Wednesday, October 27

"high winds"

Yesterday, the weather was bad. Really bad. I was feeling anxious about it all morning, because in general I have a fear of storms. Storms and lightning. So, when Chuck the weather man predicted thunderstorms for yesterday, I naturally didn't want to leave the house.

Oh man.

We were struck by what the National Weather Service has called "high winds". Or, from my personal account, a tornado. I'll just start by saying that we are all safe. By the sweet grace of God all of us up on our little hill are ok. Our house suffered relatively minor damage: a few upstairs windows broke and blew out, and a part of our metal roof is now flapping in the breeze.

Our "man shed" however, did not fare well. (The "man shed" was Andrew's place for all his tools/workshop stuff, and random things and furniture that we didn't have room for in the house.) Now, the miracle in all of this is that the trailer (yes we have a trailer up on our property) was not damaged, and it was in a very close proximity to the man shed. Long story short on the trailer: when we bought this house a year and a half ago, the old woman who once lived in the big house still lived in the trailer. Miss Laveda is a 92-year-old widow who has spent 70+ years of her life here on this farm. She is a sweetheart. So, when we bought the place we agreed that she could stay here on the farm as long as she was able to.)

Back to the tornado, oh, I mean "high winds". The kids and I were going about our usual late morning stuff: Max was watching a tv show, and Cora had just had her bottle. I was watching the sky and pacing about. The rain started and it seemed to be raining straight down. No high winds yet. All of the sudden the winds started. Max was now at the door watching all of his outside toys blow around. The wind started blowing--really blowing. I've never seen anything like it. Then, I saw the man shed get lifted off the ground. I was already holding Cora, so I just grabbed Max by the arm and literally drug him through the kitchen and down to the basement. He hit his head on a kitchen chair on the way, so he stared crying, and that made Cora cry. After what seemed like minutes I had the three of us down in the basement. We perched ourselves on the last step and prayed. And then we waited.

When we came back up we saw this:

This looks more tornado rather than high winds, don't you think?

Did you see that little cement bear in the last picture? I'm not really a fan of him, but I didn't want to get rid of him because I think he belongs to Miss Laveda and I think she likes him. He did not move an inch. Go figure.

So, yes, I am still afraid of storms. The weather is crazy strong--I am now an eyewitness to that. I will not hesitate to go to the basement from now on! I do think that I will outfit our basement with some sort of storm kit. A plastic tub with water, flashlight, etc...

Rest in peace Man Shed!

Wednesday, October 20

scenes from an auction

We had an auction about a month ago that was especially pleasing to the eye. Or I thought it was, anyway. It was a small country auction. Red barn, antiques, cute stuff, etc. It do remember that it was very hot on the night of this auction--it was during those few days in September that were in the mid 90's. I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while now. I hope you enjoy them!

Blue Ball favorite!

Hello there creepy doll!!

Whenever I see random chairs at auctions I always have to fight the urge to bid on them. I have visions of repainting them in fun colors...

Monday, October 11

september's pictures

Oh how I love a month with 30 days. All the pictures end up in a nice even grid. Love that. I hate it when there are 31 days and that poor day 31 dangles out there all alone on the last row! Oh well.

The funny thing about this month: I either really like the picture for each day, or it was a really lazy picture and I don't like it. (Lazy picture being one that I just shot--usually with my flash after dark--without much thought.) I would really like each picture to be one that I like, but I guess the point is that I can look back at each photo and remember something we did that day. The picture does trigger some memory, which makes this project so worthwhile!

Friday, October 1

cora meets the playground

We went to the church playground today. Such a pretty day. Cora was a big fan. She loved the swing...

She really liked the little bouncy horses...

I really liked watching her.

I tried to take some photos of Max, but he was not having it. I took a couple and he said: "I'm done taking pictures now." Darn. Oh well. He had lots of running and jumping to do. That is way more important to him than pictures.