Tuesday, September 29

all aboard the button train

I just finished up some little button trains for the shop. These were so fun to do! I used little old buttons from my auction stash, and I love that they are all a little imperfect and mismatched. Cute cute.

I hope to re-decorate Max's room very soon and I am planning on making him some little button pictures to match his new quilt. (Yes, I am making him a new quilt for his "big boy" bed. No, I am not crazy, I just love to have lots of projects going on! Besides, baby sister's quilt is almost all finished up, so I needed another one to work on.) His room is a light green now, and his new quilt is different shades of green, blue, red and yellow. I'm thinking that I may do a little collection of vehicles in those colors and make a little grouping to frame.

When (and if) I get this little artwork grouping done for Max I will be sure and post pictures. I say "if" because it seems my list of "to-dos before new baby comes" and the actual time before she comes is getting shorter and shorter. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 25

pumpkin stuff is good

Now that it is officially fall, I feel that it is time for all the pumpkin recipes to be pulled out. I love pumpkin stuff!!

Today I am making pumpkin bread...oh yummy.

I hope everyone is enjoying this rainy Friday!

Tuesday, September 22

a little something for the ladies

I wanted to do some little girlie button paintings, and my friend Holly (thanks!) gave a suggestion of something to do with princesses. Tiaras of course! This is the first one I've made, but I think it will be fun to make more. Think of all the fun colors and designs that I can use for the "jewels"!

I needed to think of some ideas for little girls because we're going to have one very soon! I can't quite picture a little girl yet--probably because Max is all boy, and everything is about trucks/tractors/dinosaurs/dirt/ ect. Our little girl will probably like all the "boy stuff" too, which is more than fine, as long as I can put bows in her hair and buy her dolls. I love dolls...

Monday, September 21

could I interest you in a couple dogs?

Our dogs have been up to no good lately:

1. Knocking over the trash cans and scattering trash all over the yard. (That was fun to clean up!)

2. Stealing shoes--we've always left our dirty garden/work shoes on the porch. Up until lately this has not been a problem.

Now, in Black Dog & Harley's defense, I think that they are being influenced by a stray brown dog. You know, dog peer pressure. I think that the mischief is mostly Black Dog's fault--Harley is usually too lazy to get into too much trouble. I also feel that Black Dog could be more easily swayed into bad behavior by other dogs.

So, if anyone would like any trash eating/shoe stealing dogs just let us know.

I kid--mostly!

Thursday, September 17

he loves to paint

Oh Max loves to paint. For a while he always just wanted me to paint, (he told me what to paint of course) but now he really likes to do it all by himself. He tells me what he's making, and sometimes it really looks like what he says it is! (This is probably because I am his mother and I think that he is advanced and awesome in all things.)

Tuesday, September 15

car, truck & school bus for sale

I got a few of my new little painting/collages all listed on Etsy, so take a look if you wish!

Monday, September 14

beep beep!

A little picture of one of the new little paintings/collages I've been working on. Very fun. I have some other vehicles made in other colors, but I ran out of black buttons. (I've been using buttons from my little stash of old button jars I've found at auctions, but it is hard to find just the right size!) I picked up some more buttons today so hopefully I can get my little cars and trucks ready to head to my etsy site soon!

Saturday, September 12

something new

I haven't added anything new to my little etsy site in quite a while, so I'm planning a little update soon. I have started a little artwork collection for children (or adults too!) inspired by Max and his love of cars/trucks/tractors/diggers/etc. and buttons. Cute cute.

I'll give more details soon!

Thursday, September 10

the bmv and I are not friends

Today Max and I headed to the BMV to get my drivers license renewed. We were prepared: a snack, a Richard Scarry book (to occupy Max--they take forever to read all the way through), I did my hair & even put on lip gloss--for the new picture.

Now, I never have all the documents that I need to do whatever I need to do at the BMV. Never. Of course you would think that after a while I would call and check before going in. I have actually done that, but even if I call there is some other issue that needs resolved/signed/retrieved, etc.

I was pretty confident that I would have all the things I needed today--just a simple license renewal. Oh, but we moved. So, in order to have the correct address on my license I needed some kind of verification of said address. Well, that was the thing I needed but didn't have. I dug through the contents of my purse/duffle bag (it is a large purse) while Max drew a picture for the very nice BMV lady. Still digging. Max sings his ABCS and Twinkle Little Star. Still digging. Max pretends that he is a mouse and entertains all of the people next to us. No luck. Check the car. Nope.

Darn darn double darn.

I did find lots of other things in my purse (as you can imagine), but nothing with our address on it. Oh well, I guess we'll try it again tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 8

halloween costume...

I've been trying to think of what Max should be for Halloween this year. His first Halloween he was Superbaby, (like Superman only little of course) and last year he was Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I don't know if we can top that one, but we will try.

I think this may be the last year that I have full decision making reign as far as the costume goes. He has opinions now for sure, but I can usually sway them a little. I did ask him the other night what he wanted to be for Halloween:

Me: Max, what would you like to be for Halloween?

Max: (thinking...) A quesadilla!

