Muncie. It has been wonderful. I consider watercolor to be my primary medium, but honestly I don't know much about it. (If you have taken watercolor lessons from me in the past you may want to request your money back. Kidding.) Watercolor is so tricky. I had a little crash course on it when I was in Italy with a Ball State group, and after that my roommate showed me a few tips. (Thanks Sarah!) Other than that I've just played around with it on my own. It has been so great to be in a class again!

2. Library visits & reading
We are back in our library visit routine again. I LOVE our little library. Love it. It is so organized and clean and they always have seasonal books and activities out for the kids. I've been reading quite a bit--as much as a tired mom can! I recently checked out and read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Seriously the best book I've read in a long time. I hear a movie is in the works for this book. (I always get so excited about books being made into movies, but I am always dissapointed when I go see them. The movies are never as good!)

3. Getting rid of the stuff
Spring always makes me so antsy--I want to clean out everything! So, lately I've been trying to tackle a little area every day to get rid of stuff we're not using. So liberating! The other day I went through the big cabinet thing that Andrew and I keep all our folded clothes in and I got a whole garbage bag just from there! Hello Goodwill! (Andrew, don't panic. It was just my stuff. I did not get rid of a single sock of yours.)

4. Taking pictures and trying to be creative
I remember last year about this time it started getting really hard to take a picture every day. It is silly, because things are starting to change outside and you'd think that it would get easier. I think its just harder to be creative. I feel like I've started taking a lot of the same things and repeating myself. So, I'm trying to get creative and try new things.

5. Answering lots of questions
Max has started the stage of development where he asks "why". A lot. Or, his famous line after everything I say is: "What you said?" It is quite exhausting repeating myself. I now know why moms always say: "Because I said so!" At the same time, it seems like his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. It is always fun to see what new word he'll say each day. He learns lots of words from his TV shows--the other day he and my mom were talking about butterflies and what they eat. Mom told him that they eat "flower juice". Max corrected her and told her that it was called nectar. Ok Mr. Smarty Pants.

6. Watching Cora roll over
Cora rolls over now--very quickly. You lay her down and within seconds she is on her tummy. I have a feeling she is going to be mobile a little quicker than Max was. Time to baby proof again!

Well, now I feel a little caught up. Hopefully I won't wait a week for the next update!

Thursday, April 22

lovely lilacs

Near the barn we have a HUGE lilac bush. There's another one close to the sandbox/garden area. I'm not a huge fan of the bushes--but I do love them when they're in bloom!!

I think lilacs smell so good. I cut a bunch for a vase the other day and the whole kitchen smelled so good.

Lilacs are one of those things that I could take hundreds of pictures of. So pretty and "springy"!

Thursday, April 15

the cake bandit

As Max is getting older he is able to do more and more things for himself. This is good and bad, of course. Take the other morning for example. Cora and I were in the bathroom, getting ready for the day and in comes Max with a huge smile on his face. He was carrying a serving bowl with a piece of chocolate cake in it.

Me: "Where did you get that cake?"
Max: "You know, in the cabinet!"
Me: "Did you cut that yourself?" (YIKES!)
Max: "Yes I did!"

Max had opened the cabinet, uncovered the cake, got out a butter knife and cut himself a little piece. Then he put it in a serving bowl. He was even civilized enough to get himself a fork.

Note to self: store all cakes (and knives) up higher.

Wednesday, April 14

teddy bear picture day

Four months! I think today was the first time Cora actually noticed the bear. This is when the teddy bear pictures start to get really cute!

Hello bear. Nice to meet you.

I bet if I really tried, I could kick this bear over...

Up he goes!

This is hard work!

There! Got him!

Tuesday, April 13

and so it begins

Spring has officially sprung. Today is the first day of the planting season. Not for me and my little garden, but for Andrew and my dad and the rest of their gang.

I love spring and fall, but I do dread the work for Andrew that comes along with them. You do have to "may hay when the sun shines", so that means lots of long hours for Andrew--and long days and evenings away from home. Sigh.

I do understand the love of farming he has. My own little garden has captivated me more than I ever thought it would. For me it is spiritual: a conversation with God. You put something in the ground and pray that it grows. You let go of control and watch what happens. It is a connection with something bigger. It is slow and calming. You get to be outside--feel the sunshine on your back.

I know that "big time" farming is much more complicated than my garden. You would think that growing up a "farm girl" that I would know a lot more than I do. Andrew has had to explain lots of stuff to me! But I think the love for it is like the love of the garden. I doubt that Andrew would say that his work is "slow and calming" but I think it is a very satisfying work. Work that people have done forever. So many times we would have to take a detour when we were driving somewhere so we could check out a field. "Look at that corn Abby--that's our corn. Doesn't it look good!"

So, I hope that all goes well as Andrew (and lots of other farmers) begin the long process of putting seeds in the ground. Lets pray that it rains at the right time, and that everything grows!

Friday, April 9

bless his heart

Lately Max has not been napping like he used to. Every day we go through the usual 2 o'clockish nap routine, but he only naps about every other day. It is a little frustrating because he used to take monster 3-hour naps. It was wonderful.

So, today we attempt the nap, and it didn't work. He was up. Darn. So, we go about the rest of the afternoon. Made a cake, watched some Max & Ruby.

Then on to dinner. We've been trying to get Max to eat better. He is a total chicken nugget-mac & cheese-applesauce kid. So, Andrew said he would take him out to play if he tried one thing on his plate. Even the lure of the outdoors didn't conquer potatoes and green beans. So, Andrew and I keep talking and eating, and he asks Max a question. No response. Max? Andrew laughed and said that Max put himself in time out.

I look down, and discover he is asleep. Laying across a hard wooden chair. Bless his little exhausted heart.

Max gets this ability to fall asleep anywhere honestly. His Papaw Max has been known to fall asleep laying across a row of folding chairs.

After we took as many pictures as we could we did move him to the couch. So sweet.

Sunday, April 4

a march mosaic

I need to make sure I download my pictures a little more often. By the time I get around to sorting them all out on my computer I forget which day I took which picture. (I do have the date set on my camera which helps, but I think the time is set wrong so the dates don't always match up quite right.) I get very confused!