Tuesday, October 27

pumpkin painting

We did a little art project the other day: pumpkin painting! I'll have to say, I think this is the first project where Max and I both worked together, but independently at the same time. He worked on his pumpkin, and I worked on mine. He was busy with his for about an hour. (In toddler time terms that is a LONG time. It is the equivalent of about 2 adult days!)

Of course we had to have a little chocolate while we worked:

Here's Max's finished pumpkin: He was so proud!

This one is mine. I could have worked a long time on this...there are so many fun things you can do with pumpkins!

We decided to save our big pumpkin to carve this week for Halloween. I think Max will enjoy that process too!

Thursday, October 22

what a pretty day

Yesterday Max and I took advantage of the pretty (and somewhat warm!) weather. The tree in our backyard is now the most beautiful shade of yellow:

Max enjoyed some much needed time in the sandbox--he also kept an eye toward the road for any farm machinery.

"Mom! A tractor!" (One would think that this child would grow accustomed to seeing tractors around. Nope. Loves them every time!)

I look at this picture and realize that my little baby is all grown up. Sigh.

We also caught some lady bugs. I think they were actually those gross stink bug things. Oh well, we caught them all the same!

Monday, October 19

totally fall

Today Max and I enjoyed a very nice fall day. We went with our friend Carissa to the apple orchard. We fed some animals at the little petting zoo, picked out (a bunch!) of apples, got apple donuts (hello delicious!), and had Max pose with a bunch of pumpkins:

After the orchard, we went to see Andrew in the field:

Of course I had to have Max pose for more pictures. Luckily Max is still pretty cooperative with all my photo requests. (He likes to see the picture in the camera after I take it.) It will be a sad day when he starts making bad faces for the camera!

Saturday, October 17

yesterday we made cookies

Yesterday I really wanted chocolate chip cookies. I had to scrounge around to get all the ingredients together: I was short a little butter, so I had to add a little margarine. (I'm kind of a real butter purist when it comes to cookies!) We didn't have enough chocolate chips, but luckily I had some M&Ms around the house that we could use.

Max is really into helping me cook anything. He wants to help and gets upset if he misses any action...especially if it involves stirring.

Our cookies turned out pretty good. Max certainly approved!

Wednesday, October 14

"get cozy"

Max and I have a new thing: we put on our jammies and "get cozy". It is so funny to hear him repeat it--he says it so cute. So, usually "get cozy" means that we cuddle up on the couch and read some books or watch one of his shows on TV. I love this time. Max is on the go constantly, so these times where he slows down and sits with me for a while are so precious.

I took the picture of the two of us with the self-timer on my camera. I was hoping to get a good one of us both looking down at the book, but Max was very interested in all the beeping the camera was doing. I also messed with the colors/exposure quite a bit--the original pictures were very soft and yellow due to the fact that I hate using the flash--even when it is dark. (Our living room has a cave-like quality to it, I really need to invest in some more lamps!)

The book by the way is Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. If you want lots of cuddles, and you have a little guy that likes cars, this one takes f o r e v e r to read.

Friday, October 9

baby girl's quilt

Today I finished baby girl's quilt! The last little bit of binding was all that it needed (thanks again Mom for the 15th binding refresher course). The back of our couch will look empty without this little project flung over it!

Now I need to move on to the other "baby readying" things that need to be done!

Thursday, October 8

i think fall is my favorite

I love fall time:

crisp air
pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks!
Halloween candy!
did I mention pumpkins?

Today is one of those perfect rainy/get cozy inside and make soup kind of days. Hope you are enjoying your fall day today!

Sunday, October 4

max & opie

The other day we ventured out to the barn (note how pretty and red it is!) to see Opie our little mini horse. The pail in Max's hand is from the sandbox--he was pretending that it was oats.

Opie hears us and sticks his head out to see what is going on:

Opie really is a cute little guy. Very friendly and tolerant too. He is pretty much like a big dog. A big dog who wears a halter and likes apples.

I think Andrew should start a new business: Andy & Opie Pony Express. (Get it? Andy and Opie from Mayberry?) They could travel to kids' birthday parties and give pony rides. This would be good because Andrew was looking for another job to keep him busy--ha!

Friday, October 2

september pictures

September pictures! This was a nice month with an even number of days...so it fit nicely into a little square. I love that! I have to admit--I think I forgot to take a picture one day, so I pulled one from another day. That's ok I think--it is still representative of this month. (Plus this is my little project and I figure I can change the rules a little if I want to!)

I am really getting anxious to get this daily pictures printed. I am excited to have a whole big stack at the end of the year--one for every day. I have some ideas on how to put them in an album/scrapbook. I think this is good way to document our lives in pictures--I love the idea of scrapbooking, but honestly I don't think I have the time to really be super creative with it. This is a good solution for a busy mom right now!