Me: A quesadilla?

Max: (very excited) Yes!!

Me: What about a scarecrow?

Max: Yes! A snowman!

So, I've been thinking about a scarecrow or a garden gnome (how cute would that be?) or maybe even a quesadilla.

Monday, September 7

still love the eyelashes

Just a little something fun I did with a picture I took of Max today. I think I should start a little collection of all my Max eyelash photos--they get me every time! He'll be looking down doing something and I run for the camera because I need one more picture of them! (I think today he was playing with one of my kneaded erasers. He thinks they are Play Doh.)

Saturday, September 5

and the winner is...

The winner of my little artwork giveaway is....


Allie, get me your address and I'll get the little painting sent out to you!

This morning my mom and I took Max to the farmer's market at the Minnetrista Center in Muncie. I love that market. It's always crazy busy, but it is worth it. We usually have auctions on Saturdays, so we don't get to go that much. We got some Honey Crisp apples, and a little pumpkin. (Have you ever tried a Honey Crisp apple? Oh my, they are good.) Max got to ride around in a little wagon, which of course he thought was fun.

Happy Saturday everyone--and enjoy the weekend!

Friday, September 4

august in pictures

August is all done! There is an abundance of produce pictures this month. I think I am officially "tomatoed out" now! Max and I froze some of our little Roma tomatoes this morning to use for soup in the fall. I am waiting for one last cantaloupe to ripen then I gave Andrew permission to mow the whole garden down. Every time we go out there I am reminded of what a gardening failure I turned into the last month!

Oh--someone left a comment asking how to make these little photo mosaics. Super easy. Go to Big Huge Labs. (It is a website that has all kinds of fun photo stuff on it.) If you click on the little link I made it will take you right to the mosaic maker. You can enter individual urls to make a mosaic, or you can cut and paste a link to an entire flickr set or facebook album. After the computer makes it for you--told you it was super easy--then you can save it, post it somewhere, etc. Fun.

***Don't forget, if you want to win a little painting leave a comment on yesterday's post. The winner will be randomly selected tomorrow!***

Thursday, September 3

a little giveaway (30/30)

I can't believe I made it--30 days of posts! I have learned that it really isn't that hard to post everyday, and I hope to keep up with my more frequent blogging. (I may take a day off here and there now though!) To celebrate my little accomplishment a little giveaway for you:

This is a little polaroid painting--a watercolor/acrylic painting that is the same size as a polaroid photograph. Just leave a comment (anything will do, just your name would be fine) on this post. I'm going to leave it open until 12:00 noon on Saturday September 5th, so you have a couple days. I'll probably throw in a couple other goodies too when I mail it to the winner.

Good luck and thank you for reading!

Wednesday, September 2

max's day out (29/30)

I decided that Max needed a little day of fun, so we set off for the Me's Zoo. This zoo is only minutes from our house, and sadly they are closing at the end of the month. I regret that we didn't take more trips here earlier!

These were the noisiest parrots I've ever heard!

They had several different types of monkeys at the zoo, and most of them you could feed peanuts to. There was a long tube that went into their cages, and you just sent a little peanut down and the monkey caught it at the other end. Max really liked this whole operation.

We got to see a (sleepy) tiger too!

Even though there were the exotic monkeys and tigers, I think Max liked feeding the goats the best. Go figure. I don't have any actual pictures of Max feeding them because they were rather aggressive little guys and I needed "all hands on deck" if you know what I mean.

The deer were very friendly too.

Next on the agenda for Max's day of fun: a woods that Andrew & my dad have been working on clearing to make into tillable ground. (I know! Nature killers! Just kidding Andy...) Max got to ride in a bulldozer:

How cute are my guys? I love Max's earmuffs and Capri Sun juice combo.

Oh--this is probably one of Max's most favorite things: a digger. He talks about diggers all the time. Today he got to ride in one. Talk about a happy boy.

I think that Max thinks that my dad is the coolest person after today. He'll be talking about this for days.

After all our adventures were over, I asked Max which he liked better: the zoo or the digger.

Without hesitation, Max said "Digger!"

I think that Andrew and Dad could charge admission.

***Don't forget about the giveaway tomorrow!!***

Tuesday, September 1

alphabet soup (28/30)

A is for apple.
B is for bird.
(skip a few...)
P is for pear.

I've been working on my little alphabet painting project today at my studio. They are fun so far! (I skipped a few letters between b and p because I am not quite sure what object I want to use for c, but I knew I wanted to use the pear...you get it.)

I need to stamp the letters on the little paintings, but other than that I think they are pretty much finished. I did a different apple than the one I posted the other day, because upon further inspection I realized that the other apple looked like poo.

I think I will try to do a couple more today. It depends on what little objects I find around here as to what letters they will be.

***Also, I think to celebrate my completion of my "30 days of posts" challenge, I think I am going to do a little artwork giveaway! (I realize I still have 2 more days to go, but I think that if I've made it this far I can make it two more.) I'll have the details on Thursday, which will be day 30. Thanks to everyone who has been reading!***