Wednesday, March 31

just cute

I just thought this was too cute to keep to myself!

Tuesday, March 30

before & after

As promised, here are a few before and after pictures of part of our little kitchen project. The project is not completely finished, but the major part (painting a built-in cabinet) is.
Here's the before:

And the after! You have to know that it is a major step for me to paint color in the house. I love color, but I'm always afraid that I will get tired of it, so thus far my house has had rooms colored "Milk Chocolate", "Lindhearst Timber" and "Potter's Wheel". Basically those are all fancy names for tan. My house has just been tan.

I thought I would give turquoise a go because I love it so much. I have a huge folders full of magazine pictures that I file away (nerd alert!) and so many of those have turquoise in them. I also love to wear turquoise, and they ("they" being the design experts) say you should use colors in your home that you have in your closet. Plus, it was a small color commitment being that it was just the inside of a cabinet that has a bold color.

Don't my little Pyrex pretties look awesome??

I will share before & after pictures of the whole kitchen as soon as we get it done!!

Tuesday, March 23

a project

This week my kitchen is getting a little makeover. Nothing major, just some new paint, etc. I am super excited.

When it is finished I'll post some pictures for sure.

Don't you just love a fresh coat of paint? Especially if it's turquoise?

Thursday, March 18

3 month teddy bear pictures

It's time for another round of teddy bear pictures! Cora is now three months old!

Since Cora can sit up a lot better now this was the closest thing to an "out take" that we had this time. Her face does look a little bit nervous...

Max helped me take Cora's pictures this time. Is he not the image of a proud big brother? I am so amazed at how easily Max has accepted Cora into his little life. He has had rough patches, of course, but for the most part he is a wonderful and loving big brother. Doesn't he look huge next to Cora and the bear!? Whoa!!

Tuesday, March 16

imaginary friends

For some time now there have been a few imaginary people around our house. Max's imaginary friends...

Imaginary friend #1: "Soggy Froggy"
When Max was still in diapers I would call him a "soggy froggy" when he needed his diaper changed. Naturally, when Cora needs her diaper changed I call her the same thing. Max picked up on this, and that is how his primary imaginary friend got his name. Soggy Froggy goes most places with us, likes to play hide and seek, and is quite mischievous.

Imaginary friend #2: "Little Foot"
"Little Foot" sounds like an Indian name, but is actually a dinosaur from the Land Before Time movie. Do you remember that movie? It is so good, and so sad! I don't remember it being that sad when I was little! Anyway, Little Foot often steps on Max's foot and hurts him. Yesterday Little Foot went to the library with us and was a very good boy because he used a quite voice and didn't run between the shelves.

Imaginary friend #3: "Blocky"
This little friend is around the least, and honestly I have no idea where his name came from. I just asked Max what kind of person Blocky was, and he said he was blue and a robot. Blocky also has a big wagon. Good to know.

I don't know how long our little friends are going to stay with us. It is so funny to hear Max talk about them. Such an imagination he has!

Wednesday, March 10

today we went outside

Chuck the weather man predicted a high today of around 64 degrees, so I figured we should go outside! It was a little cooler than 64, but not bad. I bundled Cora up in her little snuggly and we headed out. Max was so excited. Of course we headed straight for the sandbox.

While Cora and I huddled next to the house Max dug and ran, played with his dump truck and tractor, and then he stuck a stick in the ground and said it would soon be a giant beanstalk. Cool.

In between all that I got this:

So handsome little guy. So handsome.

Monday, March 8

clean up on aisle 5!

Some days as a mom I feel like my day is nothing but clean up. I'm talking about laundry, dishes, toys, stuff...but mainly I am talking about poo.

Yes, poo. As in poop.

Anyway, today was one of those days. Max had a couple accidents. One of those was a poop. The agony! Miss Cora pooped up her back in a serious way. After I had her dressed in a cute outfit I might add. This is not poo related, but just added to my distress: I was so proud of myself because I finally got around to washing the Boppy cover--then Cora threw up on it.

I just can't win!

Then I remembered that yesterday's sermon at church was all about humbling yourself and becoming a servant.

Today I was a servant to the poo--and other bodily functions of my beautiful children.

Somehow I don't think that was the kind of serving they were talking about...

Thursday, March 4

dreaming of peonies

they changed color, originally uploaded by house on hill road.

The sunshine has me thinking of flowers. And outside, and the garden, and wagon rides...

I have two little clusters of peonies that grow on either side of our sidewalk. When we moved last spring and discovered that we had peonies growing I was so anxious to see what color they would be.

White. They turned out to be a lovely white.

I am so excited for them to come back--to cut bouquets for my kitchen table!

**I can't take credit for the beautiful picture above. I found it on flickr. So pretty!**

Wednesday, March 3

pretty girl

This is one of my February pictures--I just thought it deserved to be posted all on its own. So pretty. (It may be because she's mine, but I think Cora is probably the prettiest thing I've ever seen.)

She is getting so big! Right now as I type she is laying next to me on the couch, propped up in the Boppy and kicking the heck out of my leg. I love the stage where babies kick their legs all the time. It makes them so happy! I also love when I look at her and talk her little eyes twinkle.

I'm officially in love with this little girl.

Monday, March 1

so long february

February is a weird little is the shortest, but sometimes feels long because the weather is nasty! Hopefully March has some warmer temperatures and less snow in store for us!

The funny thing about this group of pictures is how much pink and red is in them. It almost looks like I planned it that way for Valentines Day!

So far I feel like the quality of my pictures is very similar to last year. I really haven't done anything so push myself as far as the photography goes. There are still some nights when I realize that I haven't taken a picture yet, and I have to settle for an image that is not the best. I would still like to use the manual setting on my camera more instead of relying on the "no flash auto mode" that I usually use. Alas, the manual setting of my camera alludes me. I need to dig out my manual...