Monday, June 28

art camp project #3: old plate makeovers

This project was so much fun! I saw an article on how to make these in the now extinct Country Home magazine (rest in peace Country Home--oh how I loved you!) a long time ago, and always wanted to try them.

old plates (I found these at Goodwill for a $1 each. You could also find them at auction!)
label paper
enamel paint in one color (we used black)
Goo Gone
X-acto knife

1. Wash and dry your plate. Lay on a piece of label paper and trace around the outside.
2. Sketch out a simple silouette design on the label paper and cut out.
3. Peel the backing off your design and stick on the plate. Make sure the edges are stuck good. (If you want your plate to be mostly black, stick the positive part of your design. If you want your plate to stay the original color, stick the negative.)
4. Paint your plate with a nice even coat of enamel paint. Overlap the edge of your label paper for a crisp edge.
5. Let dry and peel off the label. (Now, we had a hard time with this part. Our label paper left a horrible layer of stickiness behind. We had to do a little scraping with an X-acto knife followed by a treatment of Goo Gone. It worked like a charm. I bet you could find a label paper that doesn't stick so bad. My suggestion would be to test it out before you start!)
6. Bake your plate using the instructions on the enamel paint bottle.
7. Enjoy your new-ish plate!

That concludes the project round-up for the Reclaimed Art Camp! Next month's camp is all about Art in France. Ooh La La!!

Sunday, June 27

art camp project #2: "bird's nest bowls"

These little "bird's nest" bowls turned out really neat! Now, you can't put too many things in these little bowls...they are more for decoration rather than function. You could store things in them as long as they are really lightweight!

Scrap construction paper (or other heavy paper) cut into little strips.
Elmer's glue
sponge brush
Saran wrap

1. Wrap Saran wrap over a bowl turned upside down and tape to the inside.
2. Cut scrap construction paper into little strips. Make a big pile! (You could also use a paper shredder for this step.)
3. Mix the Elmer's glue with water: 2 parts glue to 1 part water. Stir it up.
4. Put the glue/water mixture on the bottom of the bowl and lay a layer of strips on top. Layer with more glue. Continue until you have covered the entire bowl.
5. Let dry and repeat.
6. Gently remove the bowl from inside, and peel the Saran wrap out. Now you have your bowl!

We did about 2 layers on our bowls and they turned out great. You could give them a couple coats of Mod Podge (gotta love Mod Podge) to seal it and make your bowl stronger. The hardest part of this project was getting the real bowls out from the paper one. We used the my cereal bowls from home, so I was a little nervous that I might need to go shopping for some new ones!

Saturday, June 26

art camp project #1: magazine beads

I want to share my favorite projects from art camp this week! First up: recycled magazine beads.

old magazines
glue stick
Mod Podge (optional)
elastic string

1. Tear pages out of old magazines that have colors and patterns you like.
2. Cut a long skinny triangle out of the magazine page. (You can probably get about 3 triangles out of each page.)
3. Put glue on the wrong side of the magazine page. Place the straw at the widest part of the triangle, and roll it all the way to the end.
4. Trim the straw so all you see is the rolled up magazine bead.
5. If you want, you can coat each bead with a layer of Mod Podge. (It looks especially good if you get the glossy kind and add super fine glitter!)
6. After they're completely dry, string each bead on a piece of elastic thread. Fun!

Tuesday, June 22

art camp

Art camp started today! It was a fun time of busy art making. I took a few photos today, and hope to share more later in the week about the different projects we create.

Every art project we will do during this camp revolves around the idea of using some type of recycled material: old magazines, newspapers, plates, etc. I was especially excited about this camp because I like to recycle.

Andrew likes to call me "Captain Planet". Honestly it isn't that bad--I may scold you for throwing a can away if you come over, but other than that I wouldn't say I am a crazed recycler or anything.

But seriously, don't throw away cans!

Where was I...

Oh yes, art camp. I think it will be a fun week. Stay tuned for project ideas and photos!

Saturday, June 19

happy father's day

One of my favorite "father pictures" of Andrew. Max was little--one I think. We were out on my grandparent's boat, and Max was snuggled up on Daddy's lap. Love it.

Happy Father's Day everyone!

Wednesday, June 16

paint me a picture

Fellow artist and mommy Lindsay of Paint me a Picture has featured me on her blog!

How fun!

Thank you Lindsay!

Click here to read the interview.

Tuesday, June 15

better late than never...

I finally got all my pictures uploaded from my cameras and organized on the computer. Took a while! I love taking pictures, but it is hard to find the time to get them all in order, etc. I think I got all the days straightened out...

Monday, June 14

teddy bear picture day

Our little girl is 6 months old today!

Oh my cute.

It is so funny how different Cora's personality is from Max's. Where Max is laid back, Cora is more "demanding". Max is very even, Cora has a little temper. Must be the (little bit) of red hair! Even though Cora is a little bit of a challenge at times, I wouldn't change her for a thing. She pretty much has us wrapped around her little finger!

Thursday, June 10

hello hello

We're still here! I promise!

Things have been busy: Mostly I've been spending lots of time working on a few commission projects, doing tons of laundry, and loving on Max and Cora.

We've had doctor's visits and done other errands: including my first solo trip to Walmart with both children. (And I lived to tell the tale!) We took Max to a fair, celebrated Andrew's birthday, and worked in the garden.

I will have more to share later. Until then please know that I have been thinking about blogging!

I really have!

Tuesday, June 1

now (part 2)

Cora's current favorites:

Her blankies

Sitting on the porch swing

Playing in her "jumperoo" thing



being held

chewing on her bibs, and anything else she can get her little hands on

going outside

squealing in a really loud, high pitched voice (the volume is impressive)