Thursday, January 28

right now

Right now Max:

Loves playing Play Doh
Loves "tending" different things (aka "pretending")
Draws the best monsters
Thinks the baby monitor is a two-way radio
Doesn't like lunch or dinner, but adores snacks (it's all in how you word things!)

Right now Cora:

Likes to watch the little birds fly around her baby swing
Gives the cutest wrinkled nose, sideways smiles
Grunts like a little piglet
Loves to be held and cuddled
Loves her pacifier

Right now I:

Am eating peanut M&Ms. Why do they taste better when they are in Valentine colors?

Wednesday, January 27

if I had an extra hour (or ten)

I don't know if any of you reading like Martha Stewart, but I do. Not so much Martha herself, but all the ideas that her "empire" of workers come up with. I love it when her magazine shows up in my mailbox every month--everything in there is always so beautiful. Also, the monthly calendar in the front is good for a laugh. It tells you what Martha is doing every day. Yeah right, like Martha cleans out her own chicken coop.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah--one thing that Martha provides is an endless array of projects to choose from to keep one busy. I currently don't have any time for creative projects (does laundry count as a project?), but if I did I would make some "scrapboxes". So neat! Not really a new idea, but I love how these have been put together--very cool. Click here to watch the video.

Tuesday, January 26


I love the detail pictures. I love pictures that are super close. (Max has grown up with my camera inches from his face--Cora will probably suffer the same fate.)




Sunday, January 24

cute conversations with Max

Today Max and I had a couple cute conversations. Please note: There are grammatical errors due to the fact that Max is two. They are on purpose, just so you know.

Conversation 1:

Max: "What she saying?" (Talking about Cora, who was squirming and grunting in my arms)

Me: "I don't know, what do you think she's saying?"

Max: "Perfect. She's saying you perfect Mama"

**I did not make this up, he really did say it, and my heart grew about three sizes.**

Conversation 2:

Me: "Max, lets go to the potty."

Max: "OK, put the hammer down!" (We were not hammering anything, but that is what we say when we need to hurry.)

Me: "Go Max!"

Max: (During the potty process) "We make a pretty good team."

Me: "Who does?"

Max: "Me and you Mommy!"

**I was sure Max probably got the "we make a pretty good team" phrase from Dora or some other TV show, but when I asked him about it he told me that he learned it from Papaw Max.**

Wednesday, January 20

a little chocolate cure

Do you ever have one of those moments where you need a little chocolate? You begin searching through the whole kitchen in search of any tiny morsel you can find...

I had one of those moments today, so I made some "no bake cookies". I love these cookies. They take me back to 7th grade foods class. I loved foods class! Plus they are really fast--I made them really quickly today while the kiddos were sleeping. One other benefit: these cookies have oats in them, which I feel cancels out the crazy amount of sugar. They are practically a health food item.

I've tried a few different recipes and finally found a favorite. Here it is if you too are having a chocolate attack:

2 cups sugar
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup margarine *don't use butter! the cookies will be too crumbly!*
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla
pinch salt
1/2 cup peanut butter
3 cups quick cooking oats

In a large bowl measure out oats and peanut butter. Add a pinch of salt. In a pan combine sugar, cocoa, milk and margarine. Bring to a boil and boil for ONE minute. Add vanilla, then pour over oats and peanut butter. Stir it up and resist the urge to eat it with the spoon. (It's really hot! You'll burn your tongue!) Using a cookie scoop or two spoons, scoop the mixture out into little mounds on wax paper. Let cool and eat!

(I was going to take a picture to go with this post, but then I realized that no bake cookies look like little piles of poop. Not exactly the most picturesque food.)

Tuesday, January 19

cora girl and other thoughts

Every day Cora is awake a little more, looking around and kicking. She is even giving us a few smiles here and there. That is so rewarding as a mom--suddenly this little peanut that you have been devoting so many hours to looks into your eyes and sees you. So wonderful. Max likes the smiles too.

I feel like we as a family are moving out of survival mode and into our new life as a party of four. It has helped that it is no longer a frozen tundra outside, and we can take little girl out! (After spending about two weeks at home with my two little ones--in my jammies I might add--I was very ready for some outings!)

My thoughts are drifting towards painting a little bit here and there, which is good too. It will still be a little while before I have any time for a brush to hit paper, but it is good to start thinking about it. In the meantime I have been working on our little nest at home: trying to organize and simplify things a little bit. So many things were just brought in without much thought when we moved!

That's my little world at the moment...hope yours is good today!

Friday, January 15

her first teddy bear picture

The teddy bear is back! Yesterday I took Cora's one-month teddy bear picture. I thought about using a different animal for her, but then thought it would be fun to compare her pictures with Max's, and that it would be neat to have the same teddy bear in all of them.

Of course there were a few out takes given that one-month-old babies do not sit well by themselves:

Gotta love the wrinkled forehead look:

For kicks I went through my photos and found Max's teddy bear picture at one month. Ah, so cute! They have the same wrinkled forehead!

Thursday, January 14

let's just say...

Let's just say that when I get up in the middle of the night with Cora that I might have some sort of snack. Pop Tarts and Capri Sun anyone? So, does that mean that was breakfast or do I get to have another breakfast with Max at 7:00? Of course the second breakfast would be a little healthier.

I personally think that any food consumed while nursing your baby at night should not "count" at all in the day's tally of food. I think it is only fair since sleep is being sacraficed.

Sounds good to me!

Tuesday, January 12


One of the things I want to try and do with my picture of the day project this year is to get more pictures of the people I am closest to. I'm pretty good about taking pictures of the little details (like the objects and scenery around me), but for some reason I am not as good about getting the camera out and taking pictures of people. (Aside from Max...there are plenty of pictures of him from last year!)

Yesterday my mom (aka Nana) was talking to Cora and playing with Max and I ran to get the camera. So glad. My mom looks so happy and so pretty.

I love you, Mom.

Thursday, January 7

a few new year's aspirations

I didn't make any new year's resolutions this year, but I did make a little list of things I want to do. There's 19 total--why 19? Not sure, I wasn't counting when I made my list, so 19 was just what I ended up with. There is always so many things I want to accomplish, so it was hard to limit myself to a short list! Here's just a few:

* Make a photo album from my 2009 daily photos (I already got a start on this one--my little stack of 365 photos are ordered and on their way!)

* Plant sunflowers in the garden with Max

* Make (and hang!) artwork for Max's room

* Learn to knit

I thought a list like this was more fun than the usual resolutions. I wrote them all down on the first page of my planner so I can check back often and see how I'm doing. I really love January--not the weather so much--but the clean start to a new year. I love new planners and new goals!

Tuesday, January 5

max likes tape

Max has been doing a lot of "paperwork" lately.

Paperwork that needs tape.

Lots and lots and lots of tape.

Inside I am cringing at the waste of all that tape.

Then I realize that sometimes it is worth a roll of tape to keep your toddler entertained! I just look away as Max pulls out those huge pieces...

Saturday, January 2

here's the last of them

Here's the last of this year's pictures!

I think I'll probably order all the pictures from the year pretty soon--it will be so fun to see them in a "real" form! (Especially since I never order pictures! To have a print of one is a rare thing!) So excited.