Monday, May 31


Max's favorite things: (for now, anyway!)

the Gator (see the birthday post)

Toy Story

cooking (with Mommy of course)

his kittens

making Cora laugh (he is about the only one that can REALLY make her laugh)

playing "pretend Walmart"

riding in the sprayer (or any other farm equipment) with Daddy

reading his library book about ants (it is pretty interesting)

biscuits + honey

listening to "his songs" in the car

his garden boots

Saturday, May 29

we have new kitties

I have been wanting some kittens for a while now. I want to raise a little cat army that will eventually patrol the outside perimeter of our house in search of mice.

We got our kittens last week. They are super tiny!

Right now they are living in our little back room area. I am wondering how smart they are because they like to sleep in their litter box. Gross kitties! Hopefully they will still have a killer instinct.

If there is one thing I will remember about this summer I think it will be Max's garden boots. He loves them, and I love them because he can put them on himself. (Not always on the right foot!) It reminds me of when my brother was little and he would spend the summer running around in his shorts and gum boots. Adorable.

Friday, May 21

"if you have any poo, fling it now."

Max had some great fun on his birthday: He got to spread manure on my garden with Daddy. Fun stuff:

If you look at this next picture, and think to yourself: "Wow, that looks like a lot of poo for a garden." You are not alone. It was a lot of poo. Too much, actually. Andrew and I are novice gardeners, and didn't know how much manure a garden needs. Not that much. A regular tiller couldn't handle all of it. We had to call in reinforcements. A big tiller on the back of a tractor did the trick, and now the garden is a beautiful blank canvas of rich, dark dirt. (I may wear gloves while we plant after witnessing the volume of manure that was worked into the ground.)

Wow! Look at it go!

We thank you, horses, for your contribution to the garden!

Our big planting day is scheduled for Sunday. I am so excited!

Tuesday, May 18

he's three

Just a few pictures from Max's birthday:

I feel a little resistance to the teddy bear pictures:

I don't think I've ever heard Max laugh like this before. Needless to say, I think he is enjoying himself.

Max and his cousin ride off into the sunset.

Such a great birthday. Such a wonderful boy!

Friday, May 14

teddy bear pictures...month 5

Five months old today!

So pretty!

And then the wrestling begins...

Cora successfully pushed the poor little bear right off the bed.

I love the teddy bear wrestling. Max did it too at 5 months:

Hard to believe that my Max will be three tomorrow!! I can't forget to take his three-year teddy bear picture!

I wonder at what age will my children hate this whole teddy bear thing...

Wednesday, May 12

someone told me

After Cora was born someone told me that she and Max would interact early--that their relationship as brother and sister would appear soon. It was hard to believe then, because Cora was so small, and so new. All she did was sleep/eat/poop and Max was still adjusting to our new family member.

But just a few short months later, it has appeared. Cora has special smiles just for Max, and he adores her. Seeing my two children together is nothing short of heart melting wonder.

I'm sure things will change a little once Cora is big enough to get into Max's stuff. But for right now (as long as she plays on her little blanket and has limited mobility) she is the princess of his little world.

Enjoy your reign Cora.

Tuesday, May 11

i guess mice don't like tomatoes

You know how Max and I painstakingly started seeds? How we lined them all up, and watered them, and waited?

We were so excited. Things started sprouting!

Then the unthinkable happened.

A MOUSE decided that he would EAT all the little seeds/sprouts. The little mouse DUG OUT the seeds and ATE THEM. He ate all of them except for the tomatoes. They are still growing along nicely.

I guess I will try and start some more sunflowers soon.

Oh how I hate mice. I could go on and on about how mad I get about the mice.


Thursday, May 6

starting seeds

Max and I started seeds! He had a good time, but I honestly think I had more fun. We planted cherry tomatoes, watermelons, pumpkins and two types of sunflowers. Max is holding up the sunflower seeds below. The ones that the Easter bunny brought:

We put them in little trays that can be broken apart and put right in the ground when the plants are ready.

The plants have started coming up already. So far we have tomatoes and sunflowers poking up through the dirt. So exciting! I can't wait until we put them all in the garden.

Tuesday, May 4

art camp information

It's almost art camp time again! I have two art camps in the works at my studio for this summer:

Explore the world of recycled possibility during this hand's-on summer art camp! Students will create a variety of artworks using different recycled and reclaimed materials. Projects will include plate mosaics and paintings, recycled books, baskets and more!

*(This was the name of the art show I did with my friend Lindsay a while ago. I liked the name so much I decided to "recycle" it. How fitting, don't you think?)

"Oo La La...Art in France!"
Mattise, Cezanne, Monet, oh my! During this art camp students will discover the work of the French masters as they create their own works of art. A variety of techniques and styles will be explored through drawing, painting, and collage.

Both camps are followed by a reception and art show for each student's family. Each student also gets a t-shirt!

I have a mailing going out today (with complete camp info and registration forms) for students who have attended art camp before. You can also get the forms from the Farmland website.

Monday, May 3

april pictures

A month with 30 days = a nice even mosaic without any lone photo in a row all alone. Symmetry is nice sometimes. Every month I tell myself that I need to organize my pictures better, but I always end up weeding through them at the end trying to remember what picture went with what day. A lot of times our days look a lot alike--we play outside, we cook, Cora and Max play. The pictures and days all start to run together. Maybe this month I'll be organized...I do have the first three all done. All caught up for now!