Tuesday, February 23

little booties

When Max was a baby I didn't pay much attention to his footwear--it was warm when he was a little guy, so most of the time he was barefoot. Oh how things are different for little girlies...

I found these little boots at Target (oh how I love Target) and told Santa that Cora would love them. Santa put them in her stocking! Ever since these cute little boots have been the go-to shoes for Miss Cora. They even stay on because they velcro up the back!

This was my picture-of-the-day a couple days ago. I want to remember Cora's first little booties.

Thursday, February 18

another letter to spring

About this time I start to think of spring--all the time. The snow is seriously piled up around our little house on the hill, and it is hard to imagine that it will ever all go away and be warm again. I like to write letters to spring to help ease my impatience:

Dear Spring,

I have missed you so much! I know that your visit will bring much needed energy and life around here: garden plans, walks, running and playing outside.

Plus, there is someone that I want you to meet! Our new daughter Cora is anxious to feel your sunshine on her little face. I can hardly wait to put her in our red wagon and introduce you to her. Max has obviously been asking for you. He has enjoyed all of Winter's wonder, but longs for green grass and mud puddles. (Plus you know how distant and cold Winter can be sometimes!)

So, I know that you are doing your best to get here, but please get here fast! We love you and can't wait!

Much anticipation,

Abby (and the rest of the Wagners)

Monday, February 15

cora's 2 month teddy bear pictures

Two months already!

Cora is very interested in her hands. She loves to look at them:

Just like last month I have a couple "out takes" from our little photo shoot. Where did Cora go?

I have all these wonderful teddy bear pictures on my computer of Max, but I haven't printed them all as a set yet. I would love to frame them in a long vertical row. I think it will be so fun to have a set of 12 pictures for Max's first year, and another set for Cora!

Friday, February 12

another funny story

Max says the funniest things. I have another cute conversation that I would like to share:

* * In the morning... * *

Max: Mommy, you're pretty.

Me: Max, that is so nice! That makes me feel really happy!

Max: You're welcome Mommy!

* * Later that day... * *

I was cooking some pasta for lunch, and Max had a few pieces in his little pan that he was "cooking". Suddenly a piece of pasta hits the side of my face...

Me: Max, you do not throw things. (I have on my best "I mean business" face.)

Max: (after a little hesitation) Mommy, you're pretty.

Me: Thank you Max, but you are still in trouble.

Max: I'm not in trouble...you're happy now!

I actually was really happy because I thought it was so funny that Max thought a little flattery would get him out of trouble so easily, but of course I couldn't show it!

Hope everyone is doing well among all the snow drifts. I know that I am longing for spring more than ever this year. (Have you ever been snowed in with a two-year-old before? Whew. It is exhausting!)

Friday, February 5


Lately Max has been tagging along with Andrew to do some farm work. He has his own little set of coveralls and everything. The other day they were getting ready to take a load of beans to the grain terminal when I saw this scene out the kitchen window:

Max likes to go to the terminal because he gets to ride in the big truck, and once they get there he gets popcorn. It is nice that Max can get out of the house once in a while--Play Doh is fun and all, but the fresh (even if it is cold!) air is good for a little person.

Wednesday, February 3

january in pictures

January is over? What? I have a feeling that this year will fly by. If having a child makes time go fast, having two must make it go faster still. I am still so excited about taking a picture a day: it is such a simple way for me to document our lives, especially the little everyday things with Max and Cora.

I am in the process of working on my album for last year. I have all the pictures, and am currently putting the date on the back (in the future I think I will have it printed on the back at the developer) and slipping them in the album. I am leaving a space every page to write the details of the photos so someone can pick up the album and see what everything is without me having to explain everything.

I thought about doing a digital book, (Blurb is my favorite place for these now) but I would rather do an "old school" album with real photos and paper (maybe some paint and stitching!) rather than sitting in front of the computer forever. It was so satisfying to have that whole stack of 365 photos in my hand!

Maybe when I get the album all done I'll have a little show and tell. At the rate I'm going (time is a precious thing around here these days!) it may be next February!

Tuesday, February 2

monster drawing

Max draws the best monsters. Super cute. The other morning he was drawing our family as monsters. I assumed that included all of us, but when I asked him who was who I was a little surprised.

The little monster who I thought would be Cora was not her at all. Max informed me that was my camera. I guess he is so used to me carrying around the camera and not so used to Cora yet.

Too funny